The Sweet and The Ablaze

Some of these will take place in the Past, some will take place in the Present time.

I'll be honest, writing these makes me feel weird, but I like this pairing, and it would not make sense to ignore it like I do with certain couples.

Story 1

Let's see what I can do.

This is a past one, they're both 12 years old in this story, I will explain later, I reiterate, I WILL EXPLAIN LATER! So please, if you choose to review, do not ask how they can be the same age at any point, because I will explain later.

On a quiet day in Candy Kingdom, young Gumball was clearing weeds out of the Candy Castle Garden.

Some of the weeds were harder to pull than others.

Just then, Flame Prince showed up, looking at PG over the bushes. Wearing a red hoodie and black jeans with flame patterns on them.

"He-ey." Flame Prince said casually.

"Not now Flame Prince," Prince Gumball sighed, "I'm busy."

"What makes you think I wanna do anything with you?" young Flame Prince responded, "I was just saying "Hey"."

"And I'm saying I'm busy." PG said in return.

Flame Prince watched Gumball tug on the weeds.

"What are you doing?" the Fire Prince wondered.

"Pulling weeds." PG stated.

"Looks boring." Flame Prince said.

"Boring, but it needs to be done." the gum prince replied.

"You're a prince, you should make somebody else do it." FP told him.

"Lucent, please, I don't have time for you write now," Prince Gumball sighed, "these weeds won't go away on there own."

Flame Prince then threw flames down onto the ground and they spred out and scorched half the garden.

"AAAHHH!" young Gumball cried, "You burned my plants"

"Yeah, but I also got the weeds," Flame Prince said, "so...your welcome."

"I didn't say thank you!" Gumball yelled.

More stories to come.