Locked up

Hey guys this my first story and I can't wait to hear what you guys think! I do NOT own any of the Hetalia characters they belong to the rightful owner in Japan.

Today was not his day.

There he was Matthew Williams.

On his way to jail.


How could this happen?

Well for starters, our dear sweet Matthew committed a crime, not just any crime though.


You see the victim turned out to be a close person to our main character but sadly he died.

So now we have a guilty Matthew on his way down to one of the nastiest prisons they have here in America.


Which stands for World Criminals Prison.

Matthew cringed as the black gates creaked with entry as the car he was in drove closer to the building.

"oh Maple..." Matthew whimpered and soon he was out the car and force into the prison.

An elderly man with muscles and many scars greeted them inside.

Welcome lad!" The man said to the Canadian as Matthew was now dressed out of civil clothes and into prison clothes. "It brings me joy to see a new face in my ward. Its been a long since the last one came." The man seemed to bring Matthew not at ease and it caused him a worry a bit. But he said nothing.

The man ushered him to the back of the building where more men just like the warden were carrying guns and weapons.

"You'll find here that everybody who comes here, stays here. There hasn't been a single breakout in my years of running this place." Although Matthew looked on, he could tell that some of the other prisoners were eying on him, knowing that he was fresh meat.

Soon they stopped at a cell with two others in there one sleeping and the other reading a book.

Matthew watched with interest to see if they noticed their arrival. To him they didn't which was fine but to the warden...

All of a sudden an iron baton was banging at the bars causing the sleeping man to jump and fell and the other to look up.

"Hey maggots!" The warden cried out opening the iron bar door, "New cell mate! Treat him nice and care and all other crap..." shoving Matthew inside the warden then close the door and leaned in. "I mean what I said before kid, people come in, but they don't come out." With he barked with laughter and strolled away leaving Matthew alone with the other two.

Matthew caustically looked behind him hoping that the others were back to what they were doing before but sadly the two faces with now looking at him.

"Um..." Matthew had no idea what to say... "Hi?"

The one reading with the book chuckled while the other groaned with boredom.

"Great..." The bored man drawled out "We have a bitch in our hands."

Matthew frowned at the comment but the other man smacked the first for it.

"Now Lovino be nice!" The man said while Lovino glared at the elder with annoyance but he continued.

"My name is Arthur Kirkland this is temper-loud mouth is my best friend Lovino Vargas." The Italian gave him a wave to which Matthew sent one back. Arthur looked at the boy again. "Now tell me chap, whats your name?"

Matthew was reluctant at first but said "Matthew Williams sir" The politeness at the end cause they other two men to laugh. Hard.

"Hahahaha you fucking think that this dick is the boss around here?" Lovino laughed clutching his sides and almost rolling other. Arthur was the same but kept his stance. Matthew blushed embarrassed that he screwed up on his first day. Arthur and Lovino sensed and calmed down after a while. Arthur noticed on how badly the boy was shaking and went into father mode. Lovino rolled his eyes and answered.

"Matthew come on now we didn't mean it. Look kid, the boss of this place is either the warden when he's around or the Bad Touch fucking idiot Trio." Arthur chuckled at the comment and joined in. "Yeah here in this prison, the criminals run the joint its the guards that keep us in line or so they say." Instantly Matthew went from being embarrassed to relief. "is everyone as nice as you?" Lovino quickly turned to the younger boy and glared at him. "What the hell's that supposed to mean? We may look nice but I can slit your throat within a second. Arthur," He pointed at the said man, "Can torture you can make you wish you were dead. Just because we like you doesn't mean that we like everybody" Arthur joined in "That's right lad, you can't go around here acting like innocent because there are people here who would kill you in a blink of an eye-"

"Or becomes somebody's bitch" Lovino finished looking away from them. Matthew stood frozen and slowly looked at the two killers. "Does this mean I'm a dead man?"

"Well right now cause you are a new face but...if you stick with us you'll be fine." Arthur answered sitting down at his bed. "Come hang with us kid, and you'll be better off." Lovino encouraged standing up and leaning against the bars. Matthew looked at the two men, then at the other cells pasted Lovino's back. Matthew didn't want to face the other criminals alone.

"Ok ill join you." Arthur's face turned from uncertainly to grinning.

"wonderful! For a minute there I thought you were going to say no."

Lovino rolled his eyes and was about to say something when a scream erupted from the walls of the prison. Matthew shot up frightened on what that sound was. Arthur grimaced and opened his arms up to the boy. Matthew at first wasn't sure but accepted the kindness and soon buried his head into the British's chest. Lovino turned away from the sound and looked over at the newcomer. "Listen Matthew , they say that this is the best prison but inside these walls is hell. Break a rule and you meet electric shock therapy." Matthew at this point was a bit confused on what he said but decided not to push it.

The rest of the morning was spent just hanging around talking to each other to see what dislikes, likes, favorites and so forth that they have. By the time this was through a buzzing sound came from the intercom and the iron gates opened by themselves.

"Lunch Time! Then 3 hour recces!" a voice broke through the intercom just as the inmates started to crowd to the lunchroom. Matthew followed Lovino and Arthur while trying to put on a brave face. By the time they reached the lunchroom almost everybody was either getting food or sitting down. Arthur walked off to get a table while the other two went to get food.

"H-Hey Lovino?" Matthew asked grabbing a tray.


Lovino growled watching fat man-ladies glob down food-like things on the trays. Picking up his full tray Matthew ran up to Lovino and kept close. "has anyone here died in prison before?"

Lovino looked at him oddly before sitting down once they reached the table and Arthur left for food. "Besides those that are here for life than...yeah we'd fights that ended with both guys dead on the ground." Matthew paled a bit and started to pick at his food. Suddenly a rough hand landed down in front of the table between the two inmates. Looking up Matthew saw an orange hair boy with black lines and a nasty look. "Oi! Lovino! This here's our table bitch!" Lovino glared at the interrupting man before replying "Fuck off Joe! No fatasses allowed!" "Joe" growled grabbing Lovino's jumpsuit and pulling him up to his feet. Lovino reeled back a fist and landed a blow onto the other man. Joe stumbled back and watched as Matthew helped Lovino to his feet. "So another bitch huh? Didn't know we had fresh meat!" Just as Joe was about to take a step forward a hand collided with his face once again. This time it sended the man back to the doors. Matthew stared as a tan man with emerald eyes stood where the giant was before. "Lo siseno but it seems as though you were feeling up what was mine." Joe groaned and fell back as his gang tried to wake him up. Matthew looked at the tan man before turning to see Lovino's reaction who had become quiet. "L-lovino?" Matthew questioned and watched as the said man stomped up to the tan man and punched him in the stomach. "Bastardo! Took you long enough!" The man chuckled and draped an arm over Lovino's shoulders. "Ah mi amor you always have a strong hand." Than he doubled over in pain and slowly walked to the table. Matthew sat down and this time Lovino sat next to the stranger. "idiot say hello!" Lovino demanded "Any where are the other bastards!" The tan man grinned once recovering from the pain and laughed. "don't Lovi~ Francis and Gilbert will be here in a bit." As soon as he said that Arthur came back with food and another person. "Sorry about that mates but a frog blocked my path in getting this 'nutritious' crap." The other man took offensive at this comment and replied. "But zet was not my fault you were defensive as always mon lapin." Matthew was surprised at the pale blond man knew french as well but felt sorry from him as Arthur started beating the crap out of him. Lovino rolled his eyes and started to interlock fingers with the tan man beside him. "Antonio, Fuck-face Francis, this is Matthew. Treat him nice damn fuckers" Antonio eyes glistened like his smile and waved "Hola" as the now damaged man replied with a "Bonjour" Matthew waved back and looked around at the table. "So you guys are boyfriends?" Lovino scoffed and quickly nodded "Unfortunately" Antonio cried out though. "Aw Lovi your so mean! Of course we are! Everyone but Gilbert have boyfriends cause he thinks its 'uncool; to be tied down." Arthur blushed and agreed. Matthew giggled obvious at his friends shyness and wondered what had happened to this 'Gilbert'. As soon as his thought this a burst of doors flew open along with a whit albino man strolling along as if he wasn't in prison. "Look out losers!" he gloated "The Awesome me has arrived!" Matthew could only stare and get caught in his eyes as they were fire red and suddenly his heart started to pound as the man walked closer to him. "Hey you! Blondie!" Matthew looked up and gasped that the gorgeous man was now in his face. "You're in the most AWESOME most seat that only the AWESOME ME could sit at." Matthew faced turn seven shades red and quickly stood up to give the man his seat. Francis chuckled or 'ohonononon at him and stood to walk over to the two. "Bonjour Gilbert you missed an exciting early lunch for you see we have a new face here!"

"Si Gilbert and he muy lindo!" Antonio cried out slipping arms around the middle man's shoulders. Gilbert seemed unfazed and looked at the smaller man still in front of him. Matthew stood still unsure on how this would turn out. A cleared throat interrupted the four and they looked at Arthur and Lovino both glaring at their respective partners. "Hello bastards! You're fucking faces are scaring Matthew!" Arthur nodding helping the Canadian sit down where he was before. "That's rights you idiots now Matthew that prick is Gilbert. Gilbert be your 'awesome' self and show some manners!" Gilbert laughed at this and sat next to the poor boy before slapping a hand down his back. "Whatever you brit! Fine!" The albino looked at the Canadian and stuck out a thumb towards himself. "My awesome name is Gilbert Weillschmidt! At your service birdie!" Matthew shook the extended hand and went back to his lunch. Throughout lunch Matthew ate and listened to various conversations at the table but somehow couldn't keep his eyes off the five of them. Curious as he was Matthew will have to be more cautious now that he is locked up. For unexpected danger lies ahead for him.

Whew! -Wipes forehead- I can't tell you how long I've been writing this. But there always room for improvement!

Muy Lindo- very cute

Bonjour- Hello

Si- yes

Hola- Hello

I may have left some out by accident but I think I got all of the different languages on here. Anyway till next time! Ciao~