The tragedy happened late one night. It had been a normal night for the Titans. Beast Boy and Cyborg were battling it out in a daylong marathon of Turbo Races 3. Raven sat by idly, sipping on her tea, deemed as ref by Beast Boy. She didn't protest though, it wasn't like she was going to do something else. She'd had the job before and she was very good at it. All she had to do was yell at them to shut up when they started arguing. She sometimes did quite enjoy it, especially when she got to use her powers to break them up. Even when they didn't ask her, she kept up that half of the job. The other half was to simply turn her attention from her book to the piece of paper next to her and mark a point on the winner's side. This she did out of the kindness of her heart, and because Beast Boy looked extremely pathetic when he begged her to do it.
She could always escape to her room for solitude, if she ever wanted to. However, she liked to sit in the common room. It made her feel closer to her friends and, the squealing tires and explosions made good background noise.

Beast boy sat closer to Raven, sub-consciously feeling an attraction to her. He was scared to death to bother her, but heck, why not try to impress her. It was failing. So far, the score was 32 to 0. Cyborg's favor.

Crash! Make that 33 to 0.

"Boo-yah! Eat it grass stain, you got owned!"

"Dude, not fair! I'm in a car, and you're on a fricken' motorcycle!"

"Don't you mean...motor-CY-cle?"

"I see what you did there!" Beast Boy smirked.

"Clever." Raven rolled her eyes.

"Another round?" BB asked

"You bet dip."

"Dip? Why dip?"

"'Cause I'm about to smash you like an avocado!" Tires squealed as Cy pulled out of the virtual starting gate.

A smile ghosted across Raven's face.

And where are Robin and Starfire you ask? Well, on the roof, of course. The roost for our little love birds. As every other night, the couple will sit up there and watch the sunset over the city. Tonight was no exception, besides the fact that Starfire was sitting and Robin stood behind her, blush evident on his face and hands full of long auburn tresses. How he got roped into this, he will never understand. No, he knew exactly what it was. That timid request, the pink dusting on her cheeks, the batting of the eyelashes and the big emerald eyes staring into his soul.
He just had to do it, no matter how much he didn't want to, or felt unable to. The request ran clear in his head. Robin, I have gotten the most recent edition of my magazine, glamour, and I wish for you to assist me in the styling of the hair!

The words had just barely escaped his mouth. What he had meant to say was, Sorry Star, why don't you ask Raven? But instead it came out as, I'd love too. Doh, he could be so stupid sometimes! So here they were, Star content and Rob confused. He looked at the directions in the magazine and found them to be written in gibberish. After a while of staring and decoding, he finally got some idea of what he was doing. Deciding it would be best to remove his gloves to effectively do the procedure, he suddenly realized he'd be touching Starfire's hair, with his bare hands!

The do was called a waterfall braid, and on the model, it looked like a crown that wrapped around her head. Fitting for a princess, he mused. He began. After he got the hang of it, it didn't take very long to do. It was helpful Star had silky smooth hair. He blushed. This was the most contact they'd had besides that 'kiss' that happened when they first met, and her ritual, after-battle hugs. How he loved her oxygen depriving embraces.

"Robin, are you embarrassed?"

"No, what makes you say that?"

"My interpretation was that most guys who do hair are...effeminate."

Could she be any blunter? "Typically, yes...but I'm only doing this for you. I don't expect to make a career out of it."


"Job, make money off of it."

"My apologizes, Robin. I was not aware that I was to pay you."

"No no! Heaven's sake, I won't let you pay me! I think I'm messing this up anyways."

"I do not think you are messing anything up. Just as long as you try your hardest, I'm sure it'll look great."

Robin greatly envied Star's optimism. Then again, that's what made her such an important part of the team.

He had finished. "Here Star, take a look and tell me what you think," he handed her the small hand held mirror.

She took it and turned her head...other side...bright smile. "Oh Robin, you have done a glorious job! Please, may I return the favor by doing the styling of your hair?"

This time he could think correctly, and before he said something he regretted, he squeaked out, "Sorry Star. I have a lot of hair gel in; you wouldn't be able to do anything with it."

Instead of being upset, she was merely curious. "What is this hair gel?"

"It's what holds the spikes in place," he explained. She reached out and touched one of the spikes, then tugged on it.

"It's hard like plastic," she stated.

"It's so it stays out of the way in a fight."

"Maybe I should put this hair gel to keep my hair 'out of the way'."

"It might just be easier for you to pull it back into a ponytail or braid or whatever." His heart was dropping as he said this; he loved Star's long flowing locks.

"I should think that my hair does not often bother me in a fight. I like to feel the wind through it as I move."

"That's why I wear a cape." Robin smiled back. By this time, he had moved to sit down next to her. She leaned her head against his shoulder and, in turn, he blushed.

"Robin, can we always be like this?"

"What do you mean?"

"The Titans, our team. Will we always be like this?"

"As long as I lead us, I'll make sure we will."

"Will you always be our leader?"

"Well Star, I'm only human. There may come a time when I can no longer lead."

"But you will try?"

"Yes, and that won't be for a very long time."

"And you and I shall never be more?"

"m-more?" he breathed. Her eyes drew him closer and he knew what he had to do. He had to show her just how much he cared for her.

Whooooooo! The alarm rang.

"Trouble..." he said sadly. The moment was lost, but could be regained later. They hurried down to the common room together.

"What's up?" Robin demanded as they entered.

"Plasmas. Looks like he's confused the sewage plant with a bar."

"Alright, Titans, Go!" They sprang into action. Within five minutes they were piled into the T-car and speeding off to the edge of town.

When they arrived, Plasmas was sucking down gallons of green and brown water. Beast Boy shuddered before Robin got his line in.

"I'd be trying to drown my sorrows too, if I was that ugly."

Plasmas gave a mighty shriek.

"Titans go!" Robin used his favorite phrase for the second time in the night. They were well aware of what attacks would work and which would not. Punches and kicks would not work. So Robin had to resort to using explosives, which he made sure to stock up on before leaving. He waited for Plasmas to roar again, and threw three disks into his mouth.
Purple goop went flying, but soon he re-formed, cried again, and charged. Cyborg shot his canon at the creatures face, releasing a stream of energy across his eyes. Raven and Beast Boy pushed him back. A barrage of green disks hit him and sent him to his knees.

Instead of attacking again, Plasmas got up, turned, and grabbed more toxic sludge. It went down like a homesick mole. The Titans only stared in confusion as Plasmas just gulped down barrel after barrel. Soon though, he dropped the barrel in his hand.

He turned and looked at his opponents, ready to attack and defend. What happened thoroughly surprised and disgusted them.

Plasmas vomited all of the gunk on them and promptly passed out, turning back into a human. The police arrived on the scene and met up with a group of smelly, grumpy, sewage coated teens.

"I know y'all ain't plannin' on gettin' in my car like that!" Cyborg grabbed a hose connected to the side of the building and hooked it up to his arm. "Alright y'all, dig your heels in."

"Friend Cyborg, I am confused, why are we-..."

Target acquired. A blast of clean water exploded on Starfire and left her soaked and shivering, but sewage-less.

He cocked the barrel. "Who's next?" he smirked.

Before anyone could reply, Robin and Beast Boy were drenched.

"Raaaaaaaveeeeeeen..." Cyborg turned his attention to her. She held up a hand to stop him.

"No need." She used her powers to collect the sewage into a sludge ball...and then dropped it on Beast Boy.

"Dude! I was already clean!"

"It'll take more than a blast of freezing water to get you clean."

Beast Boy frowned and braced himself for another flood. He turned into a dog and shook himself dry.

"Robin, I fear that my hair has been ruined. All of your hard work has gone to waste."

"It's okay Star, I can fix it later."

"Dude! Robin's a hairstylist now?" Beast Boy laughed while rinsing Cyborg.

Robin blushed hotly.

"Robin is most skilled, but he only did it because I asked him to."

Sly smirks erupted on the other titans faces. "Making your girlfriend look all pretty?"

"Or just looking for a release of some of those feminine desires?"

Robin narrowed his eyes behind the mask. "Let's go home."

The whole car ride back, they poked fun at him and Star, who, ironically enough, were sitting right next to each other.

Back at the tower, everyone took a quick shower and went to bed. All of course, except Robin and Starfire. The couple had run into each other outside of Star's room. Robin totally wasn't waiting there for her or anything. He just happened to be passing by, or at least that's what he told her.

"Robin you are nervous. Why?"

"I'm not nervous, why would you think that?" he said…nervously.

She just smiled at him. "Good night Robin, have sweet shlorvaks."

"Ah yeah, you too."

"And thank you for doing my hair." She leaned forward and pecked him on the cheek. Then she winked at him and disappeared into her room.

Wow...was all he could think. His hand shakily went to his cheek and a stupid grin came over his features. Today had been a good day. Good, but long. He yawned despite the giddy feeling he was having and went to his room. After a quick shower, he put a clean uniform on and headed for the evidence room. He didn't last though, soon his eyes were drooping and his vision blurred. "That's it for tonight." He staggered back to his bedroom and collapsed on the bed.

At about 2:00, he jolted to wakefulness when he heard a crack of thunder. In his dream, Slade pushed the trigger for a bomb in Titans tower to go off, and the thunder had erupted at the same time. Robin was unnerved.

"Aww. Did the thunder wake you?"

He knew that voice. And he didn't want the owner anywhere near the tower. "Who's there?" Robin demanded.

Slade drew in from the shadows. "You might want to tell you robot friend to heighten security. I got in rather easy."

"What do you want?"

"Very cut to the chase aren't you? Maybe I came for one of Raven's spell books. Maybe I came to infect tin man with a virus, or maybe to cause some harm to the green child or your little girlfriend."

"You leave them alone." Robin's voice was groggy. He knew that Slade could see right through him. He wasn't ready to fight.

"Now now Robin, how could I possibly harm them? I'm in your room, you know."

Robin's eyes widened as Slade reached out and grabbed his neck.

"I'm giving you to the count of three to scream and alert your friends, before your world comes to an end."

Robin didn't want to give in, but he knew exactly what was coming.



Starfire was alert. She couldn't sleep because of the storm, and was contemplating giving Robin a visit. But that scream, that was definitely his, and she hurried to his room, clad in her pajamas.

"Robin what is wrong?" She pounded on the door. It broke in with her alien strength and she raised her starbolts to fire. Only not to need to. Her heart clenched as she looked around the empty room. The window was open, the rain hitting the pane and the curtains blowing around. Robin was gone.