Title: Radiant Heat
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: John/Matt or John, Matt (Drabble)
Rating: K+
Summary: John is a terrible patient.
Author's Notes: for the "Fever" prompt at sexy_right's LFODH Anniversary Challenge.


John's a terrible patient (so what else is new?), but Matt's just as stubborn. He's also sole arbiter of whether John's well enough to go back to work (current assessment: Hell no).

"I'll take aspirin, I swear." John's glassy-eyed promises mean nothing. Yesterday, he claimed to be Chinese.

Matt runs a damp cloth over John's face. "Give it time."

John sighs. "Keep the place safe?" he mumbles.

"Sure thing," Matt says. It and you.

He'll hang on until John's lucid and burning solely from the intensity that defines him.

After that, he'll make sure things between them reallyheat up.

- fin -