A/N: It's been a while since I watched the Committed episode, but this little idea has been floating around in my head for days/weeks. Started out as a simple one-shot but I had so much fun with it I just kept going. Completely pointless, fluff. But hopefully a fun read.

Chapter 1 - Questions

Sitting here across from him, her heart ached for the mess she'd gotten him into. He didn't deserve to go out like this. He wouldn't even be here if it weren't for her and her do-anything-for-a-story-attitude. His hung head swayed slightly; he wasn't quite out from the last round of electricity that her lie caused to course through his body.

"I asked you a question," came the maniac's voice from the shadows. She shuddered. Clark raised his head to look at her. She looked so defeated. He wanted to kill this maniac. The various green glowing specs around the room told him that might be more difficult than he could imagine. He didn't care; he would kill him for what he's doing to her.

"I'll ask you one more time," the maniac said slowly. Lois' eyes never moved from Clark. "Do you love this man?"

Clark met Lois' gaze. She looked so broken. He felt for her. She looked so afraid and he knew she must feel guilty for the current situation.

"It's okay, Lois," Clark said, eyes only for her.

"Answer me!" The maniac screamed, and then regaining his composure, continued, "Do you love him?" Lois' eyes never left Clark's.

"Yes," she whispered. Clark, confused, braced himself for the shock; when it didn't come, he was more confused and breathed out, "Lois."

The maniac clapped and giddily laughed, "Well done, well done."

"And you?" He began, shifting to Clark, "Do you love this woman?" Lois' eyes dropped from Clark for the first time.

"Lois?" Clark pleaded; he needed her to look at him.

"I'm waiting," the maniac raised his voice. But Lois still wouldn't look at Clark. She couldn't, not now, not when he didn't love her back.

"Lois, please?" Clark begged.

But Lois just shut her eyes tighter as the maniac yelled "Answer!"

"Yes!" Clark boomed and he watched Lois' whole body tense as if waiting for the worst. She didn't believe him? How could she not know?

Realizing the pain wasn't coming, her eyes flew open to search Clark's face. But he was staring violently at the maniac now, his face red with anger and his body soaked with sweat.

"Awesome. Truly awesome," the maniac said with glee. Lois kept looking from Clark to the maniac and back again. "On to phase two," he said cryptically, pulling a gas mask over his face.

The smell hit their senses before the smoke filled the room. Calling weakly to each other, everything went dark.