With his badge now back in it's rightful spot Ichigo stood in the spot where that strange white haired ghost was just a few minutes ago.

"What am I doing? If anything I should get some info from that spirit, after all no one else here seems to be able to see me" Ichigo paused for a moment

"Hmm that's weird, I can't sense a spirit anywhere.." He said, looking around.

"Which way did they go anyway?" He trailed of heading in another direction in search of the white haired ghost.

Time skip!

At Sam's house:

The trio were now in Sam's room after watching Danny and Tucker's show. Danny sat in the chair at Sam's desk, Sam on her bed and Tucker on the floor.

"So, Danny what was with you earlier?" Sam spoke up.

"What do you mean?" Danny replied.

"Uhm hello? You were seeing things!" Sam nearly yelled.

"I wasn't seeing things, he was really there!" Danny defended.

"Then how come we couldn't see him?"

"I don't…" Danny started but remembered the orange haired ghost's words.

"Only certain people and ghosts can see him…"

"What do you mean? Danny, this joke of yours isn't funny anymore, you can cut it out"

"Joke? You think I made all of this up for the fun of it?" Danny asked, nearly yelling.

"Well, maybe?" She said sheepishly.

"Unbelievable! You guys are supposed to be my friends, and here you are accusing me of making things up?"

"Sorry Danny, it's a little hard to take this seriously when we can't even see what you are supposedly seeing" Sam replied.

"He said only certain people can see him" Danny mused.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Tucker replied, finally getting a say in the conversation.

"I don't really know, that's what he said"

"Are you sure it wasn't some kind of trick or hallucination?"

"Wait a second Tucker, Danny might be telling the truth. There are more then one type of ghostly entity ya know?" Sam said, searching through a large black book with the words Paranormal Encyclopedia writtin in white in the front.

"You have an encyclopedia for the paranormal?" Tucker shouted before busting out laughing, only to once again receive a hard punch to his already bruised shoulder.

"I…. I'm not sure, I think it was foreign..I only caught half of what he said" Danny trailed off.

"Well, what is it? Maybe that could help"

"He said he was a shini…. A shini something" Danny replied. Sam's eyes widened and she flipped furiously through the book.

"A …Shinigami?" Sam asked, finding the page she was looking for.

"Yeah! That's what he said!"

"Are you sure Danny?" Sam asked, a nervous look on her face.

"Yeah. I'm sure that's what he said.


"What? Is it something bad?" He asked.

"What did you say this guy was wearing again?"

"Well it was some sort of black dress type thing, it looked Chinese or something" Danny replied.

"Did it look anything like this?" Sam asked, holding up the book. Danny studied the oriental painting for a moment.

"Yeah, actually that looks a lot like what he was wearing, only a little different" Danny confirmed nodding his head.

"This is bad, this is really bad!" Sam said.

"What is it Sam?"

"If this guy really is a shinigami, then we've got a big problem on our hands" Sam said.

"Why? He didn't seem evil or anything. Actually, he was trying to protect me from the box ghost back there"

"Danny, I think I better explain to you what a shinigami is" Sam suggestion.

"That would be helpful!" Tucker chimmed in, emphasizing on the would.

"shinigami is a Japanese word that literally translates as Death God" Sam said, only earning confused looks from both her friends.

"Every culture has it's own version of them; Soul Reaper, Hades, Death, The Grim Reaper, Anibus, Osiris… Shinigami" Sam finished.

"Ok, so you're saying this guy's some sort of death god?" Tucker asked.

"Pretty much" Sam replied.

"So… I'm still lost, why does this make him bad?"

"Danny, a shinigami's soul purpose is to send wandering souls to either heaven or hell" She said, giving a moment for Danny to soak it in.

"Ok? So, how does this make him a problem, he didn't attack me or anything" Danny replied, still not fully understanding.

"The reason why he saved you Danny is so he could send you to the next life" Sam said.

"What!" Danny yelled, standing up, only now understanding the full extent of the problem.

"So, you're saying that not only do I have to keep the town safe from ghosts, dodge my parents, keep my identity safe, I have to keep a god of death from trying to send me to the next life!" Danny shouted, his mind spinning.

"How am I supposed to avoid a God? There's no way…" Danny trailed off.

"Well, you could always stay in human form" Tucker suggested.

"What if I have to fight a ghost? I can't do it in human form!" Danny shot down Tucker's idea.

"You could always try to talk to him; explain your situation to him. After all, he can't send you to the next life, your still alive" Sam said.

"Are you crazy!" Danny yelled, frustrated.

"Danny, he CAN"T send you on, he only deals with the dead, and your not dead. It's worth a shot" Sam said.

"Would you rather be hunted down by this guy, or confront him and solve the problem" Tucker said.

"I guess your right, maybe I should talk to him about it… what the!" Danny shouted spotting the "God" in question fly past the window with the red huntress on his tail.

"Uhh guys… I'll be right back" He said transforming into his alter ego and phasing out the roof.

"Listen lady, I'm not your enemy! So would ya stop shooting at me!" Ichigo yelled, dodging another missile from the red huntress.

"Hey! Watch it, you could have taken my head off with that!" Ichigo yelled.

"Shut up scum and prepare to be destroyed!" The red huntress yelled, firing off another missile. Ichigo sighed heavily, pulling his Zonpokuto off his back and preparing to counter when something grabbed his arm.

"What the hell" Ichigo said, looking about himself, only to find that he was now inside a house and the girl in red was no longer shooting at him.

"How did you? Wasn't I? What the hell?" Ichigo stuttered once he found who had brought him here.

"What? You've never phased through a house before?" Danny asked the flustered shinigami who stood in the middle of the room, sword still out in front of him.

"uhmm, could you maybe put your sword away?" Danny gulped, looking at the giant meat clever that seemed much bigger than before, now that it was up close and unsheathed.

"Huh? Oh, yeah sorry" Ichigo said, sheathing his zonpakuto.

"So, why was the red huntress chasing you?" Danny asked, earning odd looks from his friends.

"Who? Oh, You mean that insane girl who tried to kill me?" Ichigo said.

"That would be her"

"I don't really know, one minute I'm searching for you, and the next this girl is attacking me. How did you get us here anyway?" Ichigo asked.

"I uhh well I phased us through the wall is all, it's simple really" Danny replied.

"Uhh Danny… is he here?" Tucker gulped, looking in the direction Danny was looking.

"Yeah" Danny replied.

"Wait so… you were looking for me!" Danny said, realizing what the shinigami had said earlier.

"Uhhh yeah…" Ichigo replied.

"Y your not going to send me on are you?" Danny asked, continually mumbling about how he can't be sent on.

"No, actually I came for information" Ichigo replied.

"Information?" Danny repeated.

"Danny what's he saying?" Sam asked.

"He wants information" Danny replied, turning back toward Ichigo.

"What kind of information?" Danny asked.

"Tell him you have some questions first" Sam suggested.

"She is aware that I can hear her right?" Ichigo asked, glaring at the gothic girl.

"He can hear you" Danny said.

"Fine, I'll answer your questions, but you have to answer mine after got it?" Ichigo said.

"Got it" Danny said, then turned toward his friends before saying, "He'll answer our questions if we answer his after"

"Deal" Sam spoke up.

"Ok, so why are…" Sam was about to ask when a loud thump was heard just outside the window. Everyone turned toward the sound to see an orange haired teen pressed up against the window. Ichigo face palmed and moved to open the window, which in turn freaked Sam and Tucker out; to them the window opened itself.

"What the? How are you out there if you're right here?" Danny asked, gaining odd looks from his friends. Once the window was open a loud "Ichigo!" could be heard from the orange haired teen as he tackled the identical shinigami.

"Ichigo! Oh thank yami! I thought I sensed you close by!" The orange haired teen yelled, gripping onto the seething shinigami for dear life.

"It was so scary! I thought I was gonna die! I just kept falling and falling them Bam! Face first into the ground! Your lucky it didn't break your body!" Ichigo twitched at Kon's dramatic yelling.

"Kon!" Ichigo yelled, shoving the mod soul off himself.

"Slow down and tell me what happened" Ichigo said, grabbing Kon by the shoulders.

"Well, when you were fighting that hollow yesterday the ground began to break up underneath you then before we knew it, you and the hollow disappeared. Rukia and Renji went to the soul society and explained to the old geezer what happened" Kon said, all in one breath.

"And?" Ichigo pressed.

"And and I don't know! No one ever tells me what's going on!" Kon yelled.

"How did you get here, and when?" Ichigo questioned.

"That back hole's getting bigger Ichigo, and I got sucked into it. I landed somewhere in the middle of the woods just last night" He finished.

"How did you get sucked into the black hole? Didn't you leave the site?" Ichigo questioned.

"I well I uhh… It's sooo boring pretending to be you! You so depressing!" Kon whined.

"What did you do Kon?" Ichigo asked, gripping Kon by the front of his shirt.

"Eheheh … Ok, Ichigo don't get mad but I uhh decided to go on a walk yeah! That's it! I went on a walk and then got sucked into the black hole?" Kon replied, his voice continually getting higher in pitch.

"What the hell were you thinking! You should have stayed home! You could have gotten me killed you idiot!" Ichigo yelled.

"Your mad…. Your really really mad…" Kon said, backing away from Ichigo.

"Ahhh! Ichigo don't hurt me!" The mod soul cried comically before a realization hit him.

"You can't hurt me Ichigo! Remember, this is your body… wouldn't want to damage it!" Kon yelled, frantically backing away from the shinigami.

Ichigo backed the mod soul into a corner, picking up a stuffed bat on the way.

"Wait, you're not gonna put me in there are you!" Kon yelled, his back hitting the wall.

"no no no no mmffffmmm" Kon's yells were muffled when Ichigo shoved his hand down his throat. The orange haired teen fell limply to the floor as the shinigami pulled a small yellow tablet from his throat.

The shinigami then shoved the pill into the stuffed bat and went back into his own body. The orange haired teen rose from the floor only to double over in pain.

"Kon!" Ichigo yelled breathlessly.

"What.. the hell… did you.. do to my … body!" Ichigo yelled, falling face first into the black carpet.

"Ehehe I uhhh…. Well, ya know when I went on that walk, I kinda …Had a little fun?" The stuffed bat replied, backing away from Ichigo once again

"What do you mean you had a little fun?" Ichigo asked through gritted teeth, forcing himself to stand.

"Ya know, you should really lighten up Ichigo, you're always so angry.. and mean!" The stuffed bat said, running away from Ichigo.

"Kon, I'm gonna ask you this again, what the hell did you do to my body!" Ichigo yelled, advancing on the stuffed animal and picking him up by the throat.

"I uhh well… while you were gone I decided to take it out for a joy ride and.." Kon was cut off.

"A… joy… ride?" Ichigo twitched. One of other three teens in the room cleared their throat gaining Ichigo and Kon's attentions. Ichigo dropped Kon to the floor, who tried to scurry away but Ichigo stepped on him, pinning him to the ground.

"Hey! No fair!" Kon whined.

"What just happened? Where'd the shinigami go? And how is that stuffed animal talking!" Danny asked, his questions running together. Ichigo face palmed and Kon spoke up.

"You don't recognize him? Same goofy orange hair, same old permanent scowl… that is Ichigo!" Kon pointed up at Ichigo who only put more pressure on the stuffed animal.

"Wait, so you're the shinigami?" Same asked, looking the tall orange haired teen up and down.

"Substitute shinigami, but yeah" Ichigo replied.

"Substitute shinigami?" Sam echoed.

"I'm not a real shinigami, obviously, I'm still human" Ichigo replied.

"So, you're like part human, part shinigami?" Danny asked.

"I haven't really thought of it that way, but yeah I guess"

"And how did you make my stuffed bat come to life?" Sam said.

"I put Kon in it" Ichigo answered simply, then sighed when he gained very confused looks from the trio.

"Kon is a mod soul, he doesn't have his own body but can be placed in a temporary one, such as a stuffed animal"

"Or Ichigo! I like Ichigo's body better, it's so easy to spy on girls!" Kon spoke up only to be ground into the carpet by Ichigo's foot.

"Shut up!"

"Anyway, when I become a shinigami, my spiritual body leaves my human body and in the case where it would be put in danger I'd use Kon to get it somewhere safe" Ichigo finished. "And Kon here is supposed to keep it safe, not ruin my reputation and nearly get me killed!" Ichigo yelled, picking the stuffed toy up by the throat again.

"Ichigo?" Kon asked innocently. A malicious grin formed on Ichigo's face.

"Oh no! Don't tell me he's taken control! Ahhh! Ichigo you have to fight him! He'll kill us all!" Kon yelled, dramatically flailing his wings.

"I swear the next time you go around peeping at girls kon I'll send you to the underworld you bastard!" Ichigo yelled, repeatedly slamming Kon's face into the wall.

"Hey! That's a childhood toy!" Sam barked, ripping the stuffed bat out of Ichigo's hand.

"Oh sweet sweet savier!" Kon said, burying his face in Sam's chest. Sam growled and violently threw the stuffed toy across the room.

"I think I'm in heaven" The mod soul muttered as he slid down the wall.