The Price

E/O Challenge: Sparkle - 100 words on the dot.

Kind of a depressing one this week but I hope you will still enjoy. Set in final scene of 3x16.

Disclaimer: I own NOTHING!

The idea that your life flashes before your eyes always seemed stupid.

Yet here he is, being gnawed on like a damn chew toy but oblivious to it now, the pain seeming to fade into images of his journey.

Of his mom, kissing him goodnight.

Of his dad, hugging him.

Of his brother Sammy, his reason for…

He senses it.

Sam is there, alive.

And it's time to pay.

Sam sees a sparkle of life and love dance within his brother's face for the briefest of moments before it is extinguished and his eyes go dim; as Dean Winchester dies.

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