Alex shuffled the deck of cards, his hands quickly moving over the deck, dividing the cards into rummy hands as he went, done in a matter of seconds. The rest of the unit picked up their deck and arranged the cards. They were relaxing whilst Brookland where have a shower or attempting too, considering the dye in the water, the high pitched shreaks echoed around the camp much to the delight of the men in the bunks.

Brookland had been at the camp for just over a day, the men were already beyond annoyed at them and they had weeks left. Wolf sighed, they had a version of nightline that evening, the sargent's idea of fun. "So who decided on the dye colour for the maggots?" They all turned to face Snake, who just had his go, and shrugged. "See, tomorrow, or even tonight." The contiued playing cards, until Wolf yelled at Eagle for cheating for the 9th time in the game. It ending with them wrestling and L-Unit shouting at the kids for having different coloured skins that was against regulation, with Alex stumbling out the door laughing, whilst peaking round the corner to see 40 students with a range of different coloured skins rangeing from neon pink to turquoise to bright yellow. The teachers had the same deal, just with a different colour spectrum, a more creative one.

The men trudged up to the grid referance start point, they found packs, a compass and directions saying they had to get to the next RT in an hour, plus the rest of the course, without getting caught in a trap, paintballed, and completing all other tasks at the RT's, meanwhile carrying the packs. They all weighted roughly the same as a ton of bricks, inside where torches, rations and a paintball gun with only 10 balls other than the others 10 already in it chamber. Alex's pack was slightly lighter with pain medication and different straps so it didn't rub over his wound. Typical, he hated being different. But he grugding put on his pack and set off in tow of the others. "Awww guys, we don't get too see Brooklands, Nooooooooo."

"Shut-up!" All the member chorused,


"Eagle shut it!" Fox warned.


" I will shoot you with one of my paintballs." Cocking up his gun so it poked him in the chest as they walked.

"That's a waste of our valuable reasources."

"Try me, becuase it's worth it, plus I garentee Wolf won't care." Wolf gave a grunt in reply.

Eagle mocking zipped up his mouth and threw away an imaginary key.

"FINALY HE SHUTS UP!" Snake yelled and happy danced along the slim pebbly path they where traveling across.

"HEY! That's very mean a hurtful." Everyone groaned

"I thought you where going to be quiet, until we reach the RT."

"I was but its very rude to-"

"WILL BOTH OF YOU SHUT IT!" Wolf's voice howled coming to a halt leaving the bickering two to bump into him. "Eagle, shut-up talking until you have something intersting to say, Cub take the map off Snake. Fox walk next to Eagle if he does comment, hurt him, I can't take another Brookland brat for god knows how long." They all switch immedantly, Cub veared everyone away into the wilderness.

"We all live in a crappy muddy bunk, a crappy muddy bunk and crappy muddy bunk, and our camp -"

"Eagle what did I say!"

" You didn't say I couldn't sing, I need to sing, it's my right."

"I swear you guys should just pass the SAS, for having to put up with Eagle"Alex commented followed by grumbles of agreement.

"This is bullying, I'm taking this to my lawer-"

"WAKE UP YOU LAZY ARSE MAGGOTS, YOU HAVE THREE MINUTES TO GET DRESSED AND BE OUTSIDE!" Panda yelled in his most agressive attiude. The students rolled out off the bunk simultaniously, landing with a thump on the hard floor. They grumbled pulling on the uniforms scruffily, all but Tom who tried to make some effort knowing the consequence of not would be kichen duty, despit his green skin, making him look like a zombie. He knew Alex, Cub, was behind it, and the next time he held the upper ground, he was dead meat. He wearily wandered outside blinking back sleep, knowing he looked drunk most likely,walking in something far from a straight line. He stood to attention before getting put at ease, he knew he was the first one out, he vaguly heard and registered that they where going to the furthest assult course at a run until they could run in under a set time, 13 minutes. They all ran over to the assult course, well it was more of a jog but after a couple of shouts, they recultantly started to run at full speed, sprinting to keep up with the jogging men yelling at them to move faster. After a tiring run they all arrived at the obsticle course, or what they assumed was it. All they could see was pitch black, and they had to run it in under 13mins. They could barely see it, they wouldn't be able to mark it with glow in the dark spray paint. Regardless, the soldiers went on about using your other scences and blowing the whistle for the first person to go, it contiued for what seems like hours of stumbling over obsticles, in the dark getting nowhere near the time limet allowed, everyone was getting coated in mud. The light started to rise over the hillside, with mist acompanying the sunrise. Giving it an spooky glow, whistle after whistle was blown student after student went while the other did 'skill tests' of whatever they felt like until it was their go. Tom just finnished his second go and nearly collapsed from exaustion, he was forced onto the ground for push-ups. He signed and made his musles co-operate, he was slowing his pace, much to the officers dismay.

"There's someone over there." Beth yelled, and pointed as a figure clutching there side wobble through the trees.

"Get behind us NOW" Hound ordered as they all shuffled behind him and the rest of the men.

"Friend or Foe." They yelled, getting into fighting stances.

"I wouldn't really call us friends, b-ut-ut the meanings the same." Fox yelled as he came into view, with blood gushing from a wound he was failing to steam the flow from. His uniform was barlying unreaconisable shredded, hanging of him by a thread, coated in blood, some that couldn't be his, or they hope. They rushed to his aid as he collapesed in their arms. The student gathered round him and the little cluster of men holding up Fox while Panda fussed over his injury. The Sargent came running with his gun, and lowered it when he saw the situation. Fox tried to stand to attention but fell back into his commrades hands. "Don't be stupid when your in this state. What happend? You and K-Unit where on a 2 day treck. We assumed maybe you had got lost or missed an RT, then again maybe the GPS was off" Fox shook his head in answer. "They are all still out there, we where ambushed, we thought it part of the task, until we realised the bullets where real when Eagle got hit." Brookland students gasped, then shut-up intreged in the story, "Then they tried to take Cub, hand-to-hand I got injuried, so did the others I left to get help, only just got away. '6 need to know if they get him, the co-ordinates where-" His lost consiouiousness and fell taking the two holding him down with him. "Get him to the infermary NOW, get two units running the route with weapons, one starting each end. I'm phoning '6. Get these in theory now, with at least one unit as protection. I want them back ALIVE, shoot to kill." The Sargent ordered as everyone rushed about moving at the speed of light. Shout's where echoing around the camp. It had never been as busy by the looks of it. Toms was sick with worry, he walked along in a daydream, His bunk, along with the rest of Brooklands where being ushered into a small wooden classroom, just as the doors where shutting a loud laboured voice yelled."WE NEED HELP HERE QUICK HE ISNT BREATHING!" Tom slipped through the door at the last second to see his best friend, just as Fox ran, or wobbled through the infermary doors to get outside. One of the men, Jaguar was keeping him alive by doing CPR , as a medical team rushed out, strecher and all deprate for his too pull through, as the others fussed over Snake and Fox wanting details of the attack.

"ALEX" Tom and Fox both shouted at once and ran over too him , among all the chaos, there voices weren't too quiet but not to loud either, but the luck of Alex Rider had finally run out, Brooklands had heard.

"Alex? Your telling us that's Alex Rider."

Tom just stood there in shock of what he had just done.