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Shippuden Episode 19-27

Team Kakashi

Kakashi's team and Guy's team are able to break into the hideout of the Akatsuki.

Sakura ran towards the wall and crushed it with her fist; Kakashi quickly jumped off as the rock wall came crumbling into the water. Sakura and Chiyo got out of the way and they all jumped in.

'Were we too late?' Kakashi thought as it appeared as if the ritual to extract the demon from Gaara has already been completed because in front of them stood Deidara and Sasori.

Team Guy

Might Guy was standing on the side of a rock hill when the earth rose behind him. He turned on his radio.

"Neji, can you see what's happening over here?" Might Guy asked Neji. Neji used Byakugan and saw what was going on.

"It's the same here." Neji answered as the ground beside him rose.

"Tenten, how about you?" Might Guy asked her as water rose in front of her.

"It's probably the same." Tenten answered.

"Lee?" Might Guy asked as the ground in front of Lee in the forest.

"As soon as I removed the tag, a strange shadow appeared in the forest." Lee answered.

"I thought so." Might Guy replied as he turned the rock in front of him.

Team Kakashi

'Team Kakashi was able to break in, as planned." Deidara said.

Team Guy

Tenten watched and saw the water form into the shape of herself.

"What is this?" Tenten asked.

"It's probably one of the enemy's traps." Lee said as the earth in front of him shaped like himself.

"I see." Might Guy said as he looked at the earth in front of her that formed into him. Neji readied to battle his own clone.

"So that's how it is." Tenten said as she also ready to battle.

"Is there no end to our opponents?" Lee asked as he readied himself.

Team Kakashi

Naruto saw that Deidara was sitting on Gaara.

"You jerk! Where do you think you're sitting?" Naruto yelled.

"There's no mistaking it. He's the Jinchuriki. The first thing he'll do is scream and charge at you. Itachi actually described him quite accurately." Deidara said to Sasori but Sasori was busy looking at Chiyo.

"Gaara! How can you be asleep at a time like this? Stand up! Gaara! Hey, Gaara, are you listening? Stop it already!" Naruto yelled.

"Stop it Naruto! You should already know." Kakashi ordered.

"That's right. You get it, don't you? He's been dead for a while." Deidara said as he knocked his knuckles against Gaara's face.

"He's definitely the Jinchuriki." Deidara replied.

"Give him back. Give back Gaara, you jerks!" Naruto said as his teeth started growing into fangs and he ran towards them but Kakashi stopped him.

"Calm down. If you charge right in without thinking, we're all dead." Kakashi explained.

Team Guy

Might Guy looked at his opponent.

"Shinobi normally operate in three-man or four-man teams." Might Guy said into his radio.

"But in order to remove a five-seal barrier, you need at least five people." Neji added.

"One group wouldn't be enough to remove it. You'd have to wait for another one to show up." Tenten added.

"Having to remove the barrier is a delay all by itself." Lee clarified.

"And on top of that, they've set up a trap to go off if anyone manages to remove the barrier." Might Guy pointed out.

"A copy of whoever removed the tag will appear." Neji figured out.

Tenten threw a kunai then ran with her copy right beside her then stopped.

"So they're preventing us from going in after taking the barrier down." Tenten added.

"In other words, we won't be able to assist Naruto and the others until we defeat ourselves. Is that how it is?" Lee asked.

"Exactly, Lee." Might Guy answered.

"They break up the four man team and take on each person separately. For them to protect the barrier like this... quite impressive." Neji replied.

"But, we don't have time to sit around admiring their work!" Tenten pointed out.

"Right! Let's begin!" Lee agreed as he charged at his own opponents.

Might Guy rantowards his clone and tried to land a kick but the clone blocked it and sent his own kick that Might Guy blocked. They both jumped back.

"That's what I'd expect of my copy! You're good." Might Guy said.

Nejitried to hit his clone but he dodged every single one then sent his own attacks.

'He doesn't just look like me. He has the same abilities, too.' Neji thought.

Tenten brought out her weapon scrolls and sent kunai at the clone but the clone mirrored her actions making the kunai counteract each other.

"We should assume they're carrying the same weapons as us." Tenten replied through her radio.

"So absolutely everything is the same? Now I'm really excited about fighting you!" Lee asked as he ran through the forest with his clone beside him.

Team Kakashi

Naruto looked at Sasori then Deidara then Gaara and gritted his teeth in anger. Sasori looked at him then Deidara.

"What's wrong, Master Sasori?" Deidara asked.

"I'll take him. It seems this Jinchurriki wants to take him back." Sasori replied.

"Looks like it." Deidara agreed looking at Gaara.

"I believe the guy on the left is the one that broke in and took the Kazekage. Meaning the other one is the puppet master who seriously injured Kankuro. Her grandson, Sasori." Kakashi explained looking at Chiyo.

"Master... you might get mad at me for saying this, but...I'm going to fight the Jinchuriki.

"Each of us gets our own. Don't get cocky, Deidara." Sasori pointed out.

"With art, you must constantly seek greater and greater stimulation, or your ability to appreciate it will dull. I've heard rumors that the Nine –Tailed beat Jinchuriki is pretty powerful. He'll be perfect for my art." Deidara lectured.

"What? You call those explosions 'art'? Art is something that endures the test of time beautifully and gracefully. True art is eternal beauty." Sasori opinionated.

"Eternal beauty? Master, I respect you as a fellow artist, but art is something that blossoms for an instant before withering away." Deidara declared.

"What did you say?" Sasori asked.

"Wh-What's up with them?" Sakura asked.

"Deidara, apparently you don't understand what true art is." Sasori repeated.

"That would be you, Master." Deidara pointed out.

"You jerks!" Naruto yelled.

"Eternal beauty is the only true art." Sasori repeated again.

"That's absurd! Art is a beauty that lasts for just a moment." Deidara told him.

"Stop screwing with us!" Naruto yelled as he brought out a Summoning Scroll and summoned a large kunai wheel. He grabbed it and threw it towards Sasori but using his extendible iron tail he defended himself by rotating it around the body.

"Are you trying to make me mad?" Sasori asked Deidara ignoring the Leaf ninja.

"That's why I said that this would probably make you mad!" Deidara said.

"You should know what happens when I get angry!" Sasori threatened as he pointed his tail at Deidara.

'He stopped the shuriken without even looking at it.' Sakura thought.

'So his puppet mastery remains as skillful as ever.' Chiyo thought.

"What do you say, Deidara?" Sasori asked as the tip of the tail dripped in poison towards him.

"To me, the essence of art is... " Deidara started as he stood up; the mouth on his hand spat out clay and Deidara shaped it into a small bird or insect.

"...explosions!" Deidara answered as he threw it in the air and made it larger.

"It's completely different from your silly puppet shows." Deidara pointed out as the bird picked up Gaara in its mouth. Sasori threw the tail towards Deidara put he dodged and jumped onto the bird.

"Later, Master!" Deidara yelled as the bird flew over Kakashi's team.

'You'd better follow me, Nine-tailed Jinchuriki.' Deidara thought. Naruto growled and ran after him.

'Freaking Deidara acting by himself!' Sasori thought.

"Wait, darn you!" Naruto yelled as he followed Deidara out of the entrance of the cave and ran after him.

"Nice!" Deidara said as he continued flying.

"Naruto!" Kakashi yelled as he ran after him.

'Naruto! He isn't going to control himself after all!' Kakashi thought as he stopped.

"Naruto and I will take care of the guy outside. Sakura and Chiyo, I'll leave this guy to you. But don't take any unnecessary risks. Wait for Team Guy to come back!" Kakashi said as he looked at Sasori.

"Got it!" Sakura replied as Kakashi ran off after Naruto. Kakashi landed by Naruto on the red square arch in front of the hideout. They watched as Deidara's bird flew in circles. Deidara looked down and saw Kakashi.

"He's coming too?" Deidara asked himself.

"Guy, come in! The enemy split into two groups. We need backup. Come back right away." Kakashi said through his radio.

"I'm afraid I can't. We got caught in the enemy's trap. Kakashi, please give us more time! Over and out." Might Guy answered as he looked at his clone and Neji, Lee and Tenten fought their clone.

Guy's Team

Might Guy saw the clone readying and took a kick but the clone sent his own; they both got cuts on their left cheek. they both landed on separate ledges on the other side of a waterfall.

'These movements! So we're an even match,' Might Guy thought as he readied.

Neji stood by his clone surrounded by craters and boulders.

'He looks the same, has the same strength, and even uses the same techniques as me!' Neji thought.

Tenten's weapon was deflected by the clone and both weapons fell in the river they were in. they then both summoned chains but they caught each other.

"It's like fighting my mirror image!" Tenten said.

Lee knocked down a tree in an attempt to hit the clone.

"If they're supposed to be mirrors, then all we have to do is break the glass." Lee said as he dodged his clone who jumped from behind.

"Leaf Whirlwind!" Lee yelled as he bounced off a tree limb and aimed at the clone; the clone flew back but was undamaged.

"It looks like this won't be an easy win." Lee said.

Kakashi, Deidara, and Naruto

"Give Gaara back!" Naruto yelled at Deidara who simply smirked.

"I... can't afford to hold back." Kakashi said as he lifted his forehead protector to reveal his sharingan.

Sasori, Sakura, and Chiyo

"I thought you retired a long time ago." Sasori said to Chiyo.

"I had a sudden desire to see my grandson's face." Chiyo replied and Sakura gasped.

'I can tell just by looking at him. There's a huge difference between our battle experiences. And then there's a number of people he's killed...' Sakura thought and gulped.

"Sakura, don't be frightened. I'll fight him. You stay back." Chiyo said as she walked towards Sasori and pulled out wire lined with nine kunai.

"Flying Blade Manipulation!" Chiyo said as they flew towards Sasori but his tail deflected some of them but a few manage to cut his clothes.

"If you're going to oppose me, then I have no choice. Will you become part of my collection along with that brat, Grandma Chiyo?" Sasori asked as he cut his cloak with his tail to reveal a heavy back shell for additional defense.

"Wh-What is that?" Sakura asked.

"That isn't Sasori's real form." Chiyo answered.

"If that's true, then I think I see what you're getting at." Sakura added.

"Correct. That is a puppet." Chiyo agreed.

"But then, where's his real body? A puppet master usually pulls the strings from behind.' Sakura asked as she looked at Sasori.

"His real body is inside." Chiyo answered.

"Inside?" Sakura asked.

"Puppet masters are poor at close-range fighting. It's easy to leave openings when controlling the puppet. In other words, that puppet is a way around that. The puppet becomes their armor, as well as their weapon. That is Sasori's 18th puppet, Hiruko." Chiyo answered.

"Grandma Chiyo, you recognize it?" Sakura asked.

"Yes. I know it well." Chiyo answered.

"Do you know how I add to my collection? First I tear out the organs. Once I've washed it clean, I drain all of the blood. After I've made sure it won't decay, I fill it with weapons and traps, and make its addition official. Just as Grandma said, Hiruko is part of my collection. And with you and Grandma Chiyo, I will have exactly 300 puppets in my collection! This is my art!" Sasori explained.

Kakashi, Deidara, and Naruto

Kakashi and Naruto watched as Deidara hovered over them.

"Gaara..." Naruto said as he watched him.

"Should you really be fighting me? Sharingan Kakashi. Just for the record, Master Sasori is stronger than me. Probably. Although our opinions differ greatly on what real art is." Deidara asked.

Sasori, Sakura, and Chiyo

"Art, huh?" Chiyo asked.

"Elder Chiyo?' Sakura asked.

"When he was in the Sand Village, he created many impressive puppets, and was widely regarded as a genius." Chiyo said remembering Black Ant, and Crow.

But his real interests lay in transforming humans into puppets, and collecting them. He claimed that it was 'art' that puppet Hiruko... was once a shinobi of our village. Sasori turned him into that. Puppets that maintained their original form are called human puppets."

"Human puppets..." Sakura repeated.

"And you're next. You will become one of my works." Sasori said as he raised the scorpion tail.

"Hiruko is a battle-type puppet. But regardless, we must first separate it from Sasori." Chiyo replied.

"So what should we do?" Sakura asked.

"His additions to the puppet are the most dangerous part. As long as we don't know what he's done to it, we can't tell where and how he'll attack." Chiyo pointed out.

"But you know how that puppet works. We have the advantage." Sakura stated and Chiyo nodded.

"That's why I said that I was going to go by myself at first." Chiyo explained.

"At first?" Sakura asked.

"But now I don't think that will work." Chiyo replied.

"What do you mean?" Sakura asked.

"Its form is different from the Hiruko I knew. It never had such a large shell on its back. So the defenses have probably increased. And this is the first time I've seen that left arm. In which case, he may have changed the most important weapons as well." Chiyo explained.

"What should we do?" Sakura asked.

"In order to defeat Sasori, we must destroy Hiruko first. Unfortunately, I don't have the physical strength to smash it. But you do, Sakura. You have Princess Tsunade's infamous... brute strength." Chiyo said as Sakura looked back and remembered how she had smashed the entrance rock wall.

"Listen closely, Sakura. First we'll get close to him and break his puppet with your strength. But, you must dodge all of his attacks. Every last one. You can't let them even scratch you." Chiyo pointed out.

"Because they're poisoned." Sakura figured out.

"That's right. A mere scratch can be life-threatening." Chiyo said remembering Kankuro, "In order to avoid a puppet's traps, you must understand the battle style of puppeteers, consider the full capabilities of the enemy puppet and make a quick judgments about how to move."

"I don't stand a chance." Sakura pointed out.

"Indeed. That would require a great deal of experience in actual battle. " Chiyo agreed.

"Then how...?" Sakura asked.

"What do you see me as? Some useless old prune? Or... leave it to me! That's why I'm here!" Chiyo asked as she removed her headband and her top bun.

"His advantage does not lie in actual experience. He knows that, which is why he won't attack recklessly. He's the type of boy who hates to wait or make others wait. And besides, we get the first move! Sakura, lend me your ears." Chiyo said and Sakura came towards her.

"Together, you and I will defeat him!" Chiyo said.

"What are they planning? I can't hear anything from over here." Sakura said as he watched Chiyo whisper to Sakura and Sakura nod.

"Got it. Let's give it a shot!" Sakura replied as she readied for battle.

"You ready yet? You know I hate to wait." Sasori asked as he pulled on the mask over his face.

"Relax! Soon, we'll defeat you!" Chiyo said as Sakura grabbed a kunai from her side and twirled in her hand.

Sakura and Chiyo ran towards Sasori who ripped the mask off and rapidly launched senbon from his mouth; they both dodged them all.

Kakashi, Deidara, and Naruto

"Looks like they've started. You think a little girl and an old hag will be enough to stand up against Master Sasori?" Deidara asked.

'He'd clearly would rather fight Naruto one-on-one, if possible. This is a shinobi who defeated the Kazekage single-handedly. Naruto probably won't be able to handle him alone.' Kakashi thought.

"Sensei, please go to Sakura." Naruto asked as his eyes glowed red.

The mouth on Deidara's spat out more clay and Deidara molded it.

"I'll save Gaara!" Naruto yelled as he jumped up towards Deidara who smiled. The bird easily dodged and sent Naruto into a rock wall. Deidara then threw the insect clay at Naruto but Kakashi hit it with a kunai; Deidara exploded it.

"You shouldn't be worth fighting if that's all it took." Deidara said as Naruto hung off the wall with Kakashi.

"I won't let you have Gaara!" Naruto yelled.

Chiyo, Sakura, and Sasori

Sakura and Chiyo dodged all the senbon until they stopped.

"You saw through it. All right then. Die!" Sasori said as his left arm flew towards and spun throwing wooden poles that split into senbon and flew towards Chiyo and Sakura. They dodged them all. Sakura smiled as she saw that Chiyo was also unharmed.

'They dodged that attack, too? Forget Grandma chiyo, but the kid, too? Why?' Sasori thought. Sakura ran towards Sasori.

'Grandma Chiyo... has stopped moving. Now she's charing in head first. She's underestimating me.' Sasori thought as his tail deflected the kunai Sakura threw and sent the scorpion tail towards her; it stopped inches from her face.

'It won't move! Now I see! Grandma!' Sasori thought.

"Now, Sakura!" Chiyo yelled.

"Crush it!" Sakura yelled as she punched.

Kakashi, Deidara, and Naruto

"I'll take Gaara back!" Naruto yelled.

"You're weird, for a Jinchuriki. I've heard that Jinchuriki are gloomy and hate people. My comrades have been defeated two other Jinchuriki, not counting him. It seems neither their friends nor their villages tried to save them. In fact, it seemed like there were people who were happy to have them gone. A kindred spirit who was hated and despised... you couldn't just ignore him. Gaara... Gaara died when we removed the One-Tailed Shukaku. That's going to happen to you, soon. You hear me?" Deidara laughed; Naruto's eyes flashed redder and his hands let off steam.

"I won't let you jerks get away with this!" Naruto yelled.

Sakura, Chiyo, and Sasori

Sasori broke the puppet Hiruko into pieces; a part of the clothing jumped away and landed on the ground with a part of Hiruko's clothes over him.

"So you finally came out." Chiyo said as he stood up.

"That's his real body?" Sakura asked.

"I've come all this way to see my little grandson's face. It's been about twenty years since I've seen you." Chiyo explained; Sasori moved his hand and Hiruko's head moved up.

'It can still move?' Sakura thought; the head flew up into the air and sent senbon from the bottom; the head broke into pieces as it hit the ground.

"As I thought. Just what I'd expect from my Grandma. No wonder that girl dodged my attacks so easily. She had you, who could see right through them, controlling her with chakra strings." Sasori said.

'He knows.' Sakura thought.

"And on top of that, you secretly out some of Hiruko's tail. But for me to not have noticed until I was able to move the tail, you must have done it when you first attacked with those kunai. You transferred the chakra strings connected to the kunai onto the tail as I blocked " Sasori added.

"Impressive, considering that I suppressed the chakra flow to the point of making the threads invisible." Chiyo granted.

"It wasn't hard. After all, you're the one who taught me how to play with puppets." Sasori said as he turned around and started to pull back his hood.

"But today, the games comes to an end!" Chiyo yelled.

"That's the plan." Sasori said as he pulled the hood away and threw it on the ground. Chiyo gasped and her eyes widened.

"But honestly, do you think it'll be that simple, Grandma Chiyo?" Sasori asked.

"Elder Chiyo?" Sakura asked when Chiyo kept staring at Sasori.

"He's... he's Sasori?" Sakura asked.

'What's the meaning of this? He looks the same...he hasn't aged a day.' Chiyo thought, looking at a teenage boy with wide brown eyes, and short red hair.

'What's going on? I thought Sasori left the Sand Village over twenty years ago. How can he be so young?' Sakura thought.

Kakashi, Deidara, and Naruto

"Darn it..." Naruto said as they watched Deidara.

'Judging by the noise just now, they've definitely begun fighting. I wish I knew what's going on, but...' Kakashi thought looking at Deidara.

"Give Gaara back, you jerk!" Naruto yelled.

"It's only a matter of time before Master Sasori defeats the two inside." Deidara said.

'If he comes out here, then using this guy to lure the Jinchuriki away will have been a waste.' Deidara thought as he started flying away.

"You jerk! You're dead! Get back here!" Naruto shouted as he ran after him.

"Naruto..." Kakashi started.

"Kakashi, you take care of Sakura!" Naruto replied.

'Seriously,' Kakashi thought as he followed Naruto.

"Guy, what's happening on your end?" Kakashi asked through his radio.

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