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CHAPER 1 - Back to Hell again

Alex and his fellow classmates shuffled solemnly into the hall, consuming the cold metal seating. Alex sat next to Tom, taking notice of there position, it was second nature for him to check every room he walked it. "Druggie!" Lucus hissed from behind him, the 'insult' was accompained by a flying ball of paper aimed at his head. At the last minute he decided agaisnst turning around and swatting it out of mid-air. It might raise some suspicions, add that to his long list of medical needs, the druggie nickname and the fact that he had some very 'unique' scars, well you get the picture. The paper struck him on the back of the neck. Rolling his eyes Alex refused to even dignify them with a comment.

"Good morning year 10!" All the students imminently stopped talking, well hush it slightly, so they could listen to their teacher. "The goverment have asked that to help remove behaviour like skipping school, drugs" all heads turn to Alex momentarly, then back to the front, he ignored them keeping his attention to Mr Bray at the front. "and other similar issue's they have decided to send a class from selected schools to army camps, to help teach the youth of today discipline."

Alex's blood froze, no MI6 wouldn't sink that low, the rational part of his brain told him it wouldn't be Brecon Beacon, it was an SAS camp. But they still could, trusting MI6 was a risky business.

"Our school have been selected, along with form 10SRI is piolting this scheame. We are being sent to a camp called Brecon Beacon in Wales in a weeks time, for approximately two weeks..." Alex zoned out of Mr Bray monotone drone about school pride esteem and other nonsense. He wasn't the only one, whispers started to dabble through out the crowd, Tome next to him was practically bouncing in his seats. "Thank you year 10, 10SRI stay behind."

As all the other students stomped out secretly annoyed that they wouldn't miss any lessons, or time off school, whilst being away at this camp. Tom had to drag him down to join Alex's class lining the first row of the seating, only about 25 of them in total. If this is Mrs Jones then she could have at least had the decency to warn me, he mused or put Luke into protective custody. He was just so arrogant. Mr Bray was ranting on and on about details, no one listen they would all be repeated in a letter, knowing he could get much more detailed information in a little chat with the bank.

Everyone started to leave, Alex followed hurriedly, trying to hide the fact he wasn't listening to anything that had been said. 101 things were racing through his mind as he exited the hall. Tom grabbed his arm slightly pulling him along with the flow of students heading to there respective classes. "I'm guessing this is something to do with you."

"Why do you assume it has something to do with me!" Tom just gave him a glare. "Okay, but seriously I think it's just a coincidence." Reluctantly he let it drop and rambled with excitement about visiting the camp.

All Alex could think was there's no such thing as coincidences.

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