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It was deathly cold in the prison and Carol held baby Rose close. It was also empty. Not a soul dwelled in the prison, unless you counted the walkers that shambled in the shadows of the prison. Baby Rose was sniffling now and it wouldn't be long before she started to wail. Rose was only a week old, she was so small and her skin was still pink and soft. She had her mothers eyes and her hair. She was as delicate as a Rose and Carol had a hard time believing her father was Merle Dixon. She looked to sweet and innocent. Yet, Rose had been a kind soul and she had seemed to actually care for Merle.

Baby Rose started to cry, little by little and Carol went to her bag, bringing out a small cloth she had always carried. Sitting down, she drapped the towel over her shoulder and began to feed Rose, thinking this must be why she was crying. The others were conversing in a small group, mostly wondering if coming here was a good idea and if they should leave now. Rick was strained and Carol could tell he was about to snap at any second. Lori was sitting down across from Carol, hand on her swollen stomach.

"I can feed her if you want." She offered, warching her feed Rose.

"No!" Carol said fiercly, scaring herself. "I mean, oh I'm sorry. I've got her." Carol felt a kick inside her and almost groaned. She didn't want Lori feeding Rose for some reason. Maybe it was because Rose was related to Daryl and Merle, or because she had gotten attached to the little cooing baby, Carol didn't know. Giving Rose to Lori felt like giving her own child away and she didn't want to do that.

Carol ran a hand over her own swollen belly, feeling the nudges she was getting from her own children. Carol looked to Daryl, who was watching her with a cold gaze. Carol sighed as she stroked Rose's head his her thumb. Daryl wasn't fond of baby Rose. Maybe because she was Merle's, Carol didn't know. She was annoyed that he would hate an innocent child for that reason. The group talking dispersed, and Carol could see many were unhappy.

"We're staying." Rick announced. "Now until we have this place properly cleaned out, nobody goes off alone or you'll be mistaken as a walker." His voice echoed throughout the chamber they were in and Carol shivered again. There was a slight draft in these concrete walls and Carol hugged baby Rose closer to her body, a hard thing to do with her belly jutting out, trying to keep her warm.

"Everybody, stay together." Rick told them again as they began to get up. Rick and the others had already been cleaning the prison out for a week. They had finally cleared the first floor and sucessfully locked everything else up, but they didn' know if anything else was lurking in the shadows of the large Prison they had taken. Looking around, Carol couldn't help but feel a pang of grief as she looked for Andrea's blonde head.

She would never see Andrea again. Daryl had certainly closed up after she died and the others didn't mention her. There had been so many deaths. Amy, Patricai, Otis, Shane, Jim, Sophia and more within their small group. Their small group which seemed to be getting smaller and smaller as time wore on. Rose was done eating by now and Carol cradled her as she fell asleep, following the rest of the group as they were led to different bed chambers for the night.

Lori and Carl went with Rick while Beth and Hershel took a chamber. Maggie and Glenn paired up. That left Carol and Daryl together while T-Dog went to his own cell alone. Rick didn't like the idea of T-Dog being alone, but consented to it. Carol carried baby Rose into their cell, laying her down in the middle of the bed and covering her with the already warm blanket. She could feel Daryl's eyes on her as lay Rose down, shirt barely covering her stomach as she leaned down and gave Rose a kiss.

It surprised her when she felt his hands around her waist, pulling her back into him as his mouth met hers. Carol smiled against his mouth, kissing back. They hadn't been alone at all in the past week and since Daryl had been with Rick all week clearing out the Prison, this had been the first time they were actually alone together. Daryl's breath was hot on her face as his hands explored her.

"Daryl..." Carol trailed off, looking to their other bed where Baby Rose lay, but Daryl pressed a finger to her lips, capturing her mouth again. He began to strip her clothes off, along with his, pulling her towards the bed.


"She lacked the prenatal care, Rick." Hershel told him in a grim voice. Carol felt tears pricking at her eyes as she heard Lori sobbing in the next room. Blood stained her hands, but Carol made no immediate move to wash them. Nine hours of labor and all that showed for it was death. Carol felt sick to her stomach, jumping up and bolting to the other room.

Her stomach lurched as she neared the sink, making a dull splatting sound as it hit the sink. Gross. The salty smell of blood still lingered on her and she began to wash the blood away from her hands, frowning as she watched it disapper down the drain. Lori had lost the baby. She went into labor too soon in her pregancy and she almost died herself. She was covered in sweat and other gross stuff, realizing this as she began to wash her arms and face.

The baby was weak. He had paper skin and glass bones, his eyes barely open. It was a boy, going by the name of Lucas. Lori lacked the prenatal care she needed, and she couldn't really keep anything down these days. Carol was with her when she had gone into labor, having thrown her clothes on after she heard Lori scream. She had accidentally interrupted her and Daryl that night.

Carol knew something was wrong with the child as soon as it was delievered. It was barely moving, not even to scream as babies did when they're born. Carol also noticed one other thing: The baby looked nothing like Rick. He had black hair and dark eyes. Rick had light hair and blue green eyes. Rick knew who's baby it was as soon as he saw it, but he still showed the same grief he would if it were his.

Carol felt a tear drip down her cheek and she brushed it away. That child didn't deserve to die. Rose didn't deserve to die. Her grief was replaced with panic as she realized why Lucas had died. Lack of prenatal care. Lack of nutrients needed for a growing baby. What if her babies died? And she needed more nutrients then Lori did! Carol felt light headed as she thought of these things, rubbing her damp hand across the small bulge in her stomach.

"I'm going to keep you alive." she whispered, stroking her belly slowly.


Grief still lingered in the group, clutching the hearts of those in the group as they moved about for the next few weeks. Daryl had taken a firmer grip now, taking over when Rick wasn't around. Rick had ordered immediate store runs after the baby died. They needed prenatal vitamins for Carol and assorted things for Baby Rose. Rose kept quiet most days, not making much sound. She only started to cry when she was hungry, and Lori had taken that over.

Carol felt no need to stop her, mainly because she knew what it was like to lose a child. She had lost so many with Ed after Sophia that she lost count. Maybe it was his well placed blows to the abdomen, or him pushing her down the stairs that one time. The farthest she had gotten in a pregnancy with Ed after Sophia was twenty-one weeks. To many miscarrages. To many deaths. After all that, Carol had decided to go on the pill, not wanting to risk herself anymore grief on what would have been.

Something boiling over caught her attention as she rushed over to the stove top where he noddles were about to spill over the edge of her pot. She was making sauce tonight for everybody. She had found the cans of sauce in the cupboard and decided she would just throw it together for everybody. She spooned the noodles into some bowls for everybody, ladling the sauce on top of the noodles and carrying the bowls out, two by two.

There were only four of them tonight. T-Dog and Glenn were eating with Carol and Daryl. Rick had watch, Lori and Carl went to bed early and Beth was sick so Hershel was tending to her tonight.

After everybody was served, she sat down with Daryl, resting her bowl on her stomach. She almost laughed at herself as she did so, but held it in. That was something you would usually see in movies. Pregnant woman setting stuff on their pregnant bellies as they ate. Seemed childish as she thought about it that way, but she shrugged it away, choking on her sauce as she heard what Glenn had asked them.

"So, Daryl never get's to feel that wonderful matress beneath him, does he?" Glenn asked, giggling into his pasta. T-Dog smirked, spooning food into his mouth as he watched Carol's expression. Daryl looked up, glaring at Glenn.

"Who say's I'm always on top?"

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