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Mario Total Drama Island

Episode Ten

So You Think You Are Scared

The host is standing near the fire pit while roasting a marshmallow with Azia next to him also roasting a marshmallow. She looks normal again. Donkey Kong burns his mushroom and frowns. He begins the recap, "Previously on Mario Total Drama Island, things escalated quickly in Pauline's alliance. Mario joined her alliance and Rosalina realized Pauline was sabotaging her own team. With all the drama heating up, the campers had still had to face the Mario Kart challenge. The last race Rosalina almost won for her team but Luigi landed right in front of her and prevented that from happening. In the end Rosalina got the boot, and in a shocking twist the viewers found out her own boyfriend voted her off. Why would Waluigi vote off the girl he loves? Will the Poison Mushrooms have even more drama? Who will get the boot tonight? Find out all this and more tonight on Mario… Total… Drama… Island!"

"You… got the cheap nasty marshmallows…" Azia states.

The opening sequence begins

The first scene starts where the last episode left off. It's still night-time and Waluigi is sitting on the edge of the dock feeling guilty. The rest of the Poison Mushrooms except Goombella are sitting around the bonfire.

"Come on guys. Someone has to cheer him up!" Mona exclaims referring to Waluigi.

"Somebody help me stop!" Goombella bellows while she continues running in the background because she still has the light shoes on.

Azia is driving a golf kart while holding out a large net. "I will catch you!" She shouts as she drives the golf kart at full speed.

"He'll get over it!" Bow states referring to Waluigi.

"Fine. I'll be the mature one." Mona says as she walks down the dock and sits next to Waluigi.

"It's all my fault. Why was so stupid to vote off the girl I love?" Waluigi questions himself.

"Hey. It wasn't your fault. Pauline played with your mind somehow. Moping isn't healthy. You can't win if you just sit and cry." Mona utters.

"What's the point of winning?" Waluigi asks.

"Everything. Now come eat some smores that we all made near the campfire." Mona says.

Waluigi sighs. "Fine."

Waluigi and Mona walk over to the rest of the team and sit down. Everyone is looking different directions while eating smores.

"I gotcha!" Azia shouts as she holds up Goombella who's in the net.

"My shoes are still on though!" Goombella cries.

Azia duct tapes Goombella to a tree while her feet are still kicking all around from the shoes.

Azia rubs her chin. "I got an idea."

"Like just get these things like off of me! I haven't used the confessional four hours!" Goombella orders.

Azia pulls out a chainsaw. "This may hurt…"

After Azia tears the shoes off her feet, Goombella walks over to the rest of her team and sits next to Yoshi who hands her a smore.

"I would like kill for a foot rub right now." Goombella states.

"Who cares?" Bow rudely adds.

"I'll rub them!" Yoshi volunteers.

"Like thank goodness!" Goombella replies as she removes her socks to reveal the ugliest feet possible. They are crusty the toenails are long and yellow, they have bunions and wrinkles all over them.

"Aww, Yoshi!" Yoshi complains as he closes his eyes and attempts to rub Goombella's disgusting feet.

The Fat Fireflowers walk up to the Poison Mushrooms.

"Hey guys!" Toadette says with a smile.

"What do you guys want?" Mona questions all of them. "Are you guys here to laugh at us for losing the last challenge?"

"We've been in your guys' shoes before." Koops says as he grabs a smore.

"We just came by to see what's up with you guys!" Prince Mush explains.

"Oh really?" Peach asks.

"No." Dry Bones states. "Shy Guy set off a weed bomb in our cabin and now we have to wait for Zess T to extract the bomb and air out the room."

Zess T is shown in the Fat Fireflowers' cabins with another intern inhaling weed and laughing hard.

In Confessional

Zess T - /Starts laughing hysterically/ Weed…

"A weed bomb?" Boo asks Shy Guy while Yoshi throws up in the background because Goombella's feet are just that disgusting.

"Yeah. A weed bomb." Shy Guy answers.

"So what were you all talking about?" Janette asks as she grabs one of the smores.

"Nothing much." Bow answers as she files her nails.

Two bats fly out which causes Mario and Peach to scream loudly.

"Ugh. I freaking hate bats!" Peach exclaims.

"They are a my a biggest fear!" Mario confesses.

"Mine too." Peach adds.

"I hear you guys. I'm terrified of spiders. They just have all those legs and stuff and ew, I don't like them." Boo says.

"My biggest fear is getting quarantined in a room with a very very very very very annoying person and I don't have any weed on me…" Shy Guy states.

"Ohmigosh! Like my biggest fear is like going to the like mall that's like having a huge like super sale, but like I can't like buy anything because I don't have any money!" Goombella says.

"The horror!" Koops responds.

"I'm afraid the dark!" Yoshi confesses.

"We all know that." Waluigi says. "I mean you have around ten night-lights plugged in around our cabin. Anyways, my biggest fear would have to be getting stuck on an elevator alone on a high floor."

"I'm afraid of heights in general." Dry Bones exclaims.

"I will never ever get a shot! I mean I don't like needles. They're just so pointy and evil." Janette says with a slight smile.

"My biggest fear would have to be being forced to listen to 'Call Me Maybe' nonstop for an hour." Prince Mush confesses. "Toadette, what's your biggest fear?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm terrified of drowning. I mean sometimes I'm too scared to step foot in water that's above four feet. That first challenge was definitely challenging for me." Toadette answers.

"My biggest fear is having to be a butler for a person like me…" Bow confesses as everyone starts laughing loudly. "Why are you all laughing? I'm dead serious!" Everyone starts laughing louder.

"My, uh, biggest fear is to, um, say a big public speech. I'm not, uh, good with public speaking." Koops exclaims.

"I think we all should know that." Pauline says with an eye roll. "My biggest fear is clowns. Ever since I seen that one scary movie with the evil clown, I've been scared of them."

"I'm scared of photo shoots… and makeup…" Birdo says as all the girls look at her in question. "What? I ain't no model, and I don't like makeup."

"My biggest fear would have to be…" Luigi thinks for a second. "I guess it would have to be going in a sauna. Those things are hot! Why do people go in there for enjoyment? It could very much be a gas chamber…"

Everyone turns in Mona's direction.

"What?" Mona asks as she flips her orange hair back behind her shoulders. "You don't possibly think I have a fear?"

"Everyone has at least some type of fear." Prince Mush states. "We all said ours, come on Mona be a team player."

"Using the bathroom at Taco Smell without hovering…" Mona confesses under her breath.

"I can't argue with that fear. It seems legit." Dry Bones states.

"The workers don't even clean the bathroom right and it's just disgusting and nasty and, bleh, I might throw up just thinking about it." Mona explains.

"Try rubbing Goombella's feet…" Yoshi murmurs to himself.

"Yoshi, can you make sure to get all of that crust from between my toes out too?" Goombella asks.

"Uhh…" Yoshi replies then he turns around and throws up.

All the campers are sitting in the main lodge eating breakfast. Donkey Kong walks in with a wide grin on his face.

"Good morning campers," He says in a cheerful tone.

"What's so good about it?" Pauline asks.

"Today's challenge is an awesome one. You guys must face… your worst fears!" Donkey Kong announces.

"How do you know what our worst fears?" Yoshi asks.

"We shared them at the campfire!" Mona slaps her forehead. "Ugh. We are all such idiots!"

"So they were like eavesdropping?" Goombella asks while she puts on some makeup.

"Yes, genius." Mario answers sardonically.

"Heh heh." Donkey Kong laughs. "Pauline, I know a few clowns that want to have a play date with you."

Pauline's eyes widen. "Uhh…"

"Yoshi, we have a room that's completely dark just for you. Heh heh. Dry Bones, a while back Zess T got some interns to build her a skyscraper-" Donkey Kong states before Zess T cuts him off.

"Actually, I hired many illegal immigrants to build it because they work long hours for less." Zess T adds.

"Uhh, okay then?" Donkey Kong looks at Zess T as if she's crazy. "Anyways, that skyscraper is just for Dry Bones and Waluigi. Heh heh."

"I'm gonna die." Dry Bones jokes.

"…And Mona, we'll be flying to the nearest Taco Smell, and… well you know what you have to do." Donkey Kong grins.

Mona almost throws up. "Just the thought of using the bathroom there makes me want to throw up."

All the campers are standing on a large skyscraper. There is a large metal pole and Dry Bones is standing on it.

"Okay, Dry Bones, to get the point for your team, your challenge is to walk across that pole." Donkey Kong instructs.

"Uh, it sounds simple enough…" Dry Bones says in fear.

"You can do it Dry Bones!" Toadette cheers.

Dry Bones steps on the pole and takes a deep breath. He looks over at Janette, smiles, and starts walking down the pole.

"Dry Bones you can do this…" Dry Bones tells himself.

"Try not to think about falling!" Peach shouts.

"Don't look down!" Mario yells.

"Don't listen to them! Keep going!" Toadette cheers loudly.

"Remember it's only a couple thousand feet fall!" Mona shouts.

"Shut up! He can do this!" Prince Mush states.

"Okay, Dry Bones, you're only one fourth of the way there. You can quit now if you want to." Donkey Kong announces.

"No! I can do this!" Dry Bones tries to motivate himself as he continues walking across the pole.

Bow rings her Boo Bell. "Oh Bootler! Go get me some hot chocolate."

"But Lady Bow, we're on top of a skyscraper." Bootler answers.

"GET ME SOME DANG HOT CHOCOLATE NOW!" Bow shouts which causes Bootler to immediately run away.

In Confessional

Boo - "Last challenge Bow was fussy with me because it was Bootler's day off. Now she's fussy with him instead. I feel bad for Bootler, but you know what they say, better him than me."

"Wow, Dry Bones you're halfway there. You can still quit now if you want to." Donkey Kong says.

"Never!" Dry Bones shouts as he starts running across the bar.

"Wow. Dry Bones you're awesome!" Janette states.

Dry Bones begins running in an attempt to impress Janette even more.

"Dry bones you're over three quarters there!" Donkey Kong shouts.

"Go Dry Bones!" Janette and Toadette applaud.

"Show your inner manliness!" Birdo roars.

"This is getting intense." Koops states.

Dry Bones runs all the way to the end of the bar and accidentally runs off and screams loudly as he falls.

A bunch of short orange colored Toad's wearing orange spotted white mushroom caps and white overalls appear and start singing. "Shroompa Shroompa, do-ba-dee-doo. We've got a clever puzzle for you. Shroompa Shroompa, do-ba-dee-dee if you are smart you'd listen to me. What do get when you're obsessed about a girl? Even though she used to make you hurl. What do you get when you get distracted by her? You have terrible a lesson to learn. Now you're broken in pieces. Shroompa Shroompa, do-ba-dee-doo." The orange Toads all walk away leaving all the other campers confused.

"Okay." Donkey Kong says. "Well let's move on, shall we?"

Poison Mushrooms 0 Fat Fireflowers 1

In Confessional

Janette - "Poor Dry Bones… those orange Toads were creepy."

Birdo - "What the heck was up with those orange Toads?"

Dry Bones - "I faced my fear! I'm no longer afraid of heights… but now I'm terrified of falling."

Boo is floating on the stage where the talent show happened. Donkey Kong is standing next to him with a large spider in his hands. All the rest of the campers and Bootler are sitting and watching.

"Okay, Boo, you know what you have to do." Donkey Kong states.

"This is gonna be painful." Boo replies.

"You better face your fear!" Mona roars.

"Does that spider bite?" Prince Mush asks Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong shrugs. "I found it on the island this morning."

"What if I die?" Boo chuckles.

"Very funny. Now let's get this show on the road." Donkey Kong throws the spider on Boo's head causing him to scream and cowardly run away.

"Get it off me! Get it off me!" Boo cries.

"Stop moving!" Donkey Kong shouts as her shoots him with a small tranquilizer.

"Bunnies… fluffy… heh heh." Boo falls on the ground. The spider crawls away.

All of the other campers turn to see if the Shroompa Loompas would appear but they don't.

"Where are those orange Toad's?" Janette asks while looking around.

"Is Boo gonna be okay?" Bow asks as she floats up to Boo.

"Who cares?" Donkey Kong replies with a laugh. "Let's move on, shall we?"

Goombella and Donkey Kong are standing outside a large mall that's currently having a super sale in every store.

"Ohmigosh the Toad Town Mall! Eeee! I've like never been here before." Goombella squeals. "There's like so many places to shop!"

"Yeah. And there's a sale in every store." Donkey Kong explains.

"Ohmigosh!" Goombella squeals louder which causes a few people walking by to turn around and awkwardly look at her.

"Okay, Goombella, your challenge is to spend the next six hours at the mall, sound simple enough?" Donkey Kong states.

"Wow. That's like the easiest challenge ever!" Goombella squeaks with a big smile.

"Is it?" Donkey Kong asks with a laugh.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Goombella questions Donkey Kong.

"Go ahead. I'll be back in five hours and fifty-five minutes." Donkey Kong mentions as he walks away. "Oh yeah. We have cameras set all over the mall so we'll know if you want to quit."

"I would never quit." Goombella voices as she walks to the front doors of the mall.

"Good luck." is the last thing she hears Donkey Kong say before he climbs into his helicopter to head back to the island.

"Wait!" Goombella hollers as she notices she doesn't have any money on her. "I don't have any money!"

"Then get a job!" A snobby koopa woman utters as she walks by.

"This is gonna be like the hardest challenge ever. Looks like I'll have to steal the stuff I want!" Goombella exclaims.

The helicopter returns and Donkey Kong climbs down the ladder.

"If you steal anything, you'll be removed from the competition and you won't come back… ever! I'm serious!" The ape screeches.

"That's not fair." Goombella sighs. "I'm gonna die."

Zess T walks Bow into the main lodge where Donkey Kong and Bootler are sitting.

"Bow, are you ready to face your worst fear?" Zess T asks.

"Uh, not really." Bow answers.

"Too bad." Donkey Kong laughs. "This will be hilarious."

"What do I have to do?" Bow asks.

"For the next six hours you're going to be Bootler's butler… that's really fun to say. Bootler's butler. Bootler's butler. Bootler's butler… oh yeah. You must fulfill his every request, if you refuse, rebel, or quit, you don't get the point for your team." Donkey Kong explains.

"Bootler would never agree to do such a thing!" Bow utters with worry.

"Yes, yes he would. Your daddy approved of it. He thinks it'll teach you some life lessons." Donkey Kong replies.

"What?" Bow roars. "Daddy? Why does he hate me?"

"You can always back out of the challenge now, but it'll cost you're your team the point and could result in your elimination." Donkey Kong answers.

Bow nods. "I am a lot of negative things, like bossy, irritable, moody, loud, crazy-" Lakitu pans the camera over to Donkey Kong, Zess T, and Bootler all looking at Bow with blank expressions on their faces while the sassy Boo continues naming negative traits, "sassy, grumpy, lazy, a bad listener, a rambler, I often lose track of what I'm talking about… what was I talking about again? Oh yeah… but I am not a ghost that quits before attempting something."

"Well then…" Donkey Kong replies. "Good luck."

Bootler pulls out a boo bell and begins ringing it loudly. "Oh Bow! Go get me some grapes and make it snappy!"

"Yes sir…" Bow answers as she slowly floats out of the main lodge.

"This is the best day ever." Bootler states with a grin.

"Bootler, it's your job to drive Bow insane. I'll pay you a thousand bucks if you get Bow to quit!" Donkey Kong exclaims.

"Okay. It shouldn't be that hard to get her to cave." Bootler states with a laugh.

In Confessional

Bootler - "This is the best challenge ever. My back was feeling bad today and now I don't have to work for six hours! Bow is the butler and I'm going to make sure she learns just how evil she can be towards me."

Waluigi - "I'm sorry Rosie! I know you know I voted you off, but it was a moment of weakness, kinda like when a fat girl that's on a diet passes a buffet. Pauline made you seem like the evil one. She's truly evil… wait I should check if Pauline has a hidden camera in there. /Yoshi opens the door and awkwardly stares at Waluigi/ Uhh… Yoshi, I'm still using the confessional. /Yoshi sits right next to Waluigi on the toilet/ Ugh. Fine I'll leave!"

Yoshi - /Changes the voice on his translator to a deep voice/ "The dark is a scary place… /Changes voice on his translator back to the normal voice/ But do you know what also scares me? Teddy bears. Oh, I should've gave you a little time to guess… oh well. Teddy bears are evil and will one day cause an apo- apa- apocalp- apacalaps- apoca- how ever you say the dang word."

Pauline is sitting in front of her cabin when Donkey Kong nonchalantly walks up to her.

"Well, hello, Pauline." Donkey Kong utters with a grin. "Are you ready to face your worst fear?"

"Uh, not exactly." Pauline answers.

Suddenly three creepy clown walk up to Pauline.

"Hello Pauline, do you want to play with us?" One of the clowns that looks like a pianta says.

"N- no!" Pauline states as she runs away in fear.

"Come back! We want to play!" Another clown that's almost as skinny as Waluigi states with an evil laugh.

"You're not gonna get away!" The third clown that's a koopa exclaims as they all three begin chasing after Pauline.

"Well this should get interesting." Donkey Kong says.

"Come back!" The fat clown yells.

"Get away from me!" Pauline cries.

"We just want to play." The koopa clown laughs.

Donkey Kong is standing in front a large tub made of glass. It's three times the size of Donkey Kong. All the other Fat Fireflowers, except Dry Bones who is in the infirmary, are standing around it. Toadette looks terrified at the sight of the dunk booth.

"Okay, Toadette, I'll be honest, the producers didn't want to go through with this, but I needed to convince them. You're challenge is to drown…" The ape explains while he brushes the fur on his arms.

"Drowning is not a fear you can face! I don't think I can do this." Toadette states.

"Okay, since the other team has one extra player and since your fear is a huge risk, I'll give you an option. If you face your fear and complete your challenge you'll get two points for your team instead of one. This could lead your team to victory and it'll show you're serious. It's all or nothing." Donkey Kong explains.

"Uh, you guys are going to let me out if I want to quit, right? And you guys are gonna make sure I don't die?" Toadette asks.

"Uh, well not on live TV…" Donkey Kong answers.

"Yeah, I'm not doing this… I'm too scared…" Toadette says as Prince Mush walks over to her and grabs her hand.

"Toadette, it's fine if you don't want to do this, but I know you can. You can do this. I believe In you." Prince Mush says with a smile.

Toadette smiles back, "I guess I'll attempt this challenge… thanks Prince Mush."

Shy Guy pushes Prince Mush to the side, "This is the time to show them everything, make sure they remember you." Shy Guy utters.

"What are you talking about?" Janette asks.

"What are YOU talking about?" Shy Guy counters.

"You're weird." Janette states.

"Okay, Toadette, get in the dunk booth, but you should probably put on your swimsuit first…" Donkey Kong states.

Toadette quickly changes into a black striped pink bikini. He slowly crawls into the tub, but Donkey Kong stops her for a second.

"If you want to quit, just pull the drain plug. Remember that, we will be observing you, and we'll decide when to let you out." Donkey Kong explains.

"Okay… I guess…" Toadette says as she takes a deep breath and jumps into the tub.

"Shy Guy, looks like it's your turn to face your fear." Donkey Kong announces.

"As long as I don't have to take off my mask, I'll be fine…" Shy Guy replies.

Donkey Kong, Zess T, and Shy Guy all walk to a dim basement. An annoyed intern is walking by in the background.

"Okay, Zess T, check him to see if he has any weed on him." Donkey Kong instructs.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Why does she have to inspect me? Why can't that hot intern?" Shy Guy purrs.

"Keep dreaming." The intern says as she points to her crown.

"Belinda, get back to work!" Donkey Kong demands.

"Ugh." Belinda grunts as she gets back to work.

"Call me!" Shy Guy shouts to the intern.

"No." Belinda replies as she leaves the basement.

Zess T checks Shy Guy for weed. "He's clean." Zess T says.

"Seriously? Knowing Shy Guy, he always has weed on him." Donkey Kong says.

"Not today…" Shy Guy states.

"Take his lighters." Zess T orders Donkey Kong.

"What?! Not my babies!" Shy Guy cries.

"Gimme the lighters." Donkey Kong demands.

Shy Guy takes out all of his lighters and looks at them, "Why do you have to take my lighters? They didn't do anything to you and-" Shy Guy rambles.

"Just give me the lighters." Donkey Kong orders.

"But they are my babies!" Shy Guy weeps.

"Just give me the lighters!" Donkey Kong commands.

"But-" Shy Guy says as Donkey Kong smacks all of the lighters out of his hands.

"Belinda, pick all these up and put them in Shy Guy's cabin!" Donkey Kong shouts as he turns on the lights to the basement.

"Why me?" Belinda complains.

"Okay, Shy Guy, your challenge is to stay in this basement for two hours. The door will always be open, so you can leave anytime you want." Donkey Kong explains.

"Uhh okay." Shy Guy says as he sits in one of the chairs in the basement.

"Well, come on Zess T, Toadette should be done now." Donkey Kong says as they both leave and shut the basement door on the way out.

"Okay, two hours without weed, this challenge isn't that hard." Shy Guy says to himself.

"Meow." A sound comes from another side of the basement.

"Who's there? Is that a cat?" Shy Guy asks in fear.

A tan girl with an oversized green sweater jumps in front of Shy Guy, "Hi!"

"Uh, why are you down here?" Shy Guy asks. "And who are you?"

"I'm Kitty, meow, hehe, and this is Fluffy and this is Pillow!" Kitty says while pointing at the air with a big smile. "Say hello, Pillow, don't be rude!"

"Uh, Pillow? Fluffy?" Shy Guy asks because Pillow and Fluffy are Kitty's imaginary friends.

"Meow. Let's be best friends!" Kitty says as she hugs Shy Guy.

"Uh, I need weed…" Shy Guy murmurs to himself.

Bow brings Bootler some purple grapes.

"Here, your majesty, grapes." Bow exclaims with forced enthusiasm.

"What is this?" Bootler snaps. "I wanted green grapes. GREEN! You go back and get me green grape!"

Bow's left eye begins twitching. "Yes sir… I'll get those green grapes for you right away."

"Make it snappy!" Bootler orders.

"Yessir!" Bow answers as she leaves.

"Best challenge ever." Bootler states.

In Confessional

Bootler - "This is so much fun. /laughs/ I'm glad Bow will finally see what it's like to be in my shoes… oh wait I don't wear shoes… you get the point!"

Bow - "This challenge is horrible. /a tear runs down her cheek/ This is what I think of you Bootler! /holds up the purple grapes and smashes them/

Donkey Kong takes Toadette out of the tub.

"Yeah. She definitely deserves the two points for her team!" Donkey Kong announces. "Now someone needs to give her CPR…"

"I volunteer as tribute!" Prince Mush volunteers.

"You're certified?" Donkey Kong asks.

"No…" Prince Mush sighs. "I knew I should've took that lifeguard class, I knew it would come in handy someday. Why am I such an idiot?" Prince Mush walks back to his cabin.

"Move aside. I'm certified." Zess T states. "Too bad I have extra saliva and mucus in my mouth for some reason. Oh well."

Zess T gives Toadette CPR. Toadette wakes up with Zess T getting off of Toadette leaving a trail of spit coming from their mouths. Toadette screams loudly in horror as she spits on the ground several times.

Suddenly the orange toads reappear and begin singing again. ""Shroompa Shroompa, do-ba-dee-doo. We've got another puzzle for you. Shroompa Shroompa, do-ba-dee-dee if you are wise you'd listen to me. What do get when you always reject love? You don't even know even know what you're capable of! What do you get when you never had your first kiss? Your first kiss ends up being from an old woman that has a hiss. You should have just loved Prince Mush. Shroompa Shroompa, do-ba-dee-doo."

The orange toads all dance away leaving Toadette shocked.

"How did they know I've never kissed anyone?" Toadette asks. "And why did I just admit that on live television?"

"The orange toads know everything." Donkey Kong answers with a laugh.

"I'm gonna go disinfect my lips…" Toadette says as she runs away in fear.

"Well then, Birdo, I guess you can face your fear now." Donkey Kong exclaims.

"Kill me now." Birdo whispers to herself.

Poison Mushrooms 0 Fat Fireflowers 3

Donkey Kong walks Birdo over to a white backdrop.

"Okay. Birdo, first your makeup will get done. Then it'll be photo shoot time. This is pretty easy if you think about it." Donkey Kong explains.

"Makeup?" Birdo asks in fear.

"Yeah. Now let's get this done with." Donkey Kong says as Birdo gets up and shakes her head.

"No. I'm not doing this! I can't!" Birdo shouts.

Donkey Kong just shrugs. "Okay, there goes the point for your team."

"Wait." Birdo huffs in frustration. "I should at least attempt the challenge…"

The host smiles. "Okay." He points over to a makeup studio which makes Birdo shake her head.

Pauline runs up to Donkey Kong.

"I quit! I quit! I quit! I freaking quit!" Pauline shouts in fear.

"What's the matter?" Donkey Kong asks with a cackle.

"I quit! Get those creepy clowns away for me before I go insane!" Pauline pleads.

"Hmm…" Donkey Kong says as the three clowns jump out of nearby bushes.

"What the hell do you all want from me?" Pauline shouts.

"We just want to have a little fun? Come on, have some fun with us." The fat clown says following with his creepy clown laugh.

"Hee ha ho ho ho! Hahaha! It's time to play." The second clown squirts water, on Pauline, from a flower he has on.

Pauline begins crying. "Donkey Kong, please make these clowns go away!"

"Okay, am I the only one that thinks this is hilarious?" Birdo asks.

"Nope." Donkey Kong laughs.

"I thought Mario was creepy, but these clowns are soo much worse!" Pauline states.

"Okay, Frankie. You guys can go now! Thanks for the help." Donkey Kong says to the three clowns.

"Okay." Frankie, the fat clown, replies.

"Tell Don I said hi." Donkey Kong says.

"Okay." Frankie laughs and walks up to Pauline. "Hey girl, I hope we didn't scare you too much."

"G-g-get away from me! I'm gonna get a restraining order against all three of you!" Pauline shouts in fear.

"Restraining orders only last so long. We can always find you!" The koopa clown says following with a creepy clown laugh.

"Yeah. We want to have some fun." The anorexic clown cackles.

"Ahhhh!" Pauline screams as she runs away in fear. She runs into a tree and falls on the ground.

"Okay, see yah Donkey Kong." The koopa clown says as a helicopter arrives and he gets on the elevator.

"Bye DK." The skinny clown tells Donkey Kong as he gets on the helicopter.

"I hope we didn't scar that poor girl for life." Frankie says as he gets in the helicopter. "Well, bye Donkey Kong."

Pauline wakes up as the helicopter flies away. She looks around in fear.

"Are they gone?" She asks while looking around.

In Confessional

Pauline - "I have nothing to say right now…"

Bow reaches the main lodge with green grapes.

"Here you are, Bootler. They had dark green and light green, so I just got both for you." Bow states.

"Brilliant. It's too bad I don't want grapes anymore. I want some ice cream!" Bootler exclaims.

Bow's eyes widen. "What? Uh, I mean yes sir. I'll get that ice cream for you right away."

"Good. Make it snappy." Bootler says.

Shy Guy is running away from Kitty who is chasing him.

"Just let me take off your mask. I MUST see what it looks like! Come back here!" Kitty shouts.

"Get away from me! I need my weed!" Shy Guy cries while he continues running away from the crazy intern.

"Get back here! I will rip that mask right off your face." Kitty roars.

"No." Shy Guy replies while he continues running.

In Confessional

Shy Guy - "So this is what it feels like to be completely sober… yeah, I don't like it at all…"

Donkey Kong is walking Waluigi to the large building in Toad Town.

"Okay, Waluigi, you just have to get in the elevator in this building. The elevator will stop and you can open the doors at anytime you wish. You only get the point if you don't result to running out." Donkey Kong explains.

"That sounds easy, I guess." Waluigi replies.

They walk inside the building and Donkey Kong pushes Waluigi inside the elevator. The doors close and Waluigi's banging on the door in fear. Suddenly Rihanna's song, "Disturbia" begins playing in the background of the episode.

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

The elevator stops and Waluigi starts breathing heavily.

What's wrong with me?Why do I feel like this?I'm going crazy now

Goombella is wandering the mall with huge bags under her eyes. She notices a koopa woman buying a nice goomba petticoat, so Goombella stomps and screams in frustration. Many nearby shoppers turn and look at her.

No more gas in the rig,

Can't even get it started

Nothing heard, nothing said

Can't even speak about it

Donkey Kong is walking Mario and Peach into a dark cave. He points to the bats which causes both of them to gasp.

"We can a do this together!" Mario says to Peach.

Peach takes a deep breath. "I knew I'd have to face this fear eventually.

All my life on my head

Don't want to think about it

Feels like I'm going insane


Prince Mush is sitting in a chair while tapping his fingers. Donkey Kong walks up to him with an iToad in his hand.

"Prince Mush, you know what you have to do." Donkey Kong states.

Prince Mush takes a deep breath. "This is for you, Toadette."

Donkey Kong puts earphones on Prince Mush and starts playing the song "Call Me Maybe"

It's a thief in the night

To come and grab you

It can creep up inside you

And consume you

Koops is standing on the stage behind a podium. He feels very nervous as he pulls out a speech and takes a deep breath.

"Come on, Koops." Koops says to himself in fear.

A disease of the mind

It can control you

It's too close for comfort

Donkey Kong walks Yoshi into a dark room.

"I think I've gone blind!" Yoshi shouts in fear.

"Relax Yoshi, you're just in a really dark room." Donkey Kong utters.

"That's worse!" Yoshi cries as Donkey Kong slaps his forehead.

Throw on your brake lights

We're in the city of wonder

Ain't gonna play nice

Watch out, you might just go under

Bow is brushing Bootler's beard in disgust.

"What is this green stuff in your mustache?" Bow asks in fear.

"Uh, you don't want to know…" Bootler answers with a slight laugh.

"I think I'm gonna throw up." Bow states.

Better think twice

Your train of thought will be altered

So if you must falter be wise

Mona is standing inside the girls' bathroom. She throws an empty water bottle on the ground and takes a deep breath. She walks over to the first stall and opens it in disgust. She takes another deep breath.

"Come on, be a winner." She says to herself.

Your mind is in disturbia

It's like the darkness is the light

Toadette is scrubbing her lips in disgust.

"That was disgusting!" Toadette says.


Am I scaring you tonight

Pauline wakes up from her nap and looks around in fear just in case the three clowns were near her.


Ain't used to what you like

Shy Guy looks insane trying to hide from Kitty.

"You can't hide forever!" Kitty shouts.

"So this is how I die…" Shy Guy utters to himself.



Janette is sitting on a counter in the main lodge. Zess T walks in wearing a nurse outfit holding a large needle.

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Waluigi almost presses the button that opens the elevator but he stops himself and he sits in the corner of the elevator and starts rocking himself in fear.

Faded pictures on the wall

It's like they talkin' to me

Luigi walks inside a sauna.

"Five minutes in here is nothing!" He states as he begins sweating so he starts fanning himself with his hats.

Disconnectin' your call

Your phone don't even ring

Goombella looks around at all the sales and notices a hat she really wants that's on sale. She screams loudly, which causes all the nearby shoppers to turn and look at her as if she's crazy.

"What are you all looking at? I'm not insane!" The preppy goomba says as she backs away from all the shoppers.

I gotta get out

Or figure this [beep] out

It's too close for comfort

Mario and Peach are standing away from the bats. Peach pulls out her baseball bat.

"Mario, take out your hammer, this fear ends now!" Peach commands.

Mario shrugs and takes out his large wooden hammer.

They both walk up to a bat and Peach laughs evilly.

It's a thief in the night

To come and grab you

It can creep up inside you

And consume you

Koops jumps off the stage and runs away in fear before finishing his long speech.

"I can't do it! I just can't do it! I quit!" Koops screams while he is running away.

A disease of the mind

It can control you

I feel like a monster

Yoshi is filing his nonexistent nails in the dark room. Suddenly a loud bang is heard which causes Yoshi to scream loudly. He begins shaking.

"I'm gonna go insane if that was a teddy bear!" Yoshi shouts.

Throw on your brake lights

We're in the city of wonder

Prince Mush starts singing along to "Call Me Maybe" very loudly. Boo walks by and looks at him with a blank expression for a second. Then he pulls out his banjo and starts singing along.

Ain't gonna play nice

Watch out, you might just go under

Bootler rings his boo bell loudly until Bow appears. Bow hands him a large stack of magazines. Bootler shakes his head and Bow starts crying.

Better think twice

Your train of thought will be altered

So if you must falter be wise

Mona sits down on the toilet. She immediately stands back up and throws up all over the ground. She stops for a second and then throws up again.

Your mind is in disturbia

It's like the darkness is the light


Am I scaring you tonight

Birdo wakes up Pauline and hands her a painting of a clown. Pauline runs out of her cabin in fear and Birdo laughs.


Ain't used to what you like



"I can't do this." Janette says as she stands up and backs away from Zess T.

Dry Bones walks into the room. "Yes you can." He states.

Janette turns around and smiles.

"Can I stab you or not?" Zess T asks in annoyance.

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

"This is just too much!" Waluigi shouts as he presses the button to open the elevator doors. He runs down the stairs until he sees Donkey Kong who was just about to make the elevator reach the top floor.

"Wait did I get the point?" Waluigi asks.

"Hahahaha… no!" Donkey Kong answers.

Waluigi sighs. Release me from this curse I'm in

Trying to maintain

But I'm struggling

Donkey Kong tries to turn "Call Me Maybe" off but Prince Mush hisses at him and continues singing along to the song.

"That's… wow!" Donkey Kong states.

You can't go, go, go

I think I'm going to oh, oh, oh

Peach and Mario look around at all the bats they just smashed . Donkey Kong walks inside the cave and looks mortified.

"You guys get the point…" He states as he runs out of the cave in fear.

"That's awesome!" Peach shouts in glee as she grabs Mario and kisses him. She runs out of the cave leaving Mario with a blank expression.

Throw on your brake lights

We're in the city of wonder

Ain't gonna play nice

Watch out, you might just go under

"This is too much. You're a crazy sociopath and all the weed in the world can't make me deal with you!" Shy Guy shouts as he runs out of the basement.

"I didn't understand half the words he said…" Kitty states.

Better think twice

Your train of thought will be altered

So if you must falter be wise

"I'm done!" Goombella says happily as she runs out of the mall. She runs into Donkey Kong standing there with a blank expression.

"You got out here two minutes early. So you don't get the point." Donkey Kong tells Goombella.

Goombella's left eye starts twitching.

Your mind is in disturbia

It's like the darkness is the light

Zess T jabs the needle into Janette's arm. Janette cries for a second and then shrugs. She gets up and walks out of the room with Dry Bones.


Am I scaring you tonight

Yoshi skips out of the dark room. Donkey Kong nods.

"You get the point." Donkey Kong states.

"The darkness is upon us!" Yoshi shouts as he runs away.

Donkey Kong has a blank expression


Ain't used to what you like

Zess T grabs Luigi and pulls him out of the sauna.

"That was for you Daisy!" Luigi shouts.



Bow looks at her phone to check the time and screams in frustration. "I quit! I can't take another hour of this! It's not worth it! It's just not worth it!"

Bootler laughs.

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum

Mona uses the bathroom and stands up with confidence. She pulls up her miniskirt and walks out of the stall. She washes her hands and runs out of the bathroom.

"I faced my worst fear of using the bathroom here without hovering!" Mona shouts loudly as all the customers turn and look at her.

A female employee walks up to her and shakes her head. "Oh please. You think that is bad, try cleaning the boys bathroom. It's disgusting. Seriously to all the boys, learn to aim!"

"Yeah… I should go." Mona says as she walks out of the restaurant.

All the campers are sitting at the fire pit with Donkey Kong tallying up all of the points.

"Okay, campers, a lot of you went all out and faced your fears… some a bit overboard…" Donkey Kong glares at Mario and Peach. "But a lot of you didn't face your fears. Let's see, Toadette achieved two points for her team, Prince Mush, Luigi, Janette, and Dry Bones also faced their fears leaving Koops, Birdo, and Shy Guy. That gives the Fat Fireflowers six points. As for the Poison Mushrooms, Bow, Boo, Goombella, Waluigi, and Pauline all did not complete their challenges today. Only Mario, Peach, Yoshi, and Mona completed their challenges. That means the Poison Mushrooms only have four points. So, the Fat Fireflowers win!"

All the Fat Fireflowers cheer loudly.

"Prince Mush, what's wrong with you?" Toadette asks.

"So call me maybe!" Prince Mush replies.

"Uh, okay?" Toadette responds as she walks away.

"Call me maybe!" Prince Mush shouts.

"What's wrong with you?" Luigi asks.

"That song is stuck in my head!" Prince Mush states. "I might go insane if it doesn't get out of my head."

"Oh, come on, you have to admit the song is catchy." Boo adds.

"So is a freaking plague, that doesn't mean people like it." Prince Mush states.

"Bootler go get me a pizza!" Bow yells as she begins ringing her boo bell.

Bootler sighs. "Yes. Lady Bow."

"And make it snappy!" Bow orders.

Bootler leaves.

"Pauline! You purposely lost the challenge for us, didn't you?" Peach confronts Pauline.

"What? No." Pauline answers.

"Yeah right." Peach replies. "How am I supposed to believe you. You probably had your alliance in on this too!"

"Okay, a few things, one I'm terrified of clowns and I'm done with sabotaging challenges… for now, and two, Yoshi, my most loyal alliance member, faced his challenge today. You're just trying to find a reason to eliminate me, which doesn't make any sense." Pauline snaps.

"Oh please. Like I should believe you. Pauline, this little game you're playing ends tonight!" Peach shouts.

"Whatever. I'm not scared of you and your little posse. You can't defeat me!" Pauline replies as she starts walking away.

Janette is sitting on the dock of shame rubbing her arm because of the shot. Dry Bones walks up to her but slips on a puddle and falls into the lake. Janette helps him out of the lake.

"Hey Dry Bones." Janette says with a laugh.

"Don't laugh at me." Dry Bones replies as he attempts to dry himself off.

"So what's up?" Janette asks.

"Nothing, you were pretty awesome in facing your fear. And I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to face my fear!" Dry Bones says as he sits next to Janette.

"You helped me too!" Janette replies with a smile.

"Well, I knew you could do it." Dry Bone states.

Janette shrugs. "Yeah."

Yoshi walks down the dock with his black swimming trunks on and many pool floaties around him. Yoshi sits in between Janette and Dry Bones and leaves an awkward tension between them.

"Uh, hi Yoshi." Janette says.

"Hey Janice!" Yoshi says with a smile.

"Uh… my name's Janette…" Janette replies. "Yeah, Dry Bones, I gotta go do something."

Dry Bones sighs.

Peach, Boo, Bow, and Mona are all sitting in the girl's part of the Poison Mushroom's cabin discussing who they should vote off.

"Pauline has got to go!" Peach states.

"Hey wait. Is Waluigi still on Pauline's alliance even though she caused his girlfriend's elimination?" Mona asks.

"I don't think he is. Maybe we could get him on our side." Bow says.

"Wait. Sides? What the heck is going on?" Boo asks in confusion.

"Pauline's alliance against us. Duh." Mona answers.

"This is what's causing us to lose. We have to work as a team. I mean, are you all seriously seeing Pauline as evil? What's up with that?" Boo exclaims.

"She is evil. She caused a lot of eliminations and sabotaged our team many times." Peach explains.

"You can't blame her for every loss we get!" Boo snaps.

"Does that mean you didn't vote off Pauline last challenge?" Bow asks.

"Uh, well technically, I didn't know- I just, well I didn't like that weird space girl. She scared me…" Boo responds.

"So it's all your fault Pauline is still here. Rosalina did nothing to you, and you voted her off. You deserve to leave!" Peach roars.

"Because I didn't see her as evil? Where's you proof that she's been sabotaging? " Boo asks.

"Proof? She picked all of the crappy vehicles last challenge! Is that enough proof for yah? She's tearing this team apart!" Bow shouts.

"Are you an idiot or something?" Mona snaps.

"I didn't know." Boo counters.

"Sure you didn't. You might just be another one on Pauline's alliance!" Peach blames Boo.

"Sure, just throw false accusations around!" Boo replies.

"Well, Boo. Pauline will take us all down if you don't vote with us!" Mona states.

"Okay. I'm pretty sure she's one step ahead of us. I think we should aim for her alliance right now before she somehow outsmarts us again." Boo says.

"That is our best bet." Peach adds.

"Fine." Bow rolls her eyes and looks over at Boo.

"Is rolling your eyes seriously necessary?" Boo asks.

"I hate you!" Bow yells as she storms out of the cabin.

"Uh is it that time of the month for her?" Boo asks in confusion.

All the Poison Mushrooms are sitting on tree stumps around the bonfire while Donkey Kong is standing in front of them. He's holding a plate with eight mushrooms on it.

"Welcome back!" The host says with a smile. "Okay, eight mushrooms, let's see I have mushrooms for Mona and Peach."

Mona gets up and claims her mushroom.

"I also have mushrooms for Yoshi and, in a shocking twist, Pauline!"

Pauline gasps while Yoshi gets up and grabs two mushrooms for him and Pauline.

"I also have mushrooms for Bow, Boo, and Mario!"

They all retrieve their mushrooms.

"Goombella, Waluigi, this is the final mushroom of the night. The person who does not receive this mushroom will have to walk the dock of shame board the boat of losers and leave. The final mushroom of the night goes to Goombella!"

"Ohmigosh the was like so close. Like why would anyone want to like vote me off?" Goombella asks.

Waluigi sighs. "I deserve to be eliminated."

"Yeah. Waluigi, you do." Donkey Kong adds.

Waluigi walks down the dock of shame and gets on the boat of losers.

"Bye everyone." Waluigi says with his head down.

The boat drives off.

"Well that was a stupid decision. You guys could've got rid of me tonight, if you wanted to." Pauline states. "But now that you didn't, I just want you all to know that I'm running this show and none of you can stop me!" Pauline roars as she stomps away as the screen fades out.

End of episode 11

Waluigi's audition

Waluigi's audition starts off in his living room.

"Hello. I'm Waluigi." The anorexic hippie takes a deep breath. "Yeah. I don't have much to say. I doubt you all will choose me, so uh, yeah. I'm against violence and I just wasted your time…"


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