Chapter 8 - Superman

Each quiet moment they spent together at work, when they weren't chasing down leads and he wasn't off performing saves, they fidgeted uncomfortably and tried to keep the other from catching them staring. The tension, of the good variety, was building between them constantly, so much so that even their now regular evening make-out sessions weren't soothing it at all. But each of those make-out sessions always ended before the main course, either being interrupted by an emergency or a phone call or a story or the need for food. They were reveling in each other but both seemed a little hesitant to go further. And neither talked about their feelings previously-declared under threat of electrocution.

That all changed one night when Lois was late for a planned dinner at the farm and he couldn't reach her on her cell.

He knew she'd had a source meeting that afternoon, one he didn't go to with her because he was otherwise detained. But, realizing he hadn't heard from her since, he decided to go out looking for her, searching Metropolis for her heart beat. Honing in on her beacon, frantically beating, he knew she was in danger. He rounded a corner just in time to see a body falling from the sky, or rather the roof of about a mile away from the Planet. In an instant, he'd caught her mid-air and whooshed her back to the farm. She stared at him wide-eyed as he placed her gingerly on the couch. And then he was gone.

A few minutes later he was back again, having plucked the would-be assassin from the rooftop and delivered him, knocked-out and hog-tied with a note of confession pinned to his chest in front of Metro PD.

He was rubbing her arms and looking her over for wounds of any sort, while she just sat wide-eyed still. Finally, her silence worrying him further, he asked intently, "Are you ok?"

"You flew!" She blurted out. It was all she could think to say.

"Yeah," he said dismissively, "Lois, you almost died. Are you ok?" He was genuinely worried that he should have taken her directly to the hospital.

As if reading his mind, she said, "I'm fine. And I don't need a doctor! Clark! You flew!"

He sighed with relief and exasperation on her seemingly one-track-mind. "Yes. I flew."

"When? How?" She began throwing questions at him and he looked a bit like a deer caught in headlights. She took a deep breath and said, "Why didn't you tell me you figured out how to fly?"

"I didn't," he said quickly and when she furrowed her brow he continued. "I didn't figure anything out. I just flew. I had to. For you."

Suddenly she was kissing him frantically, arms tightly around his neck, and he was kissing her back with as much fervor. He pushed her back to lie on the couch and positioned himself almost hovering over her, their mouths never separating.

She moved to adjust herself underneath him and her thigh brushed his now hard cock. He moaned into her mouth and moved an arm down to cup behind one of her knees and pull it up around him, giving him better access to press himself against her. The more passionate the kiss became, the more he grinded against her and she him. They both were panting wildly now as shirts were ripped off and thoughtlessly discarded. He raised up on his hands to look at her below him, her face flush, her lips red and plump, her breasts peeking out from under a thin lace bra. He dove his head to her chest and began licking between her still bra-clad breasts.

"Clark," she practically moaned his name. He raised up to look at her again, pushing himself against her once more. Knowing they were reaching the point of no return, he forced the words to come out of his mouth, "Lois, if you're not ready …"

But she raised up and kissed him to cut him off. Pulling him back down to her, she mumbled something. He released her mouth and looked deeply into her eyes.

"I almost died today Smallville. What are we waiting for?"

That was all the assurance he needed. He captured her lips once more before working his way done her body. Lifting her up and straddling her on his lap, he unclasped her bra in the back as she tugged at his hair. When his tongue found one of her nipples, she squealed in delight and he laughed onto her breast.

"Hush," she said, lightly popping the back of his head. Moving her hips with his hands to increase the friction between them, he licked and sucked and bit at one breast and then the other. She moaned and groaned and pleaded for more.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and stood them up, still placing soft kisses all along her chest. She was even more turned on by how he effortlessly handled her. He supersped them upstairs and fell back on the bed with her on top of him. She whispered something about being dizzy and he flipped her over underneath him. Moving his mouth further down her body, he continued to massage her breasts, effectively holding her in place. When he reached the top of her pants, he stilled for a second and then slid back up to look in her eyes.

He just kept looking at her and she started to squirm under his gaze. A bit breathless, she asked, "What? What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said, drinking in her face. "Everything's perfect." He paused again and then said, "I love you."

"Oh." She couldn't help the smile that took over her face and he couldn't help but smile back when she said, "I love you too."

Dipping his head slightly, he gingerly enveloped her lips in his and swiftly but gently ridded her of her pants. She didn't even know when he'd taken his off as well but he was pushing himself into her now and she moaned into his mouth. Their slow, gentle rhythm increased as they both panted and kissed and moaned until each was screaming with delight. Once she'd ridden her ecstasy out and he'd emptied himself into her, he slumped to the side and pulled her over to rest on top of him.

Neither said anything for a few moments until Clark began whispering, "I love you so much. So much, so much, Lois." He was rambling a bit which was more her style and she chuckled atop him.

"What?" he said, raising her up a bit. She kissed him gently and said "We can't wait as long to do that again," with a smirk.

Still inside her, he began to grow again and he was an eyebrow at her. Feeling him rise within her, she giggled and said "careful, or I'll start calling you superman."

He grinned widely before pulling her to him and rolling them over again.