Chapter 1

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14 ABY

Leia Organa Solo was worried. Scratch that, Leia was downright frantic. Her children had disappeared on Montu Codru while she was on tour of the Outer Rim worlds. At first, the other nobles assured her it was part of their culture on the planet and her children would be returned to her unharmed. But after 3 days without a ransom demand, they finally accepted that they had no idea what it could be.

"What a surprise", Leia muttered spitefully. It seems Han was rubbing off on her.

Now was one of the few times Leia was glad for being a Force sensitive. With Chewbacca's help, she was able to track her children's abductor by the impressions they left in the Force as they passed. The feelings of fear and distress they left did not make her feel any better. Along the way, she had picked a Firrereo named Rillao who claimed to be the ex-wife of her children's kidnapper, a Firrereo named Hethrir. Apparently, she had attempted to flee her husband with her son but she was captured and her son stolen from her. They bonded together as only two concerned mothers could and joined forces to find their children.

"I hope they're alright," Leia said under her breath.

On Hethrir's worldcraft

"This sucks," Jaina exclaimed.

It had been a week since their parents supposed "death" and the Solo children had still to find a way to escape. It didn't help that Jaina hadn't seen Anakin since then either. Jaina reached for that part of her that belonged to her twin, Jacen. They had only recently discovered they can use this bond to "reach" for each other. Jacen sent her feelings of comfort and assurance, somehow knowing what she was thinking of and assuring her they would all escape. However, Jaina took after her father and, unless frozen in carbonite, neither could stay still long so her twin's assurance didn't help her mounting frustration.

Jaina huffed and in her frustration aimed a kick at the wall closest to where she felt Jacen.

"Could you keep it down in there?" a voice responded.

Jaina would later deny that she ever jumped and let out a girlish squeak of fright.

"Who's there?" she asked in what she thought was a brave tone.

"Your next door cellmate," the voice answered.

"Are you a ghost?" she asked in a scared tone.

Silence was her answer and somehow she could sense the incredulous stare she was receiving from the owner of the voice.

"Yes, I died and decided to haunt the cell next to you," the voice answered in an obviously sarcastic tone.

That irritated Jaina. Jaina was a Solo and she firmly believed that Solo are sarcastic to others not the other way around!

"Well, how come this is the first I've heard of you?" Jaina asked impudently.

"... because our dear holder has paid special attention to my... beliefs," the voice answered in a low tone.

Jaina instantly winced. Their "caretaker" had recently gotten violent whenever they refused to follow his every instruction and belief. If this boy, because the voice sounded like a boy's, was given special attention then he must be especially rebellious.

"Are you okay?," Jaina asked hesistantly.

"...nothing a good night's rest won't fix," he answered.

Jaina hoped it was true. She still had scars from her one and only "disciplining".

"So... what's your name?" Jaina asked in what she hoped was a bright and happy tone.

"...Harry Potter, how about you?" Harry answered.

"I'm Jaina Solo, pleasure to meet you," Jaina responded. "So Harry, what you in for?"

"...for being a freak," Harry answered in what he probably thought was so low she couldn't hear.

Jaina was horrified. Who called him a freak? Mom always said that people were all different but no one was less or more than someone else. So who would call him a freak?

"My... uncle... sold me to our dear caregiver a few weeks ago," Harry said in a louder tone, unaware she had heard his first answer.

"O-Oh," Jaina said brokenly. Then something he said clicked. "Wait, you've been here for weeks?"

"Yea, why?" Harry answered questioningly.

"Well, why haven't you tried to escape?" Jaina answered suspiciously. After all, Jacen and her had tried to escape from day one and have only failed due to lack of knowledge of the worldcraft. So in her mind it was impossible for someone who had been here weeks and by all accounts was rebellious and more knowledgeable of the craft to not have escaped. She conveniently forgot about her brother and her having Force powers.

"... and go where?" Harry asked in a defeated tone.

"To your parents, of course!" she exclaimed as though it was obvious.

Silence greeted her. Somehow, she got the feeling that she had said the wrong thing.

"... my parents are dead," he answered in a flat tone.

"Are you sure, because that's what he said and..." Jaina began,

"My uncle was the one who told me and he's the one who's been.. raising me as long as I can remember," Harry interrupted.

Jaina felt chagrined. Good going Jaina, remind him of his dead parents!

"I'm sorry," she said apologetically.

"Not your fault," he answered quickly.

They were silent for a while but now that Jaina found someone to talk to she wasn't about to stay silent.

"So, how'd they die?" Jaina asked. What's wrong with you Jaina? Even Anakin would know that's mean to ask! She thought.

"My uncle said they died from drug overdose and that they were useless layabouts," he answered after a minute of silence.

Jaina cringed further. Oh yea, you'll be a great Jedi someday. Why don't you just hand him a blaster and tell him to off himself? She thought sarcastically to herself.

"But I don't believe it," Harry said suddenly.

"Huh?" Jaina asked questioningly.

"I don't know why but.. I believe they were good people," Harry said forcefully.

Jaina smiled. It was good to know that she wasn't the only one that didn't believe everything she was told. For the next couple of hours, they just talked about things. Likes, dislikes and even had a small spat over who would be the better pilot. Jaina just knew he would come around and accept the truth with time. Just then, the alarm signaling lunch sounded. Her cell door opened and she left her cell and looked to her right where her new friend's cell was and saw him for the first time.

He was shorter than she expected with him being a year older than her. He was about equal to her in height and she accepted, in the confines of her mind, that she was shorter than average. She blamed her mother's genes. He had a wild head of hair that seemed like he just got out of bed, which was a possibility, that was as black as the space between stars. He was thin, maybe due to the lack of good food they've been given here but somehow she suspected that was only half-true. All of this she noticed after because it was his eyes that captured her first.

His eyes were an intense emerald green that seemed to stare into your soul. She felt naked before his gaze and all her bravado left her. Then, his eyes warmed up and she suddenly felt better.

"Nice to finally see you," Jaina said cheekily.

Harry smiled. "You too."

With Leia (2 days later)

"We found them," Leia announced.

Chewbacca asked if she was sure.

"Yes, Chewie, I'm sure," Leia assured him. "They're on that worldcraft."

The worldcraft had been described by Rillao but nothing could prepare for seeing it in person. To Leia, it felt like a predecessor of the Death Star.

"Alright, Chewie," Leia said steeling herself. "Take us in."

Back with Jaina and Harry (4 hours before)

Jaina had managed to meet up with Jacen and introduced him to Harry. The three of them hit it off famously.

"So, we're all in agreement?" Jaina asked in a low tone.

Jacen and Harry nodded. They had managed to come up with a plan to escape. Between the Solo twin's techno know-how and Harry's knowledge of the base's layout, they had a good idea of how to escape. The only problem was they didn't know where Anakin was. When they reached that part, they'd have to wing it. Jaina was sure they'd find him.

"Are you sure you can get us through the doors to the hangar bay?" Jacen asked Harry for what seemed like the millionth time. Harry had assured them that he could take care of any doors along the way. He wouldn't say how, he just assured them he could.

"Yes," Harry said confidently.

Jaina nodded her head. Though only knowing him for 2 days, she trusted Harry.

"Then we'll do it tonight," she decided and the other two nodded their head.

When Jaina turned to turn in at her cell (Harry would go later in order to not arise suspicion), Harry turned to Jacen.

"So... when did we vote to make her boss?" Harry asked humorously.

Jacen smiled and shrugged.

At the same time that Leia arrived

It was time for escape. Jaina was nervous. This first part depended on Harry, he said he could break them out. Jaina sure hoped so. Suddenly, Jaina heard a sharp crack in Harry's cell door.

"Harry?" Jaina asked in a low tone in order to not alert the guards.

Suddenly, she heard a sharp crack at her cell door and the door opened. There stood Harry nervously chewing his lip.

"Told you," he said confidently.

"How did you do that?" Jaina asked in wonder. Not even Uncle Luke could do that, she was sure.

"Shouldn't we go pick up Jacen?" he asked, evading the question.

Jaina narrowed her eyes at him but nodded her head. He was right after all, but this conversation wasn't over. Checking the hallway, they made their way toward Jacen's cell.

They reached Jacen's cell quickly and Jaina turned to Harry expected him to have a tool that'll break open the door. Instead, Harry took out.. a spoon. Jaina's jaw dropped. A spoon? What in the Force will he do with that?

Harry ignored Jaina's look and concentrated on the door. Jaina felt... something in the air as Harry stared at the door. Suddenly, Harry hit the door with the spoon right above the door lock. Jaina stared at him.

"What was that supposed to..." Jaina began but she was cut off by a sharp and familiar crack. She look at the door and noticed that the door lock had been broken.

"How did you.." Jaina started.

"No time, let's go," interrupted Harry and ran off with Jacen.

Three days later

Harry, Jacen and Jaina had managed to escape only to meet with the twin's mother halfway out. After finally rescuing Anakin and stopping Hethrir, the Solos parents go together to decide what to do with Harry.

"Well, we certainly can't return him to his relatives," Leia stated forcefully. They had been told by Jaina what Harry had said about his uncle and aunt. None of which had been good.

"No, ain't that the truth," Han agreed. The only reason Han wasn't hunting Harry's uncle to give him a piece of his mind was because he didn't know where he was. Harry had remained tight-lipped.

"Return who to his relatives," asked Luke who had just arrived.

The Solos greeted Luke and quickly caught him up on everything he didn't know.

"He's in the twin's room right now," Han stated. He wasn't blind to how quickly the twins had bonded with Harry, though he didn't blame them. Harry was easy to love.

"That must be the Force presence I felt when I was arriving," Luke stated thoughtfully.

"What do you mean, you sensed?" queried Leia suspiciously.

Luke raised his eyebrows at his sister.

"Can't you sense his Force potential?" Luke asked skeptically. "His shines just as bright as the twins."

That brought them up short. Luke had previously stated that the twins had Force potential equal to his own. If Harry's was equal to theirs...

"You aren't planning to train him now right?" Leia asked forcefully. "He's too young, he needs a childhood."

"No, but what else can we do?" Luke asked. "We don't have a legal reason to keep him and if we don't..."

He didn't have to say anything more. The galaxy was a harsh place for a young boy, especially a young Force-sensitive.

"We'll ask him," Han decided finally.

All three adults moved up the stairs toward the twin's room. When they arrived, it was to the funny sight of Jaina trying to convince Harry she would be the better pilot cause she was a girl. Harry looked amused at her statement and stated that that means Leia is the better pilot of her parents if that was true. Jacen was rolling around on the floor in laughter. Luke cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Uncle Luke!," Jaina exclaimed gleefully. She proceeded to hug her favorite uncle, ignoring the fact he was her only uncle.

"Uncle Luke, you agree that I'm gonna be the better pilot right?" Jaina said, using her puppy dog eyes to convince him. Luke only chuckled.

"We came here to ask Harry here something," Han stated before they could get off-tangent.

Harry looked at them nervously and said, "What did you want to ask?"

Jaina and Jacen also looked at the adults curiously.

"Well, we were wondering if you would like to be trained as a Jedi," Luke asked before Leia could stop him.

"You don't have to honey," Leia said glaring at her brother who looked unfazed. "You're welcome to stay with us either way."

Harry had gone quiet. He was wide-eyed and looked from one adult to the other to see if they were serious. After a minute of silence, he spoke.

"Are you sure you want a freak like me?" he asked hesistantly.

This staement angered the adults. The anger wasn't directed at Harry but at the fact that, according to Harry, his own uncle constantly called him freak and the only reason he knew his name was because Harry had heard his uncle call him that before he sold him.

"You're not a freak, Harry," Luke stated. To his credit, you could hardly detect the tremor in his voice from repressed anger. "And your uncle was wrong to call you that."

Jacen looked from Harry to Uncle Luke. This was the first he had heard of Harry's treatment and in his young mind he didn't understand why his uncle was so mean.

"Wait a minute," Jaina interrupted, "you mean he can use the Force too? Is that what you did to break the doors?"

The adults looked at Harry. This was the first they'd heard of Harry breaking doors by himself. Harry wouldn't meet their eyes.

"Harry," Luke asked in a comforting tone. "What do the twins mean?"

At first, it looked like he wasn't going to answer. Then he answered in a low tone that they had to force themselves to hear.

"I can sometimes see... cracks... in things... in people," he began. "Places where, if I hit it just right and I concentrate, I can make even the hardest stuff break."

Han and Leia just looked confused and looked toward Luke. Luke on the other hand was wide-eyed and mouth agape. Seeing the great Jedi master like that brought laughter to the other adults. Luke eventually composed himself, shot a dirty look toward his sister and her husband and answered Harry.

"That is a very rare and unique gift," Luke stated. "It just means you have something that makes you different but not worse than others, understand?"

Harry's eyes got wet and he sniffed, once. He managed to stop himself from crying though and nodded his head at Luke. Luke, Han and Leia started whispering in low tones among themselves. After reaching an agreement, Luke turned to Harry.

"We've decided," Luke announced. "You'll stay with Han and Leia and then when you're all old enough, you'll join the academy."

Harry smiled and asked, "Really?"

His tone was so heart-breaking that Han and Leia lost any opposition they might have had.

"Sure, why not?" Han confirmed.

"Officially, you'll be my charge but you'll live with Han and Leia since I'm always on the move and I have too many responsibilities," explained Luke.

"Welcome to the family kiddo," Han said, messing with Harry's hair.

Harry smiled while the twins whooped.

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