Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: sparkle. Alternate ending to Live Free or TwiHard. POV: Vamp!Dean

Possible spoiler for: Live Free or Twi-Hard

Word Count below the Line:100 on the nose, as always.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural. This is for entertainment only, and not for profit

2nd Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by Vamp!Dean are his and his alone and are not shared by this author.

I miss looking at myself in the mirror. At least I don't have to shave anymore. The dumb bitches I lure in say I'm "pretty".

Pretty. I hate that friggin' word.

Lisa and me hunt together most nights. Ben tags along, to watch. What he did to his home room teacher was a classic. Kid's a fast learner, like Sam was at that age.

Speaking of which, I need to pay Soulless Sasquatch a visit. Soon. We got some brotherly things to discuss.

Don't believe the hype, folks. Sunlight bothers us just a little.

And I don't sparkle. Never did.