Yay! so guys this is my first Hunger Games fic! I couldn't wait to get started when a few friends of mine requested it. I understand that it's short but bear with me. It'll be good! Alright read it review it enjoy it thanks!

I'm nothing like most children my age. In fact I'm not their age at all, I won't age a day past sixteen. I will never have a care or worry.

Why? Because I won the Hunger Games. That's right I won the fifty first Hunger Games. How exactly? Well if you ask my 'parents' it's because of my wily personality. Because of my courage my drive to succeed. My will to live my love of life. My passion and whatever crap they can come up with.

If you ask my friends they'll tell you I'm agile. That I'm the fastest runner in my district. I'm sly and cunning. The boys will tell you that I was so beautiful the boys couldn't bear to ruin my face. At which point their girl friends will slap them senseless.

My teachers would say it was my quick sharp mind. Shopkeepers would say it's my compassion that through them off guard. People of the Capitol will tell you it was a given that I was just the only one who 'fit the bill' for victor my year.

My mentor and really the only one who mattered, would say that I had fire and drive. He would say I still had a hell of a ride in my life. His opinion was the only one that mattered to me though.

What, you may be asking now. What did you do? How did you win? What do you say made you win? Well I'll tell you I had no hope, because I didn't need it. I had no drive, no will, for I had no need for it. I knew from day one I was going to win.

How? Well because I'm one of the deadliest creatures on this planet.

What? You are asking by now. Well this is my story.