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CHAPER 1 - Back to Hell again

Alex and his fellow classmate, filled into their hall consuming the cold metal seating. Alex sat next to Tom, they where on the second row from the back in the centre. "Druggie!" Lucus hissed from behind him accompained by a flying ball of paper aimed at him head. At the last minute he decided agaisnst turning around and swatting it out of mid-air because it could raise some surspision, add that to his long list of medical needs, where druggie had come from, and the fact that he had some very 'unique' scars, well you get the picture. The paper struck him on the back of the neck. "Arse" Alex quipped back.

"SHUT-UP YOU HORRIBLE LOT AND LISTEN!" All the students stopped talking, well hush it to listen to their teacher. "The goverment have asked that to help remove behaviour like skipping school, drugs" all heads turn to Alex momentarly, then back to the front, he just rollied his eye's and turned his attention back to sir at the front. "and simular issue's they have decided to send the worst class from selected schools to SAS camps."

Alex's blood froze, no MI6 wouldn't sink that low, just not Brecon Beacon anywhere but...

"Our trip , with your class is piolting this scheame. We are being sent to a camp called Brecon Beacon in Wales in a weeks time, for a between two weeks and a month, we have been told they will asses you there." Whispers started to dabble through out the crowd, "we will hand out forms on the way out, it isn't optional and you all must..."

Alex tuned out at this point. Oh shit, shit, SHIT Blunt and Jones better have a very good exsplenation for this, why would they risk his cover, for a little extra training when they could event an illness to get him out of school. Well it would be a fun month, in hell with his class, knowing his luck ,it would be a month I'd he knew his class and luck.

He followed his row out, on monotone , who where equally worried , hell they had reason too. Some of the girls where panicing about not being able to use their straighteners, that would be the least of their worries, if he knew the SAS. Everyone around him was whispering about it being his fault he just ignored them, and took the steps down to get his letter, his invite to hell. He was to busy stressing about why this was happening as familular voice snapped him out of his little day dream. "Alex" Tom whispered "That's where you went isn't it, please don't tell me it's that bad."

"Tom I can't lie to you" He snatched the piece of demon paper off of one of the scowling teachers on the way out. "This next month going to be pure hell, for all of us"

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