Personal Background

name- Dave Lawson

age- 25

sex- Male

height- 6,6.6

weight- 140

posture/walk- Dave walks with strange demon legs, which knee caps are backwards. In terms of walking, he walks fine as a chicken.

voice quality- Dave has a cigarette ravaged voice. His voice is fine, but he defiantly has been a smoker for several years.

color of eyes and hair- Dave has no hair. His eyes are similar to reptiles, and they're red.

highest level of education- Dave went from K-12, but hasn't attended College yet. He's waiting for some more money.

social status- Dave is invisible, a fact he does not know, so he is not popular, but in his mind he's very popular.

geographical origin- Dave is from Hell.

emotional stability- Dave is a calm man, but he secretly deals with depression because he believes that his 'friends' always ignore him, but in reality they don't even know he's there.

racial/ethnic background- Dave is the son of Satan and a female Haunter, an invisible Demon designed to go to Earth and haunt humans. Dave was the first son of Satan, but he couldn't become the Anti-Christ because the Anti-Christ cannot be invisible.

occupation- Dave would have been the Anti-Christ but he was invisible, so he was sent to Earth as an infant, Satan HOPING that Dave would realize his role as a Haunter, but Dave thought of himself as a human, so he got a human job as a clerk at Portman's Music.

level of satisfaction- Dave suffers from depression, but snaps out of it really quickly when he thinks of his friends. He believes himself to be living the high life.

financial security- Dave is actually pretty fiscally set, but he saves up 25% of his profits for College funds.

marital status- Dave doesn't believe in marriage, but his romantic relationships don't usually turn out well because his dates never seem that interested in him.

children- He has no children, but he loves them. He especially loves babies.

siblings- Dave had no biological siblings, but he adopted himself into the Featherston family, so the two Featherston sisters are like siblings to him.

political orientation- Dave doesn't like getting into politics, but he I.D.s as a Liberal Democrat.

religion- Dave is a very, VERY loose Buddist. He is more of a follower of Dudeism.

health- Dave has the ability to live for 1000+ years, and cannot contract diseases, so he's pretty good.

goals- Dave just wants to live life and chill with his friends. He's a slacker, but one with good intentions.

prized possessions or accomplishments- Dave is proud of his friends and that one taco-eating contest he won.

interests, hobbies- Dave LOVES watching TV Shows on Netfix, and his favorite show is Arrested Development.

superstition- Ironically, Dave doesn't believe in superstitions and such.

fears- Dave is scared of losing his friends and not being a good guy.

favorite book- Dave's favorite book is Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of his 2nd favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

favorite foods- Dave has an unusual liking to bacon. He also loves butterscotch and Funyuns.

comparisons- Dave is a lot like the Dude from The Big Lebowski.

important incidents in life- Dave hasn't had a very eventful life, but he makes the most of it.