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Raven let out a low groan as she slowly regained consciousness. A massive headache rattled through her brain, making even the simplest thoughts feel excruciatingly painful.

"Good, everyone's awake. That means we can begin," said a voice causing all five Titans to turn and looked at the two figures walking up to them. One was Brother Blood, holding staff with the swirling crystal ball in one of his metal clawed hands. The other was Danny, who stared at them with a completely blank expression in his red eyes.

"Blood," growled Cyborg, the psychotic psychic stopping to stare at the half-metal teen in a superior sort of way before looking to the rest.

"You Titans have been a real thorn in my side for some time now, especially you Cyborg," said the half metal headmaster, making no effort to hide his disdain for metal Titan.

"Normally I'd have my students destroy you, but I owe you five a debt of gratitude." Confusion and surprise became obvious on each of their faces as they stared at the villain.

"Like we'd ever help you!" shouted Cyborg as he struggled to break free from the bindings on his arms and legs.

"Ah, but you have. Had you not exposed Mr. Fenton's gifts to the world, then I never would have discovered the incredible potential of these paranormal entities."

"THAT'S A LIE!" screamed Beast Boy as his he struggled against the restraints, the electricity coming from them preventing him and his fellow Titans from using their powers to break free.

"Is it?" Blood asked in a mock serious tone. "Tell me, who'd believe that a child with the ability to transform into a ghost at will single-handedly protected the world from an entire dimension of ghosts?" He smirked as a glint of guilt flashed in each of their glares.

"As I was saying before, as thanks for introducing me to such raw potential, I would like to offer each of you a place in my school. There, you can learn how to use your gifts and abilities properly."

"You and Freakshow can take your offer and blow it out your…" began Cyborg before a small green blast struck the metal panel dangerously close to his head. With a gesture from Blood, Danny lowered his still glowing hand.

"Freakshow is no longer a headmaster at my school," began the psychotic psychic as several ghosts phased through the wall behind him. "It turns out he doesn't have the proper degree to be a headmaster, so I've sent him back to school."

Stepping to the side, Blood extended a hand to one of the ghosts. The ghost was about twice the size of a normal person, most of its huge body covered by a tattered red cloak. Of the few features not hidden by the cloak, a large pair of bat-like wings was the most noticeable, next to the three glowing red eyes staring at them. The creature forced its cloak open, roaring at them as it revealed its four spiked arm and the second, disfigured face on its chest. The Titans looked at the former ringmaster with disgusted looks before giving them to Blood.

"You won't get away with this Blood," growled Robin.

"Oh, I'll be getting away with much more than that, and you five will help me with that. Mr. Fenton…" Danny raised his head as Blood pointed at the teens with the staff. "add the Titans to our student body." The young halfa stepped forward and raised a glowing green hand at the nearest teen, which happened to be Beast Boy. A fearful look appear on the changeling's face as he moved as far away from the glowing ball of energy in the ghost's hand as his restraints allowed.

"You broke free from the staff's power before Danny," said Raven, causing the hybrid to glance at her before giving Beast Boy an evil smile. "And you managed to force me out of your mind. You're strong enough to break his hold on you, you just have to focus."

"You're wasting your time girl," gloated the villain as both his eyes and the crystal ball began to glow even brighter. "The only reason he was able to resist me was because his ghost half shielded his mind, but with the staff's power, that barrier is gone. Now finish them Mr. Fenton." The energy ball in his hands began to glow brighter in sync with the red glow of his eyes. Beast Boy flinched as he waited for the ghost ray that would end his life.

Seconds of nothingness slowly crept by before he managed to open one eye.

Danny's arm was quivering as he continued to stare at the emerald shapeshifter. His face contorted slightly in strain, his eyes flickering between his usual toxic green and the red glow of the crystal and Blood's eyes.

"Mr. Fenton," growled the half-metal headmaster in a frightening tone, his eyes and crystal glowing brighter than ever. "Unless you want to be sent to your doom, you will destroy them NOW!" The quivering in the ghost's arm stopped immediately as the glowing energy fired at the chained changeling.

At that moment, a second green blast fired from behind the ghosts and Blood, creating a green wall that stopped the ghost ray. The psychotic psychic barely had time to turn around when a small black object whistled through the air and knocked the staff out of his hand. The crystal didn't even fall a few inches away before a red blur snatched it out of the air and joined the glowing green figure standing in the doorway and the dark figure that dropped from the rafters.

"No way," uttered Cyborg as Robin just stared at the newcomers.

"The Justice League," muttered Blood as he took a few steps back. "It'll take more than you three to stop me."

"Then how about me?" asked a disembodied voice. Blood had no time to react as the Martian Manhunter shot up out of the ground and grabbed the headmaster's head. Both of their eyes began to glow, indicating the start of the psychic duel between them.

"Hold this for me, will ya?" asked Flash as he handed Green Lantern the staff before running over to the five teens and unfastening their restraints in a blink of an eye. The emerald ringslinger wasted no time turning the staff upside down and smashing the crystal ball onto the ground. The swirling red smoke continued to swirl in the air around the broken glass fragments for a moment before dissipating in the air. The eyes of all the ghosts flashed red for a moment before returning to their original color. Confused looks overcame each of their faces, some of them holding their heads as they waited for the dizziness to pass.

Blood let out a grunt as the martian continued to assault his mind. A red aura was now surrounding both of them and the air around them began swirling around like a miniature tornado. A blue sonic attack strikes the half-metal headmaster, causing him to let out a cry of pain and giving the Manhunter an opening. Blood let out one more cry of pain before falling on the ground unconscious. The Leaguers then turned their attention on Danny, who froze under their gaze.

"Uh…" he began before a small black was tossed down at his feet.

"Oh no," was all he managed to get out before the little box grew and expanded until it surrounded his entire body below the neck. Sections of circuitry began to glow a ghostly green as the entire cube began to glow. A small beep sounded just above them and Danny began to scream as electricity coursed around the outside of the box.

"Danny!" screamed the Titans as they tried to move forward, only to be blocked by a semi-transparent green wall. The electricity died and a white ring appeared around middle of Danny's face. The ring split and traveled up and down his head until he was in his human form again. Stars danced in his vision for a moment before his forehead collided with his metal prison.

"Daniel Fenton, aka Danny Phantom…" began an all too familiar voice as a figure dropped down from the ceiling. His white/red cape fluttered through the air as he landed, giving the trapped ghost teen his signature fanged smile.

"By the power invested in me by the governments of the world and the Justice League, you are under arrest."

"Plasmius," growled Robin as he pulled out a few bird-a-rangs. A gloved hand grabbed his wrist, forcing the teen to turn and see his mentor glaring at him. The two have a silent conversation, like they used to so long ago when they used to work together. Batman releases his hand and Robin just lowers it, slipping the bird-a-rangs back into his utility belt. Danny groans as he begins to recover from the forceful transformation. He only has enough time to look around before seeing a green bubble form around him and the Leaguers who have moved closer to him. The moment he spots the billionaire half-ghost, his eyes widen for a second before falling to the prison around his body, his hair hiding his face from view.

"We'll get you out of this Danny! We never leave a Titan behind!" yells Robin, but the words don't seem to register to the ghost teen as green bubble reaches the ceiling, becoming intangible for a moment before clearing the roof and continuing to climb. The five teenage superheroes manage to exit the building just in time to see the little green dot disappear among the numerous stars.

"What do we do now?" asks Beast Boy, his gaze never leaving the thousands of little lights in the sky.

"Whatever it takes," replies Robin as he stormed off.

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