(A/N: I wasn't going to work on this mini-series until later this month but I've had free time lately. This story takes place in the medieval-ish era of the Pokémon Anime series, which would be about over a thousand years ago; when the Aura Guardians were abundant in numbers. And for those of you who've been reading my "Giovanni Chronicles Saga", this story does fall within that timeline as well, and will also establish the setup for the third installment in the series. This short story will consist of fifteen chapters. Don't expect to understand the situation of this opening scene; it was purposely written to be vague and hopefully suspenseful.)

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The Enigma Chronicles - Sedition

Chapter 1: The First of Seven

The rounded baby blue eyes of the mystic tree's anomaly fell open; footsteps were approaching, rapidly and without any indication of hesitancy. The tree's trusted keeper repeatedly fluttered its sleepy orbs and, in one swift motion, descended from its hidden niche above the glistening energy source of the tree, staying out of sight from the unknown invader. It agilely levitated behind a cluster of rooted crystals and peaked through the gap in between. Tilting its head slightly to the right, it squinted its eyes for a more vivid visual of the figure.

The human, middle-aged man was of imposing build, yet opulent posture, and was clothed in the flaunting red garments of prodigious monarch. The man sported a mustache and goatee of distinct platinum gold, and his head of hair, very short and worn in a Caesar cut, was just as spotless blonde. His eyes of golden ember, however, carried the most intimidating impression; they were always intent and focused, no matter the environment.

The squatter of Mew's domain was none other than King Eldar of Cardinal Castle. The phantom Pokémon recognized him as the belated heir of the highly secluded kingdom that dwelled in the outskirts of the mountain diapason. And for mysterious purposes, he would often visit the great tree and explore its crystal-ridden entrails, almost as though he were hunting for something of value.

Cradling a bundle of shabby cloth in his arms, Eldar didn't seem to notice Mew as he slowly approached the tree's energy source; The Cavern of Light, the name given to Tree of Beginning's foundation, sheltered a vertical shaft of sunlight, provided by the Legendaries themselves to maintain the tree's natural functions. After all, the tree was a living organism, and the blue crystals scattered about the ancient home absorbed their energy from that same shaft of sunlight. It was means of distributing various nutrients throughout the divine and living rock formation.

From a safe but close enough distance, Mew looked on curiously as Eldar knelt before the shaft of light and discarded the blanketing rags from the treasured possession in his arms. However, bizarrely enough, the possession turned out to be but a mere infant boy, no older than a week. A powerful sensation riddled up the Pokémon's spine, a sensation of power that Eldar had yet to detect for himself.

The peasant child placed upon the rigid ground at the king's feet wailed and writhed with no self-restraint! These bewitching surroundings, they brought on a frightening impression that this poor newborn couldn't seem to tolerate.

Frowning, Eldar mustered the child closer to his knees and began stroking the baby's spiky mess of jet-black hair. Afterward, he elevated his eyes to the shaft of light pouring down from the roof of the massive cavern; it was not reacting to the child's presence as he had predicted. This only meant one thing. "He is not one of the seven.", Eldar thought to himself, slightly disappointed by this most unfortunate outcome. "He is not one of True Guardians of Aura. I was mistaken, all along."

Still lingering in its hiding spot, Mew telepathically traced the king's private thoughts and, at that moment, understood the situation; Eldar was apparently convinced that the boy possessed the gift of wielding Aura and had brought the child to the tree to attest his omen. But the tree, however, was showing no response to the poor soul's presence. Nonetheless, Mew kept a close eye on the scene!

And at that moment, a ground surrounding Eldar and the infant boy had shifted upward in one swift and sudden movement! Three oversized braille Pokémon, whom were known as the guardian Regi trio, popped out from beneath the surface of the stone cavern!

Eldar immediately recognized these innate beings; the three legendary golems were originally constructed by their king, Regigigas, to serve as additional guardians of the Tree of Beginning and to extinguish those not worthy of passing through the sacred dominion!

Realizing that the golems had arrived solely to exterminate the giftless child, Eldar stood up and slowly backed away from imminent bloodbath. "You'll be with your mother and father soon.", He hummed in a feigned show of remorse, speaking in the distinct Old English dialect of his Kingdom. "And soon, I'll locate the True Guardian of Aura." With those words spoken, he carefully watched the boy cry out in terror as Regi trio moved in to attack!

Mew knew all too well that the newborn would not be able to defend himself! Camouflaging itself to blend in with its environment, Mew made a dash for the cavern's sunlight source, unseen, and merged with the tree's sacred energy to grant the peasant boy the power he needed to protect himself!

The florescent shaft suddenly emitted a blinding flash just as Mew impaled the spectrum! Eldar lifted his head to the source of the infraction and a smile formed from the corners of his lips! He shielded his eyes from the blast of sunlight and waited for the transaction to reach completion.

As soon as it ended, Eldar lowered his armed and looked on in awe; the tree's sunlight shaft had returned to its primary flow... but the boy, still encircled by the approaching golems, was now immersed in a gaseous shimmer of light! And the various crystal formations that infested the cavern were also illuminating that same glow!

The infant boy opened his mouth and let out an elongated squeal, and the air around him erupted into a massive shockwave of Aura, which instantly launched the golems afar in one brutal sweep!

"Ah, an Aura Pulse!" The king's plotting smile broadened to one unrecognizable; all along, he had been aware of Mew's presence, thus inciting the perfect trap. He turned his head to find the golems retreating beneath the ground, and a mocking rush of laughter escaped his lips! Afterward, he moved in towards the child, whom was no longer radiating that baffling energy. He stood over the still infant, noticing the drastic shift in his features; he was calm and grinning, moreso than an indulged baby should. "So, you do posses the gift!"

"It's just as I told you, Eldar.", The soft and almost angelic voice of a young woman sounded from behind.

Eldar spun on his heel to find a shroud of black tendrils vegetating from the thin air in front of him.

From the corridor within, a slender figure in a jumpsuit and a eerie doll mask appeared. Behind her, the time-travel fairy itself flurried in tow, still retaining that peculiar pink skin texture and eyes that appeared lifeless and spellbound. These two savages usually spelt trouble, given their ability to disrupt the very fragile nature of time and space. "His Aura has been unlocked.", The doll-faced woman continued, pointing towards the child. "A sacred gift from the Legendaries, I suspected as much. And he is one of the chosen seven."

Eldar raised a brow to her. "You're certain?"

She remained perfectly still as she spoke. "If you don't believe me, let fate decide. The end result will always be the same. I know all that there is to know" Her nearly suppressed tone still managed to hold a carefully structured armor of confidence, one that surpassed his own in nearly every aspect.

Eldar found it cocky in deeper meaning, however. She knew things that he did not. And she could predict his every move, thought, and crafted intention. Yet, he maintained his composure. He cared little for the time-traveler's services, whether they be beneficial or paradoxical. "So be it.", He spoke as glanced down again to his prodigy to be. "The Guardians of Emerald Kingdom should be the ones to care for him. He belongs to their faction, after all. And raising him myself would only attract their suspicions, so I'll have to tend to matters... delicately."

The woman nodded. "Then go about the most consequent intentions. We can't afford to fail the prophecy. None of us can."

"Don't patronize me, woman.", Eldar warned her in a low growl. Judging by his tone, he was still a bit skeptical of all this, despite the scene that had just unfolded in front of him only minutes ago.

The masked woman folded her hands behind her back, her tone still as steady yet affectionate as ever. "So, you still doubt that the blood of the boy is among the chosen?" She sighed, waving him off with her hand in a slight brushing motion. "Like I said, the future is written... but only if you play your part. And I've already played mine." She then threw a hard glance to the subject itself, her eyes concealed by the black sockets of the white mask plastered over her visage. "As for Aaron, his fate is inflexible to our influence."

Eldar merely shook his head. "Then why must you impose on a time and place unbelonging to you?"

"Me? Impose?" A harmony of sweet laughter played from under her haunting disguise. "You have it all wrong, Eldar. I'm only here to make sure things run as smoothly as possible." Lifting her arms, the black tendrils of the dark portal summoned by her Celebi reappeared beyond her shoulder. "But my presence here has expired, so I'm afraid I can't stick around for the fun." The woman bowed to the king, which was almost a sarcastic gesture, and slowly receded into the time portal.

With that, the king in red robing watched as the witch of the future and her Celebi vanished in flow with the black essence that consumed them at once!

"Don't even think to spurn my warning.", Her voice echoed out to him from nowhere in particular. "It'll be the first mistake you ever make. Count on it."

"'First?'" Another smirk brightened King Eldar's features! "So, the future truly DOES serve in my favor." He spared the child of Aura one last examination as his throat rumbled with sinister laughter. "Try to at least make these next few decades interesting, young Aaron. It's the least you could do for me!" With his task achieved, he carried the future guardian out from the tree's interior cavern, leaving the power-expended Mew to look on to the king's hasty exit, both distraught and afflicted.


(Next Chapter: Twenty-two years will have passed. Seeds of war will be planted... and only Sir Aaron will be able to sense the disturbance that threatens his kingdom.)