Hi! I have been dying to make this about Ned/Nancy. I have always wondered what Ned always did when Nancy was away on her mysteries, so I have decided to make it about that. This mostly takes place when Nancy is in Trail of the Twister. This might be kind of weird, but I hope you like it!

Unfortunately I don't own Nancy Drew, Ned Nickerson, Her Interactive, and much more! I only own a lot of copies of games or books that I bought in a store…

Ned sighed as he watched TV in his home. He was bored, and everyone in the house knew it. He didn't even know what he was watching, because he was thinking of something else.

Ned was thinking about Nancy. So, now, thankfully, he wasn't bored anymore because he had an idea! He could call her!

Nancy was on another mystery, because she was working undercover as a replacement for Pete on the storm team. (A/N: Was that right? Sorry if it wasn't!) Scott, the leader, was having some problems with the equipment. Krolmeister, my "Uncle", hired me. Nancy was trying to find out if the accidents were just… accidents… or if they were made by someone.

Ned got up from the nicely beige colored couch, and walked up to his room so he could have some privacy while he talked with his girlfriend. He took out his phone from his pocket, and speed dialed Nancy.

Nancy did pick up. Yes! Ned thought, she is away a lot and I want to just speak with her. Plus, I'm bored.

"Hello?" Nancy questioned.

"Hey, Nan, I wanted to know what you have been up to. Have you been spying… asking people so many questions that they send you away… wrecking a car…?" Ned asked with a laugh.

"Ha-ha very funny. But I once I did spy on Chase. Listen, I really have to go to Ma an' Pa's to help Pa catch some mice. I'm sorry this phone call was short. But I'll see you later!" Nancy said in one big breath.

"Okay, I miss you so much you know."

"I miss you so much too. Bye, Ned."

Well that was one HORRIBLE call.

Later that night, when Ned was in bed, staring at the ceiling, he thought. I really want to see Nancy more, but she is always really busy and I don't want to disturb her… Maybe, to pass the time, I could get a job… Or I could ride a limo to a job if I get one…

But then, he had a perfect idea that made him angry at himself for not thinking about this earlier, like a couple years ago.

Ned could go to Nancy! And maybe help her out! That could be absolutely perfect!

In the morning he asked his parents, "Mom, Dad, can I visit Nancy in Colorado? You don't have to do anything; I'll buy the plane ticket."

Mr. Nickerson said, "Of course, son. We all know that you miss Nancy, it's a good idea!"

Then Mrs. Nickerson said, "And it'll be nice to get you to experience tornados. So that's a yes from both of us."

"Thanks Mom and Dad!"

Ned ran up to his room, and on his computer, he got the next plane ticket to Colorado. Then he packed stuff like five shirts, five pants, a toothbrush, soap, and a coat. Ned put more in… but his plane left in three hours. He was very lucky to get on a plane right after he bought a ticket.

He ran out of his house with his stuff, with goodbyes from his parents, called a taxi, and drove to the airport.

When he was finally on a plane, he prepared himself to surprise Nancy in a way that would make her smile.

Okay, there is the first chapter, and I thought it was a little too rushed, but in the next chapter, it will be with Nancy. Thanks for reading and please oh please review! I promise it won't take up to much of your time!