a/n [For my best friend readingisamazing because she'd probably kill me if I didn't write this.]

It never occurred to me how pointless a god of funerals is. I mean, what did the Egyptians actually need one for? To pray that nothing bad would happen? The person was already dead, how much worse could it get? And since they did get a bloody god of funerals, why give him a jackal head? I'm pretty sure Carter could tell you why, but it's not about the actual science to it or whatever. (Did the Egyptians even have science?) But that's not important, why a jackal, a dog, a- well, it's actually kind of cute.

Whatever the reason the Egyptians came up with (or probably made up), I'm just glad they made the god of funerals good looking. And a great dancer. And with beautiful eyes. And- I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'm currently sitting in one of the many, many random rooms in the House of Life. Well, actually I'm not sitting; I'm trying (and failing) at balancing on my head. To the side of the room Anubis watches me amused.

Yes, Anubis. That good looking, but pointless god of funerals I mentioned earlier. Oh, and don't ask me why he's here. Claims he just wanted to see me, but I can tell there has to be something more to it. Stupid funeral gods with their bloody secrets.

I place myself upright and sit on the floor with my legs crossed. "So," I announce after a bit of awkward silence and us just looking at each other. "Any actual reason why you're here?"

"I can't just come to see you?" he asks once again.

"No." I think about it. It's nice and all, but I want a bit more. You don't just come over to a girl's house bearing no gifts! Hey, that's a good idea. "Did you bring me anything?"

He looks at me annoyed. It's rather sweet how he puts up with me. Eventually he sighs, realizing that I don't care if he brought a gift, just that I want (and more precisely need) a gift. After a bit of thinking he walks over to where I'm seated and hands me something. It's also best you don't ask me where that something came from; hopefully he didn't just mentally rob a shop.

I look at the gift. At first it seems to be a silver chain, but soon I notice a heart locket attached. I shift my hands so it becomes untangled and turns to its true form, a necklace.

"Here," Anubis says, and reaches over to grab the two ends of the chain. I pull my hair over my shoulder and he attaches the ends. I let my hair loose again, and take a look at it. Anubis clicks open the locket, and I see a picture of us together. Hmm, I don't remember taking that picture.

"Are you satisfied now," he asks after closing the charm back up.

"No," I respond. He looks at me so exasperated I do all that I can to not burst out laughing. "One more gift will do."

"Really, Sadie? Can't you-" He doesn't get to even finish his sentence (the poor boy… err, god) because I cut him off with a kiss. Lucky for him, he doesn't try and keep talking. I would've knocked him over the head for that. Instead he just pulls me in closer. Maybe a god of funerals isn't as pointless as I thought.