So Hiya, I know I haven't posted on this story in forever and for that I apologize you see I sadly, got my dads army genes that require me to finish things. So I'm going to give you all the answers to what happened so I can retire this story and focus on some other works that I think are better done than this.

I mary sued the crap out of this character and I didn't realize it for forty goddamned chapters so for that I am also sorry.

So what happens is they think she's dead but she isn't Haymitch doesn't know about her being alive but Mr. Everdeen gets Noelle and her unborn child to district thirteen where she gives birth to a little boy and a little girl. Skipping over to Mockingjay she runs into Haymitch where she is shocked to see him. Haymitch tells Katniss his history with Noelle and then Noelle shows him their children.

They both fight in the war she almost dies but doesn't, they go back to District twelve after wards and live happily ever after.

So the final chapter was her looking in the mirror and cutting her fucking long ass hair down to shoulders as a sign that she has grown up and matured.

Mary sue? Yes. Poor writing style and technique? Yes. Grammar? What grammar? This was not my best work

I have other works I'd like you to look at so you can, you know, not hate me as an author.

For those of you who like humor I have a story called "Hunger Games the Musical"

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For those of you who like Katniss captured by the Capitol not pregnant and M rated stories I have "Scream for Me"

And I just finished what I think is a good story, it's an AU called, "Darkfire"

I hope you'll check some of these out because they are a million and one times better than this. Thanks again for reading this. It really boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself to publish other works. This was really a practice round to me. So again thanks for your support. I love you with all my heart and am sorry this wasn't up to par with what I expect of myself.