Part two of Somniphobia, ya'll should go check it out if you haven't.

Just another little plotless story.

Hope ya'll like it.

Morning was Dick Grayson's favorite time of day. He loved listening to the sound of birds as they chirped, so alive and happy. A new song everyday, a slightly different melody, a slightly different day.

The sun is calm in the morning, the breeze is steady. A gently stream of light rolling through the blinds from the widow.

Not ready to open his eyes, or wake up completely, he listens to the water running in the bathroom. He can smell the sweet scent of soap as the steam rises from the crack in door. Jason is awake, he always wakes up before Dick does.

Dick can visualize the water slipping down Jason's broad shoulders, the drops roll down his heavy chest, and feverishly cascade around his elegant hips and powerful thighs.

The water shuts off, and a few seconds later Jason stepped out into the bedroom with nothing but a slightly damp towel on. He smiled to himself as he noticed that Dick is still sleeping, he watches the man's slow breathing and remembers how loud those lungs can scream when aroused.

Quietly, Jason walked around the bed, and gave Dick a light kiss on the lips before going to the kitchen to begin cooking breakfast. Dick let out a breath at the fluttering touch to his lips, almost ready to wake up.

Jason rummaged around the dishwasher searching for his coffee pot, and other utensils to use to make breakfast. He does not think his cooking is all that great, but Dick always seems to disagree with him on that subject. He empties the ash tray out in the trash bin, and as he sets it aside he turns on the sink.

At hearing the facet of the kitchen sink hum on, Dick decided he had spent enough time half asleep and he better wake up. Lazily he stood up, dragging his feet down the hall to the kitchen. Jason was rinsing the coffee pot.

Jason pretended not to notice the acrobat as he sneaked a hug from behind. He peeked over his shoulder and glanced at his sleepy eyed lover. "Morning, Dickie-bird." he said teasingly, "You have a good sleep?"

Jason was quite fond of mornings as well, but not for all the same reasons Dick did. Yeah, he enjoyed the sound of the bird as they chirped outside the apartment, and the sight of the sun as it sprouts its rays lighting up the sky. He knew what it was like to be dead, what it was like to go to asleep and think – was think even the right word? He knew what it was like to fall asleep and never wake up – and yet, he wakes up everyday from a sleep.

Once he was able to comprehend that he was alive, every time he fell asleep he was terrified that he would never wake up again. He became addicted to coffee and other forms of caffeine in the process, but Dick reached out to him. Showed him that it was okay to fall asleep, and that he'd always wake up in the morning.

Dick's eyes were always the best in the morning, they were a tad more brighter. More optimistic, excited, child-like and ready for the new day.

"Of course I did." Dick released Jason from the hug, and reached into the cupboards to take out a frying pan. "Did you?"

At first, Jason said nothing. He grasped Dick's shirt and pulled him into a kiss, "As long as you're next to me when I wake up."