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One Week of Danger

It was a warm summer morning and the sun snuggled into the white clouds while the blue sky yawned above the mountain tops. A small river dashed down from between the stony cracks until it melted with the glittery ocean. Some birds began their cheerful songs and woke the city from its deep slumber. A girl stirred in her sleep when the spicy smell of fresh coffee tickled her nostrils; her blond hair was as messy as the blanket which lay crumbled beside her bed. Melanie yawned, squinted her eyes and scrambled to her feet in order to get some breakfast, but –

"What a stupid introduction," Lucy Heartfilia grumbled to herself and scratched out the first paragraph of her new novel. She rubbed her sore temples to soothe the growing symptoms of a headache. It felt like there was a mental war in her head between the words and their order. Finally, the third part of her mind – the lazy squad – joined the fight and told her to relax. Maybe morning just wasn't her time to write and she was not in the mood anyway. Besides, maybe she shouldn't try to describe the opposite of the weather which was currently conquering Magnolia.

"Hm..." the blond woman lie on her wooden floor and popped her head up with one arm. Lazily, Lucy sipped at her morning coffee – she would be nothing without it – before turning her attention to the next page of the Weekly Sorcerer.

It was quiet in her apartment since her friends weren't present ... at least she hoped. They just came back from a job yesterday and everybody was exhausted from two weeks of chasing a group of bandits. Even Natsu and his seemingly never-ending source of energy was probably still in bed. Usually, they would already be here and trash her place. Gray would be stripping, Happy would eat all of her food, Erza would dive through her closet and Natsu would probably set things on fire while laughing like a maniac.

Lucy often wondered what she did to deserve this. The bad and the good things.

Sure, she hated how they invaded her private space, but she loved them too much to be angry for long. She really did love Fairy Tail after all. Yes, they were crazy and she would definitely vote for them if there was a competition for the craziest guilt, but their flaws are what made them more like a real family.

Something on the page of the magazine caught her attention. Plue stopped dancing and came over when she started to read out loud: "Your weekly horoscope, huh?"

Find out what will happen to you in the next week based on your zodiac sign. It includes your job, friends, style and love life. From experience we know that Miss Mystic is always right with her predictions.

" ... as if," the blond girl huffed, but her gaze kept shifting back to the article with interest. Lucy's eyes were glued to the words 'love life' because Aquarius always teased her about not having a boyfriend. Maybe Aquarius would be nicer if Lucy would find one ... probably not, her spirit was quite beastly.

"Well let's see ... cancer, cancer ... cancer! Here it is," Lucy exclaimed in joy when she found her own paragraph according to her birthday. She always wondered if a person had something in common with their zodiac sign. Maybe personality wise? The image of the spirit with scissors popped into her head and she shivered. Should she start to end her sentences with 'shrimp'?

Lucy shook her head to get rid of the ridiculous image which formed in her mind.

Actually, this stuff was considered to be a type of stellar magic. But Layla had taught Lucy that horoscopes had nothing to do with the pure magic of the stars. That's why she never got the concept of horoscopes and despised those wannabes who pretended that they know something about celestial magic. They clearly did not.

She knew that prediction has little to do with the zodiac. Cana, for example, uses card magic for this purpose. Lucy felt like those fortune-tellers degrade the spirits for their own deeds, mainly to trick people for money. The spirits are living beings and it still makes her mad how people think they could just think they are some shining stellar constellations. And to use them for horoscopes. Shudder.

But she could not deny the curiosity that crept into her mind.

"Puuun~" The little spirit interrupted her thoughts when he pointed at the horoscope with his wobbly paw. Plue watched his friend with worry, when he saw how the blonde clutched the innocent paper in her hands.

Lucy sighed. Unlike Natsu, she could not understand her spirit's language, but she knew that he tried to calm her down. She observed the offending magazine in her hands and a smirk grew on her face, "Why not have a sneak peek of my week? It's not like that could hurt."

The little doggy spirit looked at her with excitement and nodded his head.

"Aww you can be so cute!" She giggled to herself and turned to face her horoscope.

Cancer the Crab: X791, September the 5th


Do your thing! Your unusual ideas can be the cornerstone for you success. But your annoying colleagues could get in the way. Later this week, Uranus and Neptune will cause breakdown and misunderstandings. You need to face the chaos.

"Basically, it says that my ideas are weird and that my team is annoying." Lucy rolled her eyes and silently agreed with the annoying part. "Breakdown and misunderstandings, huh? Natsu and the others cause destruction all the time, that's why I am always late with my rent, duh. But what about the chaos?"

Lucy groaned at the image of more destruction. Why it is that her team always had to wreck a city while on a job? It was like an unspoken law and they made sure it would never be broken. They may look innocent, but don't let your eyes betray you! They are like cute little kittens who turn into wild lions when you turn your back on them.

Okay, Happy was technically a cat and Natsu was more of a dragon but that's not the issue here. The pink-haired magician was the most destructive, most dense, most idiotic and the most kind person Lucy had ever met. He was her best friend, her nakama and he meant the world to her. But recently Natsu and Lucy had some trouble with their relationship and she really started to be bothered by it. Lucy had a hunch that he was hiding something important from her and Natsu was not one to have many secrets. The fact that he won't tell her made her uneasy and a weird feeling bubbles in her stomach every time she caught that intense look of his.

Why was he always staring at her that way? She could not figure those emotions out, but she was determined to do so for the sake of their relationship ... or whatever they called it.

" to the interesting stuff," the blond mage said while her eyes drifted to the romance part. She pushed her worry away for a while, Lucy was more of an optimistic person anyway. Maybe she would be lucky enough and meet the love of her life during the next week.


The cosmos ignites your love and interesting encounters wait for you. If the object of your affections neglects you, Mars tells you to make him jealous.

Venus it the cause of your flirty mood, but don't carry it too far. For you could break a heart. If you are able to pass the emotional roller coaster, you will float on cloud nine with your one true love!

She would meet the love of her life, she knew it! Life was awesome. In your face Aquarius, she would get a boyfriend this week."Who will it be? What do you think, Plue?"

Before he could answer, the words soaked her mind and she started to guess what her love prediction could mean. Who would she encounter? Her first thought was Natsu and it made her cheeks warm up. Very red ... like a tomato. Ugh, she hated that specific warmth because it's just so embarrassing.

Then, Lucy reread the text and she had to laugh because it reminded her of Mirajane's attempts to get Natsu and her together. That woman always tried to manipulate her into thinking that she likes him more than a friend. It almost worked the first time and Lucy was confused by the thought that he could love her. Her ...

Lucy's stomach was filled with that warm and fuzzy feeling as if thousand little blue cats had a party in there. She had even imagined him in her daydreams. How awkward can it possibly get? If he knew what was occupied her mind that day, Natsu would probably end their friendship. Or rather declare that she was a weirdo and not care about her feelings at all.

She almost got a heart attack when the dragon slayer wanted to meet her in private. Then, she got a heart attack because he just wanted to use Virgo to dig a hole next to a tree. What's wrong with him? How can someone be this dense? From then on, she was certain that he didn't posess a single romantic bone.

That's why Lucy gave up. Natsu plus romance equals a big permanent question mark in his mind. Sigh.

"Puuunpu! Puuuu pun Pu?" Plue jumped very excited and she stared at him. Not for the first time, the stellar wizard wished that she could understand her spirit.

"Can you show me what you mean?" The blonde questioned and the shivering Plue walked over to a brown box. He pointed at it and pulled at the sleeve of her red shirt. Curiously, she opened it only to find a sweet pink lollipop.

Lucy sweat dropped and with a small grunt she handled the sticky thread to him, resulting with drool on her beloved carpet. Great, who needs friends when she had her spirits destroying her apartment, too.

Tilting her head, she looked at the love part for the millionth time this morning. She had to admit ... it was intriguing.

"I will unintentionally break a heart?" Lucy didn't like the ring that the second part had to it. Sounds a lot like trouble and knowing herself, there would be no happy ending and something with the floating-on-cloud-nine-thing would go wrong.


Not too flashy, your good mood has enough force of attraction.

Avoid the color red and do not match it up with pink.

"Too bad I'm wearing red right now!" The blonde grinned and plucked at her ruby red top which complimented her womanly figure or so the male population of Magnolia thought.

Lucky Day:


"That's pretty random ... "Lucy examined. How did an author determine something like a that?

Then there was the question if the author had really used magic. It was possible since this was a magazine for wizards. For all she knew, the author could just close his eyes and play eeny-meeny-miny-moe with some pseudo philosophical texts.

That's what Frank the weather forecaster did all the time. No wonder he was that accurate. His chance was fifty-fifty, but he still managed to fail. Poor Frank, Lucy could swear that he was not that popular.

Good luck~ Miss Mystic aka. Anje Marie

"Why thank you Miss Mystic," she grunted angrily. New anger about the horoscope mixed with the old about the disgrace to pure stellar magic."All in all my week consists out of breakdown, misunderstandings, chaos, heartbreak and potential love ...if I don't collapse before that happens and I am not allowed to wear pink and red! Who does the authoress think she is ... deciding what's going to happen to me next week?"

Whoever this Miss Mystic was that person was going to get it. Who was she to decide that her week would basically be miserable? And that Lucy only got a slight glimpse of hope to find her one true love in the end. Besides she did not want to abstain from two of her favorite colors!

"Okay, Miss Mystic." Lucy stood up and held the magazine which she would flush down the drain later above her head. Plue imitated her totally heroic pose and she was dead serious when she yelled, "In the next week I will prove that your horoscope is completely wrong!"

"Oi, Luce! Why are ya screaming like that?"

Her head whipped around and brown met onyx. There, in her comfortable bed sat a tired dragon slayer and his blue companion. He looked like he had been awoken from deep slumber and his pink bangs were out of order. How could she not notice him sleeping in her bed? For once, Lucy had been fairly sure she had been alone.

"Natsu, how long have you been here?" Lucy tried to ask with a calm voice. Quite unfortunate for the boy to meet her in this state of mind. Natsu heard the dangerous undertone in her voice.

"Since yesterday?" Slightly shivering from memories of Lucy's kicks, he tied to avoid looking at her. "C-come on don't gimme that look. I thought you noticed s-since ... Luce? ... W-what's with the ba – AHT!"

Happy swallowed when the bat collided with Natsu's head.

"Aye, Lucy is mean!"

"Who gave you the permission to break into my house?" He should have known better than to mess with her in the morning. Lucy glared angrily at the dragon slayer. Internally, she cursed the people in the guild for avoiding to teach Natsu about personal space. Not to mention the difference between women and men. "Secondly, you can't just sneak into any woman's bed!"

"But you are not just any woman, you are my Luce." He grinned brightly like it was the most natural thing in the world to say that. His cheeks were covered by a red hue, but it went unnoticed by his blond friend.

Her heart stopped at that moment and she felt like melting to a small insignificant puddle of adoration. A small blush covered her cheeks when she returned the smile and the hand with the bat sank to the ground. At least he is still the same...

"Are you listening to me?" Natsu crocked his head to one side and poked her red cheeks. "I said that you snore."

One of her eyebrows started to twitch dangerously and her face was even redder than before. Her eyes were wide when she started to yell at the dragon slayer, "You snore, I do not!"

"Whoa, she's gone wild!"

"Lucy is scary," the exceed chimed in, earning a glare from said girl.

"Let's eat!" The childish dragon slayer yelled, ignoring her fit and started his way to claim her fridge. Lucy desperately tried to hold them back, but slipped on Plue's drool from earlier. The spirit rescued himself before his master squished him to death, but his pink lollipop stayed behind.

Dizzily, the girl scrambled to her feet. She tried to fix her messed up hair by looking into her new mirror. That's when she noticed the pink lollipop on her red shirt.

Avoid the color red and do not match it up with pink.

Lucy was so focused on her reflection that she did not even notice the loud crashing sounds which came from her kitchen.

"This is just a coincidence." She laughed nervously and pried the sticky thread from her shirt. "Just my imagination."

To Be Continued

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