I watched as my sisters, Jade and Kitana spar against each-other. I didn't notice someone walking up behind me until I heard a hesitant voice. "Y-your majesty?" I immediately turned, my Sais at the man's throat. The man trembled with fear as he squeaked. I heard Kitana chuckle in amusement. "Calm yourself sister," She said, joining me by my side. "It is only a messenger from one of the other combatants."

I looked at the symbol on his shirt and saw he was indeed a messenger. I slid my sais back into the belt of my outfit with a sheepish chuckle. "Forgive me if I'm a bit on-guard." I said as the man gave his own sheepish chuckle. "Oh, it's fine. I have a message from a… oh… what did he say his name was again?"

The man dug around in his bag for a moment before pulling out a scroll with a triumphant grin.

"Raiden; That's it; A message from Raiden to Princesses Kitana, Mileena, and Jade."

We took the scroll and thanked him, paying him a few coins before giving him a room for the night. Kitana opened it, giving a confused glance at us before pulling out the newspaper article from earth-realm. We gasped as we stared at the photograph of the boy. He looked exactly like Kitana and I. The long black hair, lightly tanned skin, the only thing that was stand off-ish was that his eyes were silver.

We pulled out another article. It was from our word.

Twins born to the King and Queen!

Queen Sindel has given birth to two beautiful twin; Bouncing baby Kitana, and Shy, timid, Kael. The twins are said to be the combatants for the next Mortal Kombat Tournament. Read more on page 3.

Kitana stared at the newspaper clipping in shock, reading it over and over and over before slowly putting the clipping down and settling into a chair. "A brother… We have… a little brother." She whispered, placing her head in her hands. Jade and I crouched beside her, leaning our heads onto her shoulder and winding our arms around her, offering what comfort we could. She stood abruptly.

"We must go and retrieve him." Jade and I shared a look before looking back at her.

"Kitana… are you sure this is wise?" Jade asked as we stood, flinching slightly when Kitana glared at her.

"He is of royal blood. He must be here to help run the kingdom."

Jade nodded. "I understand this… but… well…" I quickly stepped in.

"Do you think it would be wise to rip him away from his home? His family?" She turned her glare on me. I did not flinch or look away. She sighed and released her glare, bringing her hand to her forehead.

"No. I do not wish to rip him away from his life." She said, sitting in the chair again. "I simply wish to know him. To let him know where his family lies."

There was a pregnant silence before Jade broke it.

"Well then, we better pack." Kitana smiled and laughed as did I and Jade.


I sighed and breathed through my nose as I walked down the dirt path to my 'home', which was nothing more than an abandoned apartment building with a couple of old pieces of furniture I found. I cut through the alley to enter through the back door. I sighed and dropped my bag full of books beside the coffee table I found in Room 245 as I collapsed on the couch that was already in the room when I found it. I covered my eyes and breathed deeply, a recurring dream of mine playing through my head.

A woman with black/white hair and light colored eyes ran through the cavern under the palace of the royals of Edenia carrying two small infants close to her chest. She made it through another corridor when she was met by her brother, Kraito, also the palace's magician. "Quickly Sindel!" he said, grabbing her arm and pulling her toward the room holding the ritual. "We must hurry!" She nodded and allowed herself to pulled. The boy was placed in the circle of candles and ink first. Kraito quickly began the spell, ignoring the sounds of blades clashing outside the door. Sindel's head snapped to the door as it slammed open at the same moment Kraito finished the spell. A swirling red portal appeared under the child and the infant sank into the portal while Kraito was stabbed by a hideous creature. Its teeth were sharp and grotesque, pushing out of its mouth while blades seemingly sheathed themselves back into its arms. Sindel screamed and attempted to throw the girl into the portal to follow her brother to the realm he now resided in, however, the creature's blades shot from their hiding place, catching the child by her wrappings and holding her from the portal as it closed. Sindel sobbed as a man walked in. He had dark hair and eyes and a cruel smile graced his features as he strided over to the mourning woman. He took her in his arms as she curled into his embrace, sobbing as the creature spooned the child close, walking over to the pair and handing the infant to the man.

My head snapped up when a knock sounded from the door. My eyes narrowed as I stood and walked slowly toward the door. No-one could have seen me walk through the alley; even if they had followed me it was pretty dark so they wouldn't have seen me open the door. I grasped the door handle firmly, close to opening it but I stopped. Ragged breathing was what I heard. I put my head to the wood of the door, closing my eyes and listening harder. My eyes snapped open when I heard a 'shclink' sound. I moved away from the door as a white blade thrust itself through the wood. It removed itself from the door, a gaping hole where the blade was. I slowly moved to peak out the hole from where I was standing. A set of red/orange eyes greeted my gaze. The creature from my dream, I realized as he kicked open the door. He looked exactly the same; He was shirtless this time though. He looked like he was smiling, though I wasn't really sure. I gasped and jumped back as he sliced at my stomach. I leaned back as he sliced again at my head. I grabbed his wrist and twisted, moving behind his back.

"Who are you?" I growled, twisting his arm further behind him. He chuckled silently before turning quickly and changing our positions. His hand was holding my own behind my head while the tip of his blade was at my throat, the length of it blocking my arm from moving and we were face-to-face. He chuckled again, brushing his knuckles down my cheek.

"I bet you don't remember me little prince?" I gave a confused sound when he said 'prince' but brushed it off and gave a flirty smile.

"I should at least know your name first."

He got this weird, lusty glint in his eye and leaned close. "It's Baraka, little one."

I smiled and tightened my grip on the hand holding mine before twisting again, my hand on his elbow, holding his arm in place as I leaned close to his ear, "Kael." I said before moving where my legs were near his head and reared my knee back and slamming it into his teeth.

He stumbled back until his knees hit the edge of the Coffee table and he fell on top of it. I lunged, my fist raised and ready to slam into his face but he rolled away and my hand went through the table. I grunted and tried to pull my arm from the hole. I was stuck. Shit.

I looked over as Baraka snarled and charged, raising his blades to strike. I rolled, pulling the coffee table with me and he sliced through it, cutting my palm. I didn't even wince as I kicked half of the wood off of me and into Baraka. He grunted and stumbled backwards, falling over the couch before I heard a woman's yell:

"BARAKA!" Suddenly, two whirring objects entered the room and Baraka knocked one of them aside with his blades and it lodged in the wall. I saw it was a fan that had blades inserted in the holes where the needles or whatever holds it together usually were.

Three women, wearing blue, pink, and green, ran into the room. The ones wearing pink and blue shared some similarities. They both had black hair, one tied into a ponytail while the other's was cut above her shoulders and pale skin. Not to mention all of them had like huge freaking boobs. Man, if I wasn't into guys I would probably have a boner.

The one in the green ran over to me as the other two took fighting stances between us and Baraka. "Are you ok?" She asked worriedly from behind her green mask that covered her nose and mouth. I nodded, completely confused about what was happening. "Who sent you Baraka?" The one in blue said, gripping her other fan in her hand as the one in pink drew two sai blades from seemingly nowhere. Baraka growled and snarled as he started to circle us. I mirrored his movements with the girls. "You are ignorant in your own kingdom princess Kitana. Shang-Tsung will rise again. And with him… Shao Kahn."

Kitana and the one in pink stiffened while the one in green narrowed her eyes and growled. I continued the confused little boy. Kitana then lunged at him, her fan open and ready for the kill. But Baraka wasn't there. He disappeared in a swirling cloud of green. "DAMMIT!" Kitana screamed and punched the wall. I sighed through my nose.

Great. Another thing for me to fix. I grunted when I felt a weird surge of energy run through me and focus at my hand. I looked at it and saw the cut stitching itself back together. Hmm… interesting new ability. I had a bunch of cool abilities so far. I had enhanced strength, agility and speed; I could create this cool red energy, My senses and reflexes were way passed advanced for an average human being. I could also control Shadows and use what I copied from Naruto, A shadow possession and shadow strangulation

. I looked at the three women in front of me, bickering like the end of the world was coming. I stared at the one in blue. She seemed familiar. Like that time you had a friend at school and you see them twenty years later and you know them but you can't remember them. I closed my eyes, leaning against the wall, shivering. Why the hell was it so cold? I looked down at my jacket, or what remained of my jacket. It was torn to shreds. Probably from Baraka's blades and Kitana's Fans coming at me.

I groaned. Now I'll have to be cold until I can scrape up enough change to buy a new one. It took one slip up for the town to call me a demon and stop me from getting anything that even remotely is humane. "What's wrong" I heard.

I looked up and saw them staring at me with concern. I gave a small smile.

"Nothing. Just… now I'll have to buy a new jacket." They looked confused.

"Don't you have a job or…" I felt my eyes harden as the one in green, Jade I remembered the one in pink, Mileena, call her.

"A job?" I scoffed. "Please. The idiots in this town would never even consider letting me, a demon, into a shop." I heard growling and looked up. I saw Kitana and Mileena rigid and Jade looking at me with sad eyes.

"Why do they call you a demon?" Jade asked.

I shook my head and began to explain my abilities. Their eyes got wider and wider. I sighed and leaned my head against the wall. Here it comes. The moment when they decide to either beat me to near death, shun me, or kill me. I wish they would kill me. I hate living like this, in fear of what will happen to me if I'm not on guard. I haven't even slept in four days. At all. If I try to, someone tries to kill me while I'm not on guard, while I'm powerless.

Instead of any of that, I felt three pairs of arms envelope me. They were hugging me. All I could think was why? I looked at them with the question in my eyes. Kitana sighed and reached into a pocket on her skimpy outfit. She pulled out a picture of the woman from my dream holding the twins. One looked kind of like me. Strike that. They both looked me. I looked up with a confused expression before Kitana removed her mask and I heard myself gasp. She looked exactly like me. Or I looked exactly like her or…

"T-twins?" I choked out. Tears welled up in her eyes as she nodded. I gave a shaky breath and slowly walked toward her. She tensed as if waiting for a fight. I wrapped my arms around her and tears fell from my eyes.

I pulled away and gave a small chuckle before wiping my eyes and looking at the other two.

"So are you two like cousins or sisters or… what?"

They all laughed. Before Kitana explained everything. About Mortal Kombat, Raiden Mileena being her clone, everything.

I was silent for a moment before I finally said, "Wow. So… will I get to fight in Mortal Kombat?" They exchanged looks before looking at me with deadpanned looks. Well, Kitana and Jade did. Mileena was laughing her ass off.

"Kael," Jade started, "The tournament is not a game. (That's what she thinks ;) ) It is an all out warfare between Outworld and Earthrealm. There is a chance some of us might not even make it back the next tournament."

I gave her a look. "You realize that makes me want to fight more, yes?" I asked.

If this was an anime she would have sweat dropped.

"I'm not gonna stand by and let my sisters fight in a tournament they might not even come back from. I'm fighting." I said in a 'final' tone of voice. They stared at me before Jade burst out laughing. Kitana and I stared at her like she had grown a third head.

"Y-…you…. Are just….. as head strong as Kitana." She managed between breaths.

I swear I could see the faintest hint of pink on my twin's cheek. (Up people. Minds out of the gutters)

I laughed and shook my head before walking to my room.

I reached under my bed and felt around until my fingers brushed something hard and made of wood. I smiled and pulled the wooden box out from under the old, worn out bed. I tried to open it with my hands, but the nails wouldn't give. I sighed through my nose and sat back on my knees.

I jumped when I heard someone ask, "What's that?"

"Shit!" I said, clutching my chest and saw Mileena leaning over my shoulder.

"It was a gift from one of the only friends I had before the rest of the town ran her family out." I said, tugging at the top again. "I just can't get the dam thing open!" I pouted, tapping my fingers along my forearm. That's when Mileena held out one of her Sais. I looked at it with a raised eyebrow.

"You could have mentioned you had that earlier." I took it, prying at the lid until It cracked open. I handed Mileena her sai back, thanking her before ripping away the wood bit by bit until it was completely opened. It was full of hay. I dug around before I found them. I smiled really big. I'm guessing my grin would rival the Cheshire cat.

I lifted out many things: a medium sized cylinder that rattled with senbon needles, a blue pocket full of throwing knives, a leather pouch full of throwing stars, blood packets, poison gas orbs and smokescreen orbs. The next thing I pulled out was my katana. Hehe… I have a Katana and my sisters name is Kitana. I snickered at my own joke. (It's very difficult to describe this sword so just go here: /Brands/United_Cutlery/GI_Joe_Snake_Eyes_ and you can see the sword Kael will use throughout the story.)

I laid that to the side with everything else and began pulling out clothes. By this time Jade and Kitana had wandered in and they and mileena were looking at the gifts currently spread out. I pulled out a blood red fishnet shirt, smirking at the lie the touch of it gave to my nerves. I then pulled out a dark blue hoodie lined with white fur. It was made so It would cut off above my stomach.

I pulled out the final things in the seemingly endless box: A pair of White Cargo pants that hugged my legs, a dark blue face mask *I Checked to make sure the seals were still active* and finally (FINALLY!) A simple multi-color jeweled necklace. *I also made sure the seals were active.* I pushed the box away and started to put on the clothes, starting with the shirt. It hugged my torso, showing off my slight curves. (I want him to be kinda girly but not too girly)

Next was the cargo pants. They clung to my hips while the legs kind of flared out like bell-bottoms.

I slipped on the hoodie and zipped it up and smiled. It still fit like a glove! (Wow… he's really kept his figure XD) I tied the mask on and slipped the necklace over my head. It rested in the center of my chest, pulsing blue-ish white before dimming down.I looked at the girls, they were staring at me strangely….



"WHAT?" I asked. They snapped out of their stupor and took an interest in other things in the room. I huffed and finished putting my outfit together. I tied the blue pocket around my mid-thigh and placed the leather pouch and the cylinder on a belt I found. It helped complete the outfit. Finally, I hung the Katana on my back. It fit snugly around my torso. I sighed and turned back to the girls. (I just realized I never typed them in asking him to come live with them in Edenia…. Let's just pretend the nice author did alright kiddies?)

"Ready?" Jade asked. I nodded and we walked out of the building. As we neared the exit, I could hear screaming. I suddenly had a bad feeling about going this way. I didn't say anything though. We opened the door…