Chapter 1:

Rumor Ed It.

Eddy's POV

It was just an ordinary school day for me. It's a good feeling for me to go to Peach Creek Middle School. I know what you're thinking, it's because I'll get a stupid career or even a minor job, or even college. I will never plan on any of those things. It's because of the tweeting pigeons I get to scam uniquely, now that's life.

However, unlike all those other days, I guess I can be careful. I have too much confidence to avoid misery and/or injury. Sockhead will get permission from the principal to make a fundraiser to the Make-A-Wish foundation. At the end of the day, we'll take out three quarters and give out the rest to the charity. That way, we're bound not to fail this scam/fundraiser.

I got dressed and grabbed my bucket, ready for the simplest yet first successful scam. I was riding my skateboard to school, and I did an ollie over the school stairs, later launching from there to the lockers. "What's up Double-D and Monobrow? I asked.

Edd's POV

There was Eddy, right in front of me, ready to get some quarters. I just stood there, staring at Eddy. Don't get me wrong, because I was confident. "Hey, Sockhead, why are you staring at me like that?" Eddy asked. I waited 30 seconds to answer, listening more to the unusual conversation between each student, it had something to do with the year of 1992.

"Eddy, I think we have another idea for an adventure up our sleeve." I have stated. Eddy was confused of what I said. "Let me explain a bit, I'm listening to weird conversations about some place in 1992." I explained. "Gravy, pizza, mashed potatoes, EGGY EGGS!" Ed randomly exclaimed. "We need to ask them what about 1992 they're talking about." Eddy ordered.

I couldn't believe how we can create an adventure by asking questions. I know a lot about 1992, the year of 20 years ago. Cartoon Network launched that year, the year Nick Arcade premiered, and the Mall of America opened that time. Wait just a minute; they mentioned the Mall of America in their talk.

Kevin's POV

Right now, I'm talking about how my parents met at the indoor theme park at the Mall of America. "Hey, Shovelchin, what are you talking about?" Eddy asked. "None of your business dork!" I exclaimed. I would never tell that stupid dork what's out of my mouth. "Kevin, tell him what you're talking about!" my fiancée Nazz commanded.

Anything I would do to keep my fiancé, even though those three stooges are dorks. "I'm talking about how my parents met in 1992, at Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America." I explained. He's probably not gonna know what's Camp Snoopy. "What's Camp Snoopy?" Eddy asked. This is gonna be a seemingly extremely long school day.

"It's Nickelodeon Universe before it was Nickelodeon Universe, themed on Snoopy." I explained some more. I'm finally done explaining to that dork, so I left. I bet Double-Dweeb knew; he's the most boring geek on Earth. And Ed…please do not get me there.

Ed's POV


Eddy's POV

I knew I was unwanted to Kevin, so I decided to find these mysteries myself without getting hurt. "If they won't like to tell us, then we'll find them out ourselves." I explained. "How will we manage to do that?" Edd asked. I knew he doubted we could build a time machine, but I knocked some spirit into him.

"Look, Sockhead, we can build a time machine, we just need you, the geek of the group." I inspired. "You're actually right, I can do it!" Edd exclaimed. We'll….

Ed's POV

More chicken!

Eddy's POV

ED, STOP MESSING WITH MY POV! You probably know that we'll work together.

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