Link knew he should be happy. He had saved the princess from her kidnappers, and restored peace to his land once more. He had been reunited with his close friend, and had been crowned a hero for his brave rescue.
However, he was anything but happy. His life now felt empty. The doctors said he was emotionally scarred over the events that had happened to him while he was battling to find the princess, but he knew this wasn't true. He was spiraling into a deep pit of depression. And he knew why.

Now that Zelda was back in her kingdom, he could not sneak up to her room and go through her wardrobe like he had done every evening after a long day of searching for the her. While she was gone, Link had grown rather fond of scanning through her clothes selection and picking out the prettiest dresses he could find. He would take of his own toga, stripping down to only his underwear, and slip the gorgeous silk garments over his body. Admiring himself in the mirror, he would marvel over how stunning the pastel-coloured dresses looked. They where hand decorated with the finest jewels, and stitched with such intricate designs. Then he would twirl around the room, jumping back onto Zelda's bed smiling to himself. If only Zelda knew how lucky she was to own such wonderful clothes. Link would love to dress like this on a daily basis.
But this simply cannot happen. The hero of Hyrule would never do this, which is why, Link realized, that he shall never enjoy the feeling of these luxurious clothes again. He must never tell anyone of what he had done, for the shame would be too much. He will just have continue to live his life in depression, wishing he, like Zelda, could be a princess.

He had to find a way to wear those dresses once more.

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