The End Of The Crazy Road

Everything in the children room's was trashed somebody was not happy about what they found. Rachel was on the floor picking up her son things. Frank was trying to understand who could get in to their home, who knew all the password to the door. He knew what Rachel was thinking she was not saying much now, but he knew she be going off any time around now.

Rachel: Who in the hell other then her Frank! She has did it now when I see her I'm going to kill her.

Frank: Ok Ok come down Rachel.

Rachel: (Mad) Oh No you come the hell down Frank, you think this shit is ok? What if the kids where here what than? Huh Frank? Tell me!

As she keeps going off Frank sees what looks like a shadow running down the stairs. He started to run after it, but he stop once Rachel said "Don't walk away from me Farmer"

Frank: Rachel God dam it! Look I believe you and hear you. Now you hear me I think I just saw her run down the stars.

Rachel: Good this is about to end now!

Frank: No I'm not about to let you get hurt go somewhere and hide.

Rachel: What no I don't want you getting hurt so I staying with you.

Frank: Baby I love you please do as I say

Rachel: But Frank! (Just then they hear something again)

Frank: Rachel please go! (Frank runs out to go find Lisa)

Rachel was not just about to go somewhere and this thing was between her and Lisa. Rachel when to her room called the only person she could think of and that was Taylor.

Taylor: Hello

Rachel: Hi Taylor this is Rachel I just want you to know that your sister is trust passing in my home, and she better hope my husband finds her before I do cause this time I going for the kill.

Taylor: Please don't hurt her I'm on my way.

Rachel: I'm sorry but (Just then she hears a gun shot go off she drops the phone) Frank! (She takes off running)

Down Stairs Monica and Corbin walk in to the sound of a gun shot

Monica: Rachel Frank!

Corbin: Guys are you alright? (Rachel runs down the stairs)

Rachel: Frank! Frank where are you?

Monica: (ran to Rachel) Come down where is Frank?

Rachel: I don't know Monica I have to find him!

Corbin: Why you two didn't stay together?

Rachel: Because he want me to go and hide, and now he maybe hurt I have to find him. (Rachel said pulling away)

Corbin: Rachel its going to be okay I sure Frank is fine.

They go off looking for him but they find nothing its as if he was just gone. But down stairs Lisa has laid Frank down in the guest room he is unconscious. By the blast of Lisa's gun she didn't try to hit him it was just so dark she was thinking it was Rachel. He had been shot in his shoulder and their was a lot of blood at the end of the hall and on Lisa.

Lisa: Oh baby please be okay, I never want to hurt you well I never want to hurt any body I just wanted you me and the kids to be a family. Oh come on Frank I need you to make it.

In the the hallway

Monica: Oh my God is that blood?

Corbin: Dam please don't let that be Frank's blood.

Rachel: (Rachel could not even move right then) We got to find Frank. NOW!

Lisa heard them in the hall so she did what she had to do which was to leave.

Lisa: Oh Frank baby I so sorry I have to go and leave like this. Please whatever you do don't die okay. (Frank begin to wake as his eyes open) Oh My God Frank!

Frank: Rachel (he called out)


Out in the hall they all hear Lisa as Rachel and Monica run to the door. Corbin thinks fast he tells Monica he is going to find some help and to not let Rachel kill Lisa . He knew Frank had teach Rachel how to fully protect her self if need to and Monica was always ready to dance.

Rachel and Monica open the door

Rachel: Get the Hell alway from him!

Lisa: You I so fucking sick of you!

Lisa ran up on Rachel and they being to fight Monica ran over to see was Frank okay. But he was not looking to good at all.

Monica: Frank just hold on okay I going to get you help. Rachel!

Rachel: (She did not answer)

Monica: (Jumps between them) Now you two stop it Rachel Frank has been shot!

Rachel: What! ( She ran over to Frank) Frank! Frank!

Monica: I calling 911 (Monica runs out)

Rachel: Lisa what have you done?

Lisa: I did not mean to hit him, it was just so dark I could not see what I was doing.

Rachel: Frank please talk to me say something! (His eye wear on Rachel, but they started to roll to the back of his head) Frank Oh my God he is losing to much blood.

Lisa: Hold on I can help him!

Lisa ran in the bathroom and come out with things to help him, Rachel was worrying so much that she let Lisa try to help him.

Just then Monica ran in

Monica: What is she doing?

Rachel: She trying to help him!

Monica: Don't you think that professionals should do that!

Rachel: Monica please! (She looks at Lisa) She wont hurt him, will you?

Lisa: No

Monica: Um Hello Rachel she shot him!

Lisa: I was not trying to okay!

Monica: Who the hell you yelling at?

Lisa: Look this is not the time!

Monica: All I think it is cause as soon as...( She gets cut off)

Frank: Rachel!

Rachel: Frank I here baby I here! (She takes his hand) Don't worry help is on the way, you just relax okay!

Frank: Why am I in so much pain?

Rachel: Baby you were shot, and for a moment I was thinking I was going to lose. But Lisa help you and now your looking a little better.

Frank: I told you she was not that bad. (a moan sound of pain came from Frank)

Rachel: Just relax!

Lisa: Wow you must really mean a lot to him.

Monica: Nawl they just fucking buddys.

Rachel: Knock it off Monica! (The door bell ring) Monica go see who that is!

Monica: (Opens the door) Look woman we have had a crazy night can I help you?

Taylor: Please is my sister here?

Monica: Who is your sister?

Taylor: Lisa!

Monica: Yeah that crazy bitch shot my best friend's husband!

Taylor: What were is she?

Monica: In her old room, kiss and hug her now sweetie because she going to the big house.

Taylor follows Monica to the room

Taylor: Lisa what have you done.

Lisa: Taylor!

Rachel: Monica

Monica: Yes now that everybody knows each others name.

Rachel: Monica cut the bull Frank needs help now!

Just then the bell ring again it was Corbin he when and got the help that was need Lisa was handcuffed and put in the back of the car. Frank was taken to the hospital.

At the hospital

Nurse: Mam please come down we are doing the best we can.

Rachel: No I want him to have the best!

Nurse: And just who are you to him?

Rachel: I am his wife!

Nurse: (Laughing)

Monica: Um what the hell so funny?

Nurse: Oh you were for real.

Rachel: Oh not as real as this ass beat you about to get.

Monica: Girl we will fuck you up.

Corbin: And I will let them.

Nurse: Um Security

Monica: Don't nobody care you calling Security!

Security: What is the problem?

Nurse: These two lady are...(Security cuts her off)

Security: OH My God your Rachel Marron! I Love You and may I say you look great!

Rachel: Well thank you, but right now I just worry about my husband they took him back their and they wont let me see how he is doing or who working on him.

Security: Oh I will get you and your friends back their.

Rachel: Oh thank you I got you whatever you want I will make it happen.

They saw the doctor and he was the best he told Rachel that Frank was doing fine and that he will make a full recover. She gives Monica and Corbin a hug then goes in to see Frank. The doctor had said he was awake and asking for his wife.

In the room with Frank

Rachel: Hi baby

Frank: Hay sexy how you do in?

Rachel: I should he asking you that.

Frank: What happen I don't recall a thing.

Rachel: Well I don't know what happen really, but Lisa shot you.

Frank: Really?

Rachel: Yeah, she said she didn't mean to she was thinking it was me.

Frank: Better me then you. You didn't get hurt did you?

Rachel: No we got into a fighting and Monica broke us up.

Frank: You don't look like you got to fighting.

Rachel: I know, but she did.

Frank: Where is she now?

Rachel: Out of are hair baby. (She gave him a long kiss on the lips, she laid right next to him in the bed and they talk until Frank told Rachel to sing him to sleep and she did just that)