Hay people my writing is not the best at all, but I try. I was doing nothing and started writing a little something on Frank & Rachel. Please excuse any mistakes I may have made hope you like it. Idk if I will be writing more on it I guess it just depends.

Rachel said, "Baby why do we need her she does nothing for me she just pays attention to you and the boys."

Rachel you told her she was your enemy, and to stay the hell away from you. So what you expect her to do? That was at our after party I was a little drunk. You are Rachel .M. Farmer everyone know not to fuck with you. Oh yeah well you did. I know, and I still paying, for it with this hole till death do us part thing. ''Really Frank'' Rachel said, looking at him?

Frank just laugh at her and tried to kiss her, but she wouldn't late him. ''Baby I was just playing'' Frank said, holding her from behind. She turns her head and kisses him and said, but ''Frank she still is not a good assistant'' Well give her some time to get to know you better. Rachel looks at him, and replies with how should I do that? I don't know go shopping with her or, go for a walk maybe it got to be something'' Frank said, kissing her neck. ''Okay baby I guess we can go shopping''.

The next day Rachel goes to find Lisa her so called assistant. She finds her which TV with the boys. ''Hay babies'' mommy Justin said, jumping off the couch to run to Rachel. Justin is three years old and much loved. Oh My God you look more and more like your daddy each day. Rachel said, with a big smile on her face Justin just smiled, and hugs her. ''So what are we doing today mom'' Fletcher asked still looking at the TV.

Oh nothing really, but I think your dad is taken you guys out somewhere today. Why don't you and Justin go find him, and find out? ''Okay mom'' Fletcher got his little brother and when to find Frank.

So Lisa…. STOP right there I know what you are about to say. Lisa said, ''Oh you do''? Yes you are about to tell me to stay away from your kids right? ''Well I was just about to ask you if you want to go shopping with me'' Lisa was very shocked but didn't want go. Lisa said, Can I ask who all going. ''Just you, me and the bodyguards Frank will not late me go nowhere without them''. Oh well you know I have a lot to do around here. Therefore, I better pass. Rachel didn't believe a word of it she really thought it was BS. Then Frank walk in the room coming right up behind Rachel, she had no idea that he was there. But she did notice that Lisa had started staring really hard. Rachel just had to ask ''what you are staring at''

Maybe she is looking at how beautiful, you are looking today. Frank said, put his hands around her waist. Baby! Rachel said, with a big smile on her face I didn't hear you come in. Yes guess what! What? ''I and the boys are going shopping with you'' Since when do you like shopping. Rachel asked looking at Lisa still staring at her husband. I don't, but Justin want new toys, and Fletcher wants this new game so we just going out with you. Okay baby they kiss and Frank goes up stairs. Rachel is getting ready to leave the room. Then Lisa said, but ''you know maybe I can go with you'' Rachel thinks for a moment and then said, ok fine.

Rachel goes up stair to find Frank. He in the room with Justin they are picking toys out in the toy book. ''Hay you guys ready to go'' Rachel said, coming in the room? Yes mommy! Okay go get Fletcher and meet us down stairs. Justin ran out to find Fletcher. Frank asked, so what did she say to going shopping? Rachel look at him well before you said, you was going she didn't want go, but when said you was she was all game. ''Maybe she just changes her mind she can do that you know''

''Yes and maybe she got the hot for someone she can't have'' Oh come on Rachel really? You didn't see the way she was looking at you! No I didn't because I was too busy looking at you. ''Whatever Frank she just better not try anything''

At the mall Frank and boys go their way Lisa tries to follow, but Rachel not having it? NO NO NO! ''You are stay with me today Rachel said pulling her along''''So where do you like to shop'' Rachel asked, looking around the mall. Oh anywhere is fine with me Lisa said, looking out the window of the store. She spots Frank, and the boys going in to a game store, and said you know it really nice that Frank takes care of Fletcher like he is his real son.

Rachel stops and said Frank is his really father. Oh you know I mean by DNA Lisa said still looking out the window. Fuck DNA Frank been there, for him and all. ''I understand you'' Lisa said, I wish I could find a guy like Frank. Rachel was starting to get a lot of animosity to this girl. ''Also Frank's epitome for the boys, kids need a strong man in their life's'' Yeah that my man Rachel said, looking crazy at her. Lisa said, ''you better hold on to him for someone tries to take him'' Rachel said, ''okay I don't feel like shopping no more so late just leave'' Rachel find Frank and the boys and said I ready to go. Wait mommy I have to get my toys! Okay baby you can get your toys Rachel said to Justin. Babe what wrong we just got here? ''Frank I trying save her from an ass beating'' What? Never mind.

''So what are you doing to night'' Lisa ask Frank oh nothing. How about you? ''Oh the same thing you know how it is'' Rachel saw her and cut in to her small talk, and said can you watch the boys real fast it one store I do want go to. Lisa said, ''okay it give me and Frank some time to talk''. Rachel said, ''Oh no Frank coming with me'' Frank said, I am. Yes! Rachel said pulling his arms. ''Babe I good you go on the bodyguard will follow you'' NO Rachel whined I only going, in this store if you come with me. ''Why what store is this''? What store start with a V ends with a secret? Frank beat her to the door ''come on I been trying to get you there all week'' Rachel smile she knew that would do it. ''Lisa we will be back shortly'' Lisa looked kind of sad she could help it she had taken a likening to the man and his kids just not Rachel.She watches Rachel and Frank walk hand in hand to the store it almost made her cry.

In the limo Rachel sat very adjacent to Frank she put her arms around him and laid her head on his chest making sure Lisa saw that Frank was her man. Lisa got the message, but she didn't really care what Rachel think she just care what Frank think.

Back at the house Rachel and Frank are in their room. Rachel is model off some lingerie that Frank bought her. ''Now I just love that one on you, try this one on now'' Frank saidHe walk in Victoria Secret, and got all he wanted and more. Rachel didn't really mind she loved Frank&Rachel time.''Okay, but you got pick one for tonight'' Rachel said change in the bathroom to the other one Frank want to see her in. How about one for right now Frank said, walking in the bathroom

''Nope get back'' Rachel said, holding her arms over her chest. Really! ''You can look all you want just don't touch'' ''Came on Rachel did we say we was going to started working on baby three'' ''we are tonight just wait babe tonight going to be special'' Rachel said, with her arms around his neck.

''Okay babe'' Frank said, giving her a hug. ''I love you so much'' Rachel said, ''I love me too''

Rachel push him away ''just playing babe''

''When did you get so dam playful'' Rachel yelled, It was a joke Rachel. ''Never joke when you tell me you love me.'' What wrong with you?'' Frank asked, unsure why she was upset then he saw a tear fall from her eye.

''Rachel talk to me what wrong with you I never seen you like this?'' They are sitting side by side on the bed Rachel moves a little closer to Frank. ''Baby I sorry….I just been so emotional lately''

''Is this about Lisa because if it is then she can go?'' No Frank I know deep down inside you don't want her, the girl just makes me mad because she doesn't respect what we have.

''What makes you think she don't respect what we have?''

''Well for starters when I hired her she ask, me who was the sexy guy by the pool?'' Guess what she was talking about you. Frank smile and said, so

So nothing Frank when I said, you where my husband she started laughing. Frank said, ''Laughing for what'' she said she thought I was joking

''And today at the mall she could not stop looking at you. Also, she told me to hold on to you before someone tries to take you.

''That cute in away, but no one go to take me away from you'' I love you too much too late that happen Rachel. Rachel smile, and kiss him and said baby I know, he kiss her back and it was not long before he was on top of her.

He was kissing her everywhere and, said ''baby I so ready to make another baby with you'' Well Frank…..Rachel said try to talk but Frank just started kiss her lips. Frank wait! She had to push him off her because he was going crazy. Baby just wait a moment I think I'm already pregnant.