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"Azarath Metrion Zinthos," repeated Raven as she sat under the shade of a tree in the park. Cyborg and Beast Boy were playing a game of catch with Robin and Starfire. They had gotten back from their little adventure in Tokyo, and since the ordeal with the Brotherhood of Evil had taken care of a lot of their usual villain, they were enjoying one of their many recent days off.

"Go deep!" yelled Cyborg as he threw the pigskin in Beast Boy's direction.

"I've got it! I've got it!" responded the green teen as he leapt up for the ball. The football went clear over his head and continued to soar through the air until it disappeared in the leaves of a tree. A loud yelp sounded as a teenager in a large black hoodie fell from a tree branch, the football bouncing a foot away. Beast Boy was the first to reach the teen as he began to rub the back of his neck and let out a nervous chuckle.

"Sorry about that," said the green changeling as he offered the teen a hand. He took it and the two worked to pull him up, the hood of his hoodie falling from his head as he got up. When Beast Boy saw the face under the hood, he let go of the teen's hand, causing the teen to let out another yelp of surprise as he fell back down.


The teen got a good look at the person who was trying to help him up earlier, along with his half-metal friend and his already pale face seemed to become even whiter as they stared at him. The other Titans were looking over at them, wondering what was going on when the young halfa leapt onto his feet and made a run for it. Beast Boy and Cyborg took off after him, causing the others to stop what they were doing to join in on the pursuit.

"What happened?" asked Robin when they managed to catch up with Cyborg, his calm and happy side disappearing as he got back into superhero mode.

"Beast Boy found Danny!"

"Are you sure?" asked Robin as the sound of blasters began ringing through the air, followed by the teen flying from a cloud of smoke. Two Guys in White agents came into view, one of them throwing a small cube towards the young halfa. The cube beeped for a moment before expanding into a small blue dome that completely surrounded the raven haired teen as he got back onto his feet. The kid banged his hands against the swirling blue energy uselessly as the agents came in close to him.

"We have you now," said the Caucasian agent as he pulled a Fenton Thermos look alike from his belt and aimed it at the kid.

"Hold it," said Robin as he leapt over to the group, the other Titans forming around him. "What is going on here?"

"Nothing that concerns you kids anymore," said the African American agent while the teen in the dome backed away from the blue barrier.

"It is our concern if you're attacking an innocent person," said Robin as he pulled out a few bird-a-rangs. Before anyone could say or do anything else a bright white flash erupted from within the dome. The Titans turned and watched as a white ring split into two and traveled up and down the teen's body. His dirty, ragged clothes were replaced by a black hazmat suit with a white belt, collar, gloves, and boots. A ghostly white D with a P inside stood out on his chest. His black hair turned snow white and his pale skin tanned. When he looked at the agents, his green eyes seemed to glow with anger and power. The ghostly teen closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. The ghost teen turned his head to the top of the dome and let loose a loud Ghostly Wail.

"He's trying to escape!" yelled the agents as they brought covered their ears, as did the Titans and any remaining bystanders. The glass from the surrounding buildings shattered from the sheer volume from the attack, and the blue shield began to buckle under the green sound waves that escaped his mouth. It held for another few seconds before finally dissipating. Danny stopped his attack as a white ring appeared around his body, with only his head becoming human again. He wobbled for a moment before the white rings appeared again, turning his hair white and eyes green again. He crouched as he attempted to fly, but collapsed as a sharp pain erupted from his side, causing his to grasp his left side. He removed his hand away for a moment to see ectoplasm over his gloves.

"He's weakened! Capture him now!" yelled the African American agent to his partner, who brought the GIW Thermos onto the teen. Danny turned to look at them before becoming intangible and phasing through the ground. The two agents cursed as they pulled out two blasters and shot a hole in the ground. They ran up to it and looked all over the sewers for any signs of their former prisoner before cursing again. The GIW agents just moved on, without even acknowledging the Titans as they walked past, grumbling about not letting him escape next time.

"I feel sorry for the dude," said Beast Boy as he looked down the hole the GIW had made.

"No kidding," added Cyborg as he looked at his scanners for anything that could help them locate their friend. "It's been over a year since his secret got out and he's still being hunted. I can't imagine how it feels to be on the run for so long."

"I don't think he'll be running for much longer," said Robin as he crouched near the hole and examined the green puddle next to it.

"Dude, what is that?" asked Beast Boy as he looked over the boy wonder's shoulder. Cyborg brought his scanner over it and looked at the readings.

"Ectoplasm," said Raven as she looked at the puddle with a worried expression.

"Ecto-what?" asked Beast Boy as he looked between her and Robin.

"Ectoplasm," repeated Raven, her eyes never tearing away from the glowing green puddle. "It's the substance that makes up all ghosts."

"Danny's hurt," said Robin before getting up and addressing his team. "We need to find him before the Guys In White do, or he won't survive."

"I've got a lock on his ecto-signature," said the cyber teen as he lowered his arm. "I can use the long range scanners in the Tower to look for him."

"I can sense him no matter what form he's in. I'll fly around and try to find him while you guys head back to the Tower." Robin nodded and soon the Titans set off to look for the injured ghost teen.

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