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Jin looked down at the sleeping form of Masaya.

"Mmm…so feeble and so defenseless. Yet I can't help but question why you are in possession of a human. Let alone a male. I thought I knew you better than that Jin boy."

Jin whirled around and found himself face to face with red eyes and matching hair. "Fukumaden!?" He gasped. The Cyniclon female who was clad in a bra-like top and a skirt with a flame design smirked knowingly. Almost every Cyniclon who spent a lot of time at the Megalopolis was familiar with the name Fukumaden. The eighteen year old female had a reputation for being extremely wild, not to mention even more nosy.

"Also, since when do you even use this house? Were you not selling it?" She nonchalantly asked.

"Then I guess you wouldn't mind me asking what you're doing with a human female!" Jin flatly pointed to the electric blue haired and red eyed human girl that Fukumaden had on a leash.

The alien girl threw her head back and laughed loudly. "Touché!'" She grinned before tying the human girl's leash to the bed post then grabbed a hold of Jin's arm. "Come. Let's talk for awhile." The red head urged, but didn't wait for answer and pulled the older man out of the room.

Fukumaden quickly plopped her butt down onto one of the seats in the extravagant sitting room, and rested her stiletto boots onto the table before grabbing a half filled cup and taking a swig of it. All Jin could do was stare in borderline horror, this wretched woman was dirtying up his personal sanctuary, and he really didn't appreciate it. "Ahhhh. So am I the only one who thinks that all these humans popping up here is rather strange? They do make great slaves though. I mean, look at you using that human boy for who knows what! And then there's Kisshu Ikisatashi, using that red haired girl as his personal little toy." She said, earning a small growl from Jin. The alien girl instantly looked up from her drink and gave the red haired Cyniclon a face full of mock surprise. "Oh! You didn't take that human boy because of Ichigo Momomiya…did you…?" Fukumaden asked with a raise of her shaped brows. But before Jin could even try to respond, the Cyniclon girl continued talking. "Y'know, I've done a bit of research on this Ichigo girl, and if this boy you have is connected to her in the way I believe he is… Well, let's just say we'll have the power of a certain god on our hands." She said with a wicked grin.

"You don't mean Master Deep Blue? He's dead I thought." Jin quickly asked before his uninvited guest could continue her speech.

Fukumaden removed her feet from the table and leaned forward, her facial expression becoming more frightening by the second. "Not exactly. I'm sure you recall that my quote on quote mother is a council member. What if I told all the mating requests weren't the only thing keeping them so busy?" She asked.

Once he was sure she was done talking, Jin took a seat in the chair across form Fukumaden. "Then I'd tell you to keep talking." He answered with a bit of interest.


"Ichigo!" Masaya called out to the beautiful girl who was standing amidst a world filled with a familiar blue fog. Ichigo slowly turned around, her long, white dress and ruby red hair blew with the non-existent winds. The eighteen year old smiled softly, and began to walk over to wear Masaya was standing. With each step her slightly curled wisps of hair lengthened, and her snow white dressed darkened in tint, until her curls reached her bottom, and the once white dress was a deep black color.

Ichigo reached her pale, willowy arms out to the eighteen year old boy and mouthed something he couldn't comprehend. Masaya opened his mouth to ask Ichigo to repeat herself, but no sound came out. He looked at Ichigo who was now directly in front of him in confusion. Something was amiss, but before he could figure out what was different, the red head leaned in and caught his lips into hers.

Masaya's brown eyes shot open and widened when he discovered a human girl- who wasn't Ichigo- kissing him. The girl pulled away slowly and giggled. "I broke the spell kao!" But then instantly blushed as if realizing herself! "S-sorry…"

"D-do I know…you?" Masaya asked with a strange feeling that was almost like déjà vu wash over him. "And…why are you here?"

"Well you do look like someone I once knew…" The teenage girl said with a bit of a smile. "My name's Oka kao!" Oka introduced, her smile growing. "And to be honest, I'm not sure how I got here. Fukumaden, and Cynclonia is all I've ever known..." She said in a sadder voice. "But I know I'm a human who came from earth kao."

"Well I'm Masaya. You wouldn't happen to know how I got here do you?" The eighteen year boy asked. Oka shook her head sadly, she looked like she was going to say something else, but then the bedroom door flew open, and hit the wall with a loud thud.

The blue haired girl flinched and unconsciously snuggled into Masaya's arm when Fukumaden strutted in followed by Jin. The black haired boy flinched at the sight of the Cyniclon man. "Jin? What's going on here?" He asked while also unconsciously stroking Oka's electric blue locks of hair.

"My oh my! Aren't you a handsome one!" Fukumaden cooed while untying Oka's leash from the bedpost before grabbing Masaya by the chin. "But I'm sure blue looks much more attractive on you, my lord…" She whispered before quickly slipping her tongue between his lips. The red hair and eyed Cyniclon licked the stunned boys lips before pulling away and turned to Jin. "This is going to be so fun! It was great doing business with you." She said while pulling Oka off the bed by her leash. "Until next time my tasty little god! Come along Oka." Fukumaden said and with that she strutted out of the room. Oka gave Masaya a quick and apologetic look before stumbling forward. "I SAID COME ALONG!" Her alien master snapped. Then they were gone.

Masaya looked up at Jin. "What are you up to?" He asked not even trying to mask his suspicion and distrust. "I need to see Ichigo." The eighteen year boy attempted, but had a feeling he was going to be denied.

Jin merely smiled and slowly approached Masaya with his hands behind his back. "Terribly sorry my friend, but I can't allow that." The Cyniclon man said quietly. "I'm sorry to say that as far as she will know, you will have fallen very ill after arriving here. Oh who am I kidding! I'm not sorry at all!" He admitted before reaching into Masaya's shirt and yanked off the chain that had Ichigo's engagement ring on it.

"Wha-!?" The human boy yelped and frantically clawed for the golden object.

Jin moved away just as Masaya reached for the ring causing him to fall off the bed. "Very pretty." The alien stated while inspecting the beautiful ring. "Just like my Ichigo!" He said while admiring it.

Masaya grit his teeth and glared up at Jin. "You monster!" He hissed and attempted to tackle the alien, but Jin teleported away before the black haired boy could do anything. Masaya landed on the floor with a thud then pounded his fist against it, "Ichigo!" He whispered in despair.


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