Shane made his way to shack where Randall was being held. He was going out to do what Rick wasn't. Keeping Randall was dangerous, and he had to go. The thought of Rick made Shane's blood boil. He scowled, pushing the door open, expecting to see Randall strung up by his wrists. He staggered backwords when he saw the exact opposite, Randall standing up, pointing a gun at Shane's chest.

"Randall."He said cautiously. Randall clicked the saftey off, glaring at him.

"I thought you were tha' redneck, coming to beat the shit out of me already." Randall said, a dark laugh in his voice. Blood caked his face stil and he was covered in bruises. He looked battered and weak from harsh days of Daryl's interrigations.

Shane held his hands up. "Randall, you don't want to do this." Shane said hesitantly.

"You should have killed me when you had the chance." Randall growled. His pain had converted to anger ad blind fury. The look of hatred suprised Shane. He didn't think the kid could muster the look he was giving him.

"Come on kid, just lower the-" The gun went off, a bullet planting it's self in Shane's shoulder. Then another one flew, hitting him in the left side of his chest. Randall stopped, gaping as Shane fell to the ground in his own pool of blood. The others had heard the shot now doubt, now he was in real deep shit.

"Oh mann." Randall moaned, running out the door. It was deserted. Where the hell was everybody? He saw movement a few steps ahead. There was Carol, hurrying toward the RV. They would no doubt shoot at him, unless he had a hostage. Randall ran after her best he could, slipping and arm around her waist, his hand at her mouth.

"Say one word, and I will shoot." He growled, holding the gun to her hand. Carol let out a whimper as they moved towards the woods. Tears streamed downher face as she looked around desperately before Randall snapped her head back. Everybody was gone. Dale died, Rick was probrably doing something "Important" for the group, Andrea was off on border patrol, Glenn was most likely with Maggie, making a store run. Lori was no doubt inside, not watching her son. Daryl was out hunting and T-Dog was with Rick.

That left nobody else in camp. except Shane who was most likely somewhere else being an asshole. Carol let out another whimper as she thought of what Randall was gonna do to her. She was dragged further and further into the woods, the farmhouse leaving their sight. She let out another cry, which resulted in a vicious pinch from Randall.

"Shut up! You want them walkers to hear us!" He hissed in her ear. The walkers weren't the only thing that scared him. That reneck that had intterigatted did. He knew that he was trudging through the same forest as him and they had to keep quiet or he would find them.

(Daryl POV)

Daryl stomped though the woods. some squirrels strung on the rope around his arm. The game was getting scarce now. He glared at the camp. At least no one was shootin at him now. He made his way to camp, throwing the squirrels around and looking around. Where the hell was Carol? He shook that away. She wasn't his problem, yet he couldn't push away that anxiety that still coursed through him.

He looked to the shack where Randall was help captive. He decided to pay his friend a visit. Daryl made his way to the shack, flinging it open to see Shane, on the ground in his own pool of blood.

"Oh hell NO!" Daryl yelled. His voice alerted the camp, who was now gathering together. Carol wasn't with them either. He felt his anxiety peak but called to Rick, who was already comin. His faced paled when he saw Shane laying in his own blood.

"Tha' little bastard killed him. Musta' been sneaking 'round for a while. Stole a gun from the bag." Daryl told him. "Prolly took off, headin' into the woods."

Rick stared at him a second, deep in thought. "Everybody get in the house now." Rick yelled to the others. They looked back at him, their eyes wide with panic and alarm. Lori ran over.

"What's goin on?" She asked him breathlessly.

"Randall got out and killed Shane. He's armed. You need to take Carl into the house." He loaded his gun, and looked at her.

"H-He killed Shane?" Lori gasped.

"Lori, there's no time, get Carl and get in the house!" He snapped at her. She needed to get in the damn house.

Daryl cradled his Crossbow. It was locked and loaded, ready for action. "I think we should scan this area, maybe see if we can find any tracks." Daryl told Rick. T-Dog and Glenn decided to join the search, holding their guns in hand, ready for action. They began to move out, Daryl scanning the ground when Andrea's words cut through his thoughts like a knife.

"Rick wait! I can't find Carol."

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