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Garlic and Rosemary hung in the air, the warmth of the stove heated the scents and created a mouthwatering atmosphere as; Amanda pulled the roasted red potatoes out of the oven, it was accented by a twinge of cinnamon from the sweet potato casserole that currently sat on the counter. She slid the aluminum roasting pan off of the baking sheet and onto a cooling rack and turned to find her casserole under attack.

"Legolas, stop picking at the food!" She groaned, as this was not the first time the elf had 'tested' these new dishes. She tossed a dish towel at him. Though, Legolas just poked at another marshmallow, allowing the towel to hit him as he perfected another row, aligning them atop the sweet potato casserole.

"Am I not doing as you asked?" He asked innocently, and afforded her an amused glance, as if he thought she had missed him hiding his other arm behind him.

She pointed her index finger at him and accused. "Give it up, I saw you eating the marshmallow."

"They are quite delightful." He said without an ounce of remorse, then unabashedly popped the hidden marshmallow into his mouth.

"They are for the casserole." She told him pointedly. For someone who was supposedly so old and wise she felt as if she was dealing with a child at times.

"Aye, the casserole is pleasant also." Amanda shook her head in exasperation, she couldn't help being a little amused at his antics. Though, she was not going to admit it to him, the last thing he needed was encouragement.

She leaned against the counter, and brought the aroma filled cup to her lips as her thoughts darted back and forth in an attempt to plot out ways to avoid any potential problems that might arise. She breathed in the warm bodied coffee and looked into its swirling depths hoping for some mystic wisdom that it could impart, there were those who read tea leaves, she hoped that perhaps her loyal caffeinated beverage might have some hint of an answer.

Obviously there was no way around the chaos that was about to ensue, her family as it was had chosen the vague route while planning their arrival, some even told her that they could arrive the day before, which meant at any moment someone could arrive, and she would be stuck having to figure out where, she didn't know how many people, would need a place to sleep in the coming hours.

Legolas had already moved his weapons into her closet, and given up his bed while informing her he didn't need as much sleep as the mere mortals, she had given him a look which only ended with him wearing a smug smirk and then he went off to make sure that the kitchen was presentable for her to enter.

Amanda heart rate increased at every sound, as she listened for evidence of someone arriving, she jumped as a wooden spoon was laid on the counter.

Legolas eyes scanned the words from the laptop screen which held the recipe for the casserole, he glanced up as he saw her flinch at yet another noise. He studied her a minute, then he looked back at the screen before informing her. "Worry not, for my hearing is far greater than yours, if anyone approaches, you will have fair warning."

"I..." She sighed, closing her eyes a moment before opening them again, she adjusted the cup and let out a breath then looked at the elf who was now looking at her.

"It would be a lot easier if everything didn't have to be … just so." She bit her lip to keep the emotions that where winding up inside her at bay. Tears stung her eyes and she glanced away, she knew that no matter how perfect she tried to make everything, that it would not be enough, and it would never be enough. She wished she could just not care, life would be so much easier if she didn't feel the need to try to impress them. Though her inner conflict did not go unnoticed by the elf, and he was inches away from her in less than a moment. He gently grabbed her shoulders and leaned over to look her in the eyes.

"This feast will be fit for a king, I swear." He swore to her in a solemn voice. Amanda dug her teeth into her bottom lip and tried to clear her head, she had decided the elf was not good for the rational thought process.

"Well, my family is a royal pain." She replied. She had hoped to lighten the mood that seemed intense all the sudden, but Amanda was already was far too emotional to wrap her head around the elf's current proximity.

Legolas' head shot up, the elf had become very still. "So it begins."

Amanda jumped at the same time her cell rang on the table, with a resolved breath she picked up the object sneaking a worried glance before a smile broke out on her face as she hit the send button. "This is Vercelli's, home of the most authentic pasta dish, my name is Cindy, and how may I help you today?"

She bit her lip as she listed to the moment of silence of the line, she shot a quick glance at the elf, his puzzled look made her realize had no clue what she was up to, realizing the danger of him ruining her phone prank, she brought a finger up to her lips.

There was snort from the other end of the line. "Oh please, I invented that one, sis."

"Oh come on Jeremy, admit it, I had you for a moment." She smirked, and threw a look at her elven friend.

The sound of crinkling of paper was fallowed with a muffled response on the line. "Not convincing."

She didn't even let a moment pass before she uttered her response. "Was too."

"Was not." She heard, though the word was followed with a chuckle.

"Was too!" She barely got out through her silent laughter at their childishness. She missed this, the silliness that could pop up without warning,

"Was not, and I was calling to tell you that I am on my way, though some last minute wrap-ups have delayed me a bit." Amanda felt the disappoint wash over her, of all the ones to arrive, she was hoping Jeremy would get there first.

"Well I gotta go sis, but I will talk to you later." The call ended before she could ask him anymore questions, and she really wished she had more of an idea of when he would arrive.

Just then, Legolas stilled and tilted his head in the direction of the door, Amanda let out a disappointed sigh before walking to the door to see who would begin the festival of horrors.

The peek hole was not built with the short structured in mind, so she rose up on her tiptoes and glanced out to her yard as a red sporty car pulled into her driveway. Her stomach dropped as the audaciously expensive car slowed to a stop. The flashiness, was a trade mark of her elder siblings showing off how successful they were, and to rub it into everyone's face. She closed her eyes for a moment, and leaned her head against the door, and sent a silent prayer to whomever was listening that they would grant her strength. Amanda arched her feet, to get a better look at what lurked beyond her doorway. The person emerged from the car and for a moment she stood there in disbelief, she then grabbed the door knob and swung the door open, and stepped out on the porch with a smirk on her face.

"I take this is a good sign." Said the voice behind her.

She glanced behind her and rolled her eyes. "Jeremy."

"I thought he said he would be delayed." Legolas furrowed his brows then shook his head as a grin lighted his face with a amusement.

"Purposely misleading." She said over her shoulder before calling out to the approaching figure. "Delayed you a bit, huh?"

Jeremy wrapped (er in a tight hug around her before smirking with a shrug. "I didn't say how long that bit was, plus, I couldn't let you have all the fun!"

He released her and she playfully punched him on the shoulder, his response was to grab his shoulder and pretend to whimper, for some reason his arm was injured so bad it caused him to limp. Amanda shook her head and tried to speak over her laughter.

"I thought you were a good actor?" She teased, this earned a glare from her brother who had miraculously recovered from any injury.

"I took on extra hours to wrap everything up early. When I arrive, you maim and insult me, I thought you were the good sister." Jeremy said as he pointed at her, then he shot a wary look over her head.

"She isn't here, nobody is here yet." Amanda replied, to relieve his worries.

Jeremy lifted a brow, and shot a glance at the elf.

Amanda walked backwards, and glanced at the elf as she allowed her brother into the house as she shrugged. "Legolas, he is a friend."

"Perhaps you are mistaken," the elf said in mock offense, "you stated I was in fact, nobody."

This comment earned an approving chuckle from her brother who then step forward and clasped the elf on the shoulder. "Good to know someone has been tormenting my little sister in my absence."

Amanda groaned and shot an evil glance at the pair, realizing for the first time that having them under the same roof might be a lethal combination in her battle to keep her sanity. "I meant he is not part of the festival of terror entourage."

Jeremy threw his head back in laughter and she earned an amused look from her friend. Her brother shook his head, and then spoke between chuckles. "Festival of terror? Good one sis, I do believe we have a new name for Thanksgiving, now we need one for Christmas."

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