The Sweet & The Ablaze

Story 4

I'm not sure how to explain myself for this one.

No age change in this one, they are the same ages they are in the show.

Prince Gumball was in his castle, leaving his lab after spending nearly eight hours in it.

He entered his bedroom, throwing his lab coat to the floor.

"'Sup, Gumwad." he heard, which made him jump.

Gumball looked and to his shock found Flame Prince laying sprawled out on his bed.

"Ah!" Gumball gasped, "Flame Prince!?"

"I see you really did go through with the Flame-Proofing thing." the Fire Prince quipped, doing a brief "Flame Angel" on the plush, fireproof bed.

"Lucent, for the love of Grod," Gumball groaned, "I have had a long day, I am very tired, and I am very sore, so please, get off my bed and get out!"

Flame Prince pulled himself to the left side of the bed and propped his head up on his hand.

He then glanced suggestively at the empty right half of the bed.

"No." Gumball said flatly.

"What?" Flame Prince replied, "I'm wearing the Flame Shirt, and you know your up for something if you actually took the time to make you bed fireproof."

"Off!" Gumball yelled.

"All right," the Fire Prince said, "make me."

"What?" Gumball replied.

"If you want me off," Flame Prince voiced, "then get me off."

Gumball looked warily at Flame Prince.

"Seriously," Flame Prince said, "if you can actually manage to get me off, I will leave."

PG walked over to the bed and grabbed the flame royal's feet, the proceeded to try and pull him off of his bed.

Flame Prince merely grabbed the headboard with his hand, keeping the gum prince from pulling him off.

"Don't hurt yourself." Flame Prince scoffed.

Irritated, Prince Gumball let go of FP's feet, then he reached down tightly gripped the front of Flame Prince's Flame Shirt to try pulling him off again.

Right when Gumball grabbed his shirt, Flame Prince quickly threw up his hand and grabbed Gumball's arm. He pulled the pink prince down onto the bed then pinned him down.

"Gotcha!" Flame Prince laughed as he loomed over Gumball, keeping him pinned down against the mattress.

"Ah, you suck!" Gumball yelled.

"Is that right?" Flame Prince quipped.

Flame Prince touched his head to Gumball's, slowly nuzzling his pink hair.

"Come on," Flame Prince prompted, "you know you like it."

"Stop it," Gumball whined, "stop it."

The heat of Flame Prince's fiery skin made him feel so warm, he started to have difficulty complaining.

PG flinched when he felt Flame Prince's lips touch his forehead.

Flame Prince smirked when he saw Gumball's face turn red.

"Ha ha ha," he snickered, "look how red your face is, it's hilarious."

"Shut u-up." Gumball responded like an annoyed child.

"And you sound so childish when you're annoyed," Flame Prince laughed, "it's adorable."

"Does that please you?" Gumball questioned.

"Seeing you freak out does." FP answered.

"I'm not freaking out," Gumball replied, "I'm merely expressing my displeasure in a not so dignified manner."

"Right." Flame Prince replied dubiously.

Gumball responded with a pouty look.

"Don't be like that." Flame Prince voiced.

He then laid his head on the pink prince's chest and moved his head up and down, like he was nodding.

"How does that feel?" the Fire Prince wondered sincerely.

Gumball remembered that earlier he had felt sore and stiff, but the heat from Flame Prince's body had made his frame feel so much more relaxed.

"Not bad actually." Gumball sighed.

"I knew it would work." Flame Prince said.

He could hear Gumball's gummy heart beating rapidly in his chest.

Prince Gumball had soon grown sleepy from the excess warmth, and felt himself drifting off.

Sometime later, Gumball woke up, sweaty and stick from the abundant heat.

He looked down to find a sleeping Flame Prince sleeping with his head rested on his shoulder.

"Flame Prince," Gumball said, trying to wake the Fire Prince, "get off."

He could not take the extreme heat much longer, thinking his skin would melt off.

"Flame Prince." Gumball groaned.

"Huh?" Flame Prince responded.

"Off!" Gumball uttered.

He threw out his arm, shoving Flame Prince off the bed.

PG laid on the mattress breathing heavily, trying to get oxygen.

Flame Prince sat up beside the bed.

"Morning." he said casually.

"What do you mean," Gumball replied, "we only laid her for like an hour at most."

"It's 9:00 a.m.." the Fire Prince stated.

Gumball looked at the clock, finding that it was in fact nine in the morning.

"Oh...Grod." he said, mortified.

"You know you talk in your sleep?" Flame Prince voiced nonchalantly, "Because, that got weird really fast."

"Shut up." Gumball sighed.

I wish I could do more with this pairing, but I'm stuck on the PB/PG pairing, so I don't think I can do too much with it.