So... you asked for it! These are the extended scenes behind the stories that I've posted in Extra! Extra! Read All About It! I personally think you should read those first (they're not very long), though I guess you could technically read these and still understand them.

I hope I do them justice!

October 11, 2012

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Kate huffed, tossing her hair up over her shoulder as she glared at him for asking her the same question for the fifth time in half as many hours. She was hunched over, strapping on her gold heels, the final piece of her ensemble that she and Lanie had spent hours searching for and spent a good chunk of her bi-weekly paycheck on. He was watching her in the mirror he was standing in front of, his tie still hanging limply around his neck, his cufflinks undone, his expression clouded with concern.

She sighed. Out of all the nights of the year, this should be the one where he doesn't have to worry. "Heat Wave" was finally hitting the big screen. It was his first book-gone-movie, and he had played a pretty big part in the production when you look at how much input other authors (J.K. Rowling aside) get to have when it comes down to it. He should be happy, ecstatic even – the characters he created in his mind were so successful, so relatable, that people wanted to make a movie about them, and instead he's worrying about if she really wants to do this.

She stood up, adjusting her dress, straightening out the skirt that flared out her hips and ended at mid-thigh and walked over to him. He watched her reflection, his eyes trailing momentarily down to her legs. She rolled her eyes slightly, smirking because even when he's worried about something he's still so easily distractible.

Oh Castle…

She slides up behind him, fastening his cuff linksfor him before spinning him towards her and lifting her hands to knot his tie for him. His hands settled on her waist, his fingers sliding along the silky black jersey.

"Have I told you how much I love this dress?" he asked her quietly, one hand reaching around to stroke the bare skin of her back.

Kate hummed her affirmation.

"Only about five times since I first put it on an half an hour ago."

He trailed the tips of his fingers over her spine, the slightly callused pads making her shiver slightly against him and she didn't have to look at him to know he was smirking at her.

Nearly four months of being with him and he still manages to do that to her.

She finishes knotting his tie, straightens it for him and looks up at him with a small smile as she ran her fingers down the long piece of silk.

"I'm sure."

He looked at her, still not thoroughly convinced and she would have been really annoyed if she didn't think it was equally as sweet.

He just didn't want her to be uncomfortable. He knew how much she hated the spotlight and didn't want her to feel like she had to do it this way.

She leans up, presses a soft kiss against his lips, waits until he returns the pressure before pulling away, sliding a hand down his freshly shaven cheek.

"It's time," she said simply.

And it was. They had been together since May.

His phone rings on his nightstand, undoubtedly their driver telling them that he was downstairs, exactly on time, and Kate smiled at him. She moved her hand to the hand at her waist, plucking his off of her and holding it in her own, squeezing it tightly before tugging him over to the edge of the bed where the rest of his suit was laid out.

"Come on," she said, handing his jacket to him. As he slid it over his shoulders, she walked over and unplugged his phone from the wall, checking his missed calls and seeing that it was indeed the car service. She walked up behind him, reaching around his waist and slid his phone into his front pocket. She grabs her clutch from her nightstand (still his nightstand technically… but really, it's hers) and reached out a hand to him.

"Come on," she said, "time for me to tell the women of the world that they can't have you anymore."

He smiled back at her, the corner of his eyes crinkling in that way she loves so much, and took her hand.


The ride in the town car was mostly silent. Rick tensed back up again during the ride from the loft to the premiere, and Kate couldn't help but think that it was funny that she was the calm one in this situation. She held his hand in her lap, brushing her thumb along his skin in a soothing motion as if she could suck the tension from his muscles from his skin with only her touch.

The car came to a stop and she saw Rick brace himself square his shoulders as the car idled two blocks away from the Angelika Film Center where the red carpet started – they blocked off the whole street in both directions for this premiere. There were photographers waiting just outside the door, she could tell by the flashes through the window and the voices already calling out questions though they didn't even know who was inside the car.

She leaned over, brushed a chaste kiss against his cheek before she let his hand go.

Their driver, a man Castle called Sal, opened the door for him and he climbed out. She heard the excited buzz of the crowd pick up at the sight of him, and she couldn't stop the proud smile that bloomed across her lips because all of what was going on out on the street was because of him.

Castle turned around and reached a hand into the car to help her out. She took it, sliding across the leather seat as he guided her out of the car and onto the red carpet. The calls from the crowd grew even louder, and Castle wrapped his arm around her waist, tipping his imaginary hat to Sal who was already back in the car before he began to lead her down the red carpet, smiling politely at the cameras and the fans who were standing behind them.

"Is Paula here?" Kate asked, her voice barely audible over the roar of the crowd to their side.

Rick leaned closer and nodded, "I'm sure she's inside. She can only handle so many pictures before she threatens to rip a photographer to pieces."

Kate smirked. She knew the feeling.

"How angry is she going to be at us?"

"At us? Not very. She can't be too mad because I've already written the statement and my tech guy is ready to post it as soon as we get inside…" he smiled at her, "but at herself? That woman prides herself on knowing everything about my personal life. That we've been together four months and she hadn't realized? She'll be mortified."

Kate laughed slightly, imagining the look on the woman's face when she finds out.

Kate quickly scanned the crowd of people ahead of her. Natalie and Carson Phillips, the man playing Rook, were a few yards ahead of them. Natalie turned at that exact moment and saw them, sent a huge smile their way before turning back to the cameras, nudging Carson slightly and gesturing in their direction. Carson raised an eyebrow at the two of them, and Kate smiles back, watching as Carson laughs knowingly, winking at her before turning back to look at the cameras.

Nearly halfway done the walk, the two were led in front of a crowd of photographers and reporters.

"Are you two finally together?" she heard a reporter yell.

"Are you dating?"

"How long have you been a couple?"

She felt Rick lean into her, his breath tickling her ear as he spoke quickly.

"Quick, I think we've been discovered. And we were being so subtle! Abort, abort!"

She didn't try to stop to smile from spreading across her face. She pulled away from him slightly, to look at him, his eyes positively dancing and she really just couldn't help herself.

He was excited that this was happening - that now he could take her on dates and it wouldn't matter if anyone saw them; that he could hold her hand when they're walking down the street; show everyone just how much he loves her.

She lifted a hand to his cheek, saw his eyes flash in recognition a moment before he smiled at her.

This wasn't the plan. The plan was to show up together and then release the statement after the premiere.

But it didn't really look like he minded.

She leaned up the small distance and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. She heard the people behind her go wild, and she pulled away. She certainly hadn't expected that kind of reaction.

He didn't let her go far though, his hands tight around her waist and she bit her lip as she smiled at him, blushing slightly because he brings out that impulsive side of her – the one that wakes him up at 2 in the morning so she can have her way with him, and goes skinny dipping with him in the Hamptons, and apparently kisses him in front of hundreds of people with cameras.

"I love you," he mouths. He may have actually said it, but she couldn't hear it over the roar of questions being thrown at them.

"How long have you been together?"

"Is this your first official outing as a couple?"

"Are you in love?"