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Ichigo sat up, pushing away her pink comforter, and grabbed her annoying alarm clock, then shut it off. She sleepily rubbed her tired, chocolate brown eyes, wiping away the sleep and crustiness away from them. Ichigo hated Mondays, though not as much as she did when she was thirteen. Back then she always major problems waking up in the morning, She was constantly tired, it was awful! But that was back when she was a Mew Mew. Back then, the cat genes were the source of the thirteen year old's drowsiness.

It has been five years since Kisshu and his brothers left…besides not being a super lady, or dealing with aliens, Ichigo's life really hadn't changed. The red head still worked at Café Mew Mew along with Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro, Berry, and Tasuku. Shirogane was still stingy with his fortune, barely paying the girls (and boy) enough for their hard work. Though he had somehow managed to win Lettuce over. They've been dating for awhile now, but Shiragane and Lettuce weren't the only lovey-dovey couple. Ichigo and Masaya were still going strong, and even getting a bit serious. (She had stopped calling him Aoyama-kun when they started High School.)

Ichigo yawned, while stretching her slim arms. Once stretched out, the eighteen year old reluctantly crawled out of the warm covers of her bed. She hated dealing with the whole early morning routine, but at least it was her last year of school. Then Ichigo would be done, done, done!

Ichigo quickly changed into her High School uniform. It was a white and grey sailor suit that had a red bow, the grey pleated skirt ended just above her knees, white knee socks kept her nicely shaped legs warm. The red head then started on her hair and makeup. Her ruby red hair had grown quite a bit over the years, it was now a little past her slender shoulders, the ends curling slightly. What Ichigo really wanted, was to have long hair like Zakuro's, but her ruby red locks still had quite a ways to go before it could even compare to the model's long and luscious hair. Ichigo pulled back her hair into a half up half down 'do, tying it with a blood red ribbon. She had ditched the pigtails ages ago.

The ex Mew Mew leader smiled at her reflection.' Perfect!' She happily thought to herself. Ichigo moved away from her mirror and grabbed her pink cell phone, checking the time. 'Uh oh! I need to hurry! Masaya will be here any minute.' Last year, Aoyama Masaya had started walking his girlfriend to school, he even waited for her on the days that the ditzy red head would oversleep, even when it meant he would be late for school. Ichigo had tried telling him on many occasions to just leave without her if she wasn't ready by the time he arrived at her house, but black haired boy never seemed to listen. He would only smile at Ichigo, telling her that a pretty girl like herself, shouldn't be walking to school unescorted. Ichigo loved Masaya and his chivalrous ways, it made her feel like a princess.

Ichigo gathered up her homework, placing it into her black bag, and rushed down the stairs (being extra careful not to fall) all in ten seconds flat. She then opened the front door, expecting to see Masaya waiting, but no one was there. 'Hmm, maybe he's running late' She thought to herself, while making her way to the kitchen.

' Looks like today I'd actually have time to eat breakfast.' The eighteen year old thought to herself giddily. Since she always slept in, she rarely ever had time to enjoy the most important meal of the day. 'Let's see, maybe I'll have pancakes. Pancakes with Strawberries on top yum!' She stopped her pleasant thoughts short when she heard a familiar voice.

"I already have a job waiting for me after graduation." Ichigo felt her heart flutter, a smile forming on her strawberry lips.

"Masaya? What are you doing here?" Her boyfriend was seated at our kitchen table across from her dad, Momomiya Shintaro. The two males looked up. Their faces had seriousness painted all over them, what could they have been possibly talking about? Masaya and Ichigo's dad have never been close.

"Good morning, my princess" Masaya said, quickly wiping the serious look from his handsome, tanned face and replacing it with a loving smile. If anything, after five years Aoyama Masaya had grown more handsome. He was a bit taller, and his hair stayed the same, but his face had matured. He looked like a man, he was a man, Ichigo's man! He wore his school uniform that hadn't changed much from his Junior High one.

He got up from his seat, and wrapped his arms around the eighteen year old, planting a kiss onto her porcelain forehead. Ichigo smiled, feeling her cheeks heat up. Some things never changed, but luckily the ex Mew Mew didn't have to worry about her cat ears, or tail popping out unexpectantly.

Ichigo was about to repeat her question, when Shintaro spoke up. "You two should go….wouldn't wanna be late for school." The middle-aged man almost mumbled, giving the two lovers a smile that almost looked forced. This was definitely out of the ordinary, usually Ichigo's dad would have a fit whenever Masaya and his daughter acted lovey-dovey. Ichigo couldn't help but wonder what was wrong.

Her worry was interrupted by my boyfriend. "He's right, we should go." He said, while grabbing her delicate hand.

The red head nodded and turned towards her dad. "Bye dad." He simply nodded, before getting up and leaving the room.

'What was that all about…?' Ichigo almost wondered aloud, but decided to forget about that for now. She wanted to enjoy my walk with my Masaya.


'Crap! She must have already left…" Kisshu thought to himself as he flopped backwards onto the familiar pink bead. The smell of strawberries filled his nose, he had missed the sweet smell. It had been five years since he had last smelled or seen his Koneko-chan.

"Five years…" Kish almost whispered, while looking around his beloved's room. It hadn't changed much, well, at least if his memory served him right. He smiled, remembering how he always used to watch the beautiful red head when she slept. One or two times he had even crawled into the warm bed with her, luckily he was able to get away with it.

Even after five years, Kisshu couldn't get the cat girl out of his mind. He had tried many times, but failed miserably. He even hooked up with several Cynclonian beauties, but would always leave the relationship dissatisfied and wanting Ichigo even more. Growing tired of his sleepless nights, and dreams filled with false fantasies, the nineteen year old decided he'd return to Earth and take what was his.

Technically speaking, Kisshu knew that Ichigo didn't belong to him…yet, but the Cyniclon constantly told himself that when she saw him, she would finally give in and become his. Yes, this sounded great to Kisshu, and he even had his own little bit of logic to go with it. He knew that deep down Ichigo loved him, she had to. There was no other explanation. She had been so regretful when he had died those five years ago, the loving look she had given him, before he was plunged into a world of darkness.

That was why Kisshu had refused to say goodbye before returning to Cynclonia, because he knew that it wasn't goodbye. Ichigo just needed some time. Time to ditch that douche-bag tree hugger and realize that she couldn't live without him, just like he couldn't live without her.

Kisshu got off of Ichigo's bed and floated towards the window. There was no point in wasting his time, since it would probably be awhile before she returned, but he'd be back. 'Tonight Ichigo…tonight you will finally be mine!' With that final thought, the green-haired alien teleported out of the room.

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