Straight off the bat, I'm just going to say I'm not abandoning this fic or anything so keep reading.

Okay, I'm writing this because I was reading over Jedi's Path so I can get oriented before continuing it and found a problem.

When I first started writing Jedi's Path, it was my first fic and there were OBVIOUSLY going to be a lot of problems and errors. I'm glad people still like it but the problem is that... well, those errors are coming to bite me in the ass now.

It's stuff like Astraal. I have no freaking clue what to do with her in the future. I mean, really. I'm not planning on making this harem fic. At most, they'll maybe be two girls with Harry and that's a big MAYBE. Unfortunately, Astraal isn't one of them. She was originally meant to just be a first love to Harry but she sort of... evolved from that and became the character we all love now.

There's also the problem of these... I dunno, ten OCs I created. Most of them were created, to be blunt, just so there would be a representation for all the major species in the SW universe. I wanted to show equal representation within the Jedi Order and with Harry specifically. Of course, that has come to bite me in the ass because most I have no use for. Yet since I can't just kill them off-screen (I think that trope is called "pushed off a bridge"), I need to do something with them and to be frank, it's way too much effort for characters that were just there to basically fill space.

Nakia is my fav sorta OC character and she'll stay either way but characters like Cassiopeia and Guri... while the latter has an actual purpose, the former does not. It's kinda sad to say that considering Cassiopeia is supposed to be a link to Harry's people but it's true. I have no idea what to do with her in the future and it annoys me.

So basically what happened was that I got overzealous and added more characters than I needed. Marrish is also a problem. A reviewer mentioned I could have used Voldemort and the truth was that I didn't because I kinda look down on Voldemort. I mean, really, compared to people like Palpatine and Darth Bane, people who plot and plan for centuries ahead of schedule, Voldemort is sort of like a petulant child. The dude hates the world because his daddy didn't love him for Christ's sake! And the guy has no patience at all. Oh wow! He waited a WHOLE YEAR to get the Prophecy. Dude, Bane plotted a millennia in advance and Palpatine engineered a plot that not only killed most of the Jedi but made him look like the good guy afterwards. Yeah, compared to that Voldemort is nothing.

However, now looking back I guess I could have used him and he would have actually been better since I could kill him off during the Yuuzhan Vong war. The plot I had for Marrish was honestly so convoluted that looking back I wonder if I was on drugs or something. Lol.

So what I'm saying is that there are two things I can do with this fic. Like I said, I am NOT abandoning this fic. However, now that I have more experience writing I was thinking that maybe rewriting it wouldn't be such a bad idea. I could fix my mistakes and basically clean it up to make it better. I'd get rid of all the excess garbage and make certain scenarios more believable and stuff. I'd also be more firm as to Harry's skills since I kept giving him more out of nowhere without background training or anything.

Yet at the same time, I have this awesome idea for a HP/SW crossover where Harry is found by Jedi Master Fay on Earth (for those not SW obsessed, Fay is a semi-immortal Jedi Master that lived for centuries and died during the Clone Wars) and became her apprentice. Harry would be a contemporary of Anakin, being a little more than four years older than him so he'd be 24 by the time the Clone Wars start. He would initially be trained by Fay until the Battle of Naboo where they appear and help and then he goes to the Temple for the first time (since Fay wanders the galaxy helping where she can) to be trained in lightsaber combat since Fay does not use one.

Then of course, there's the friendships with Jedi his age and then the Clone Wars start about three years after he's made a Knight. The only problem with this fic is completely convoluted timeline for the Clone Wars in which case I'd just make my own using what's known cause it's the only way it would work. The reason I say the timeline of the Clone Wars doesn't work is because of stuff like, supposedly the Battle of Christophis was 7 weeks after the start of the war and Anakin was already a Knight. Yet the Battle of Muunilist was 4 MONTHS after the start of the war and he was still a Padawan. Yeah, it's stuff like that that make that timeline convoluted.

The pairing if this fic is published would be either a single pairing or two girls with Harry at the most. One is already chosen for sure and no, it's not Aayla though she will be important. I may add her as the second girl if enough readers ask for her.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that I'm putting up a poll. You can either choose for me to rewrite Jedi's Path, publish my newest HP/SW idea and focus on that, or focus on a different fic which would be Nephalem since it won second place.

Poll is up and will only be up till Thursday. So choose carefully!