Every Sanctuary has a cover, A alibi if you will, so that if someone asks what they do, they have an answer. One sanctuary, for instance, in a isolated area of the south American rain forest, operates under the guise of an eccentric billionaire's collection of rare and deformed animals, one sanctuary near Seattle's cover is that they are a private treatment clinic for rare and occasionally incurable diseases of the genetic as well as bacterial and viral variety. All of these explain why the Sanctuary is there, why people come and go at all hours of the day and sometimes come in and possibly never leave. It can also explain why a boy that has been mauled by an neglected exotic wild animal is brought there for treatment rather than a normal hospital.

This is the excuse that was used in the case of a young Daniel Fenton ,a boy had just gotten Chinese take out and was walking back to the hotel where his family was staying when he accidentally blundered right into the middle of a sanctuary operation. It was hard to tell in all the chaos how badly he had been injured and whether or not he had gotten hit by their van in the process of trying to flee from the hungry animal. They had planned on taking him to a hospital initially, but the fact that the creature might be venomous as well as the disturbing amount of possible DNA evidence embedded in his skin, they decided that the best option was to take him back to the sanctuary as well as the (now sedated) abnormal, besides if the creature's venom glands were active or full then it would be imperative to keep him under observation in order to administer treatment. So they calmly explained to the parents that a helpful bystander had found the boy near their facility and brought him there for treatment."It's possible" Magnus had explained over the phone with a completely professional tone. "Due to the way that the animal was acting as well as nature of his injuries, that the animal may have had some sort of parasite or disease, but luckily our facility has both the experience and the facilities to treat his injuries as well as anything he may have contracted from the animal that attacked him, it's in his best interests that he stay here" After a couple of minutes of panicked ranting (and after they'd been assured that they wouldn't be over charged for his stay) the parents agreed, and Daniel Fenton became one of Helen Magnus' few human patients.

Danny felt like a truck was sitting on his chest. It was even worse the time Skulker had bruised (and nearly cracked) his ribs. Everything ached and he was so weak he couldn't even move a finger, much less his eyelids. It was a wonder he was still breathing. He took a moment try and figure out what the heck happened. He remembered that he had been coming back from picking up the take out from the Chinese place (who had mysteriously decided that it was too wet out to deliver food and refunds were not an option) and he had rounded a corner when- he mentally frowned. he didn't remember, it was just a big blur of pain shouting and screeching tires. He would have guessed that someone had accidentally hit him when he went down the alley he was using as a shortcut, but that didn't seem right. Something about the manner of the pain seemed more "ripping and tearing" rather than "smashing and breaking" and in the back of his head he could remember the sound of claws or maybe it was teeth? tearing through his jacket and sweatshirt. Maybe he'd been attacked by a pit bull? it seemed like the reasonable explanation, but not entirely correct, it was possible that maybe a ghost had shown up,and it was possible that it could have ambushed him, but his ghost sense would have gone off about a block away, and even in the cold rain he would be able to tell the difference between his ghost sense and foggy breath. He slowly started to become aware of a plethora of bruises all over his as well as a light burning sensation that he usually associated to deep cuts and powerful pain killers, So he was at least in a hospital, so there was that. After a few minutes of trying to force open his eye lids so he could get a quick peek to make sure that it was a hospital and not a GIW outpost or a Spectra run DNA scam, he experienced an extreme amount of pain, so much so that his eyes snapped open, his body arched stiffly,for a moment before he collapsed. For about five seconds, he flat lined, just enough that Magnus was about to start attempting resuscitation when his pulse went back to normal. While Magnus tried to find out what was causing his seizure, a wisp of blue smoke-like gas came out of Danny's mouth, and quickly dissipated into the air,unseen.