HI! So...my first single Harry Potter/Percy Jackson crossover. I was working with my friend thisiscorinth on Operation Wizard, but this is MINE! It is a Percy Jackson teaches at Hogwarts, but I want to make it really interesting. But this is like a pre-chapter. It is supposed to be long. But I hope you like it. Bye!


It was the middle of the night, but Harry had a lot of things on my mind. He was now the Chosen One, according to the Daily Prophet... who will be the new D.A.D.A teacher… Draco Malfoy being a git...my O.W.L. scores...la-de-da-de-da... Well, at least he understood all of the major problems in the world of witchcraft and wizardry have to be his. Or related to him. Sometimes Harry wished he could go back to being picked on by everyone. Or live in an orphanage. But Harry knew he would of ended up at Hogwarts anyway.

'Stop. Think about the good things.' Harry told myself. It was possible, of course. Just a little harder than other people. 10 seconds of reminiscence.

Friends. Laughter. Finding the truth. Hogwarts castle in the distance, surrounded by mist. The smell of butterbeer in the air. The forest at dawn. Dew coating the grass. Hagrid's deep laugh. Random pops and noises from pranks made by the Weasley twins.

But flashes of dark memories went though my mind. Light shoots though the air, hitting the target. Feeling senses that are not mine. A knife blade piercing my skin, blood leaking out of it. Glowing red eyes. Seeing the people he loves. But knowing they are dead. Or knowing they might die soon. Because of him.

Harry felt his forehead prickle. He sat up quickly. Henwig hooted from her cage. Guess sleeping is out of his routine today. Harry stayed in his bed for a couple of minutes, thinking. But he got up. He went downstairs and picked the lock from the cuboard under the stairs. Harry grabbed his wand, owl food, text books and quills and ink wells and LOTS of parchment. He went back upstairs. I looked at the first essay on my list.

What do all antidotes do to their specified poisons, and what are some specialized potions that cure common symptoms of sickness?

'Ug, This is going to be a long summer break.' He thought as dread filled his mind.

Harry gazed out the window. The streetlights were dim, and the stars were out. It was 2:34 AM. All the windows were dark, and all the cars were in their driveways. He looked out into the night. Something flew across it, black at the sky itself. Probably a plane. Harry wonders what's it like to be someone else? With a different life. With different troubles...

"How can I be a teacher? I'm only seventeen! I've gotton kicked out of ten schools. And the school's in Britain. And a school of magic! I can't even stop the Hecate campers from hexing me! How will I teach wizards? And a boarding school of them!" A teenager yelled.

"You can teach them something that none of the other of the teachers up for the job can. Statistics. Strategy. Logic. You are young, but you are experienced. Wands are weapons, like swords. Help them realize that the world of wizards is much less powerful then most wizards think." An older man in a wheelchair asserted.

"What do you mean?"

"They still use quills and ink wells. They depend on radios for entertainment. They wear robes. A lot of wizards don't know the powers of the 21st century. We are in the mortal world more. We know how to be with them on a daily basis. We are them. They are not. They consiter themselves different. Too differant. My friend want you to teach them how far the Muggle world is in power. To teach them what evil really is. An evil wizard is rising to power. A lot less dangerous than Kronos, but he made himself nearly immortal."

The teenager did not speak for a while.

"Even immortality has it's glitches." He nearly whispered. A tear slid down his cheek.

"But what you need to do it to help teach the one that is supposed to kill him. Make him think smarter than most wizards."

"Ironic, isn't it?"

"What do you mean, child?"

"A lot of things. I thought my worries would be over."

"Yes, Percy. But the world always has worries. Just some are harder to deal with than others."

Percy put down the cup of mulled cider he was sipping.

"Thank you for the beverages, Chiron. And for the offer."

Percy got up from the plush chair he was sitting on. He had shaggy black hair and a nice tan. He was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. A leather coat was hanging outside in the hall. He got up and started out of the room, then he stopped in the doorway. He turned his head. He looked at his shoulder.

"I thought you would say something more." He mentioned.

"I would, but you already know what I would say."

"I'm only seventeen. It has been less than a year since the Giant War. I will be eighteen by the time I have to teach at Hogwarts, but how will they accept me?" He mumbled.

"Maybe they will, maybe they won't. But think about it."

Percy turned and looked at Chiron. His eyes were sea-green.

"I will."

He pulled on the jacket and went outside. Cold air went though his hair, and the sun was peaking over the horizon, covering the few inches of snow with sun-light. There were lots of small buildings, cabins really, that were covered in snow, but had blue and white balls of fire decorating all the buildings, lining the paths, hanging on the snow-glazed pine trees of a forest.

He skidded over a creek that was frozen. There were girls ice skating down the river and they stopped to look at Percy, but he just continued.

He got the the area of cabins. All was silent, but a little girl was tending the fire, which was bright and rosy, even though the wind was blowing, and she was barefoot. She was poking at it with a stick, and Percy sat next to her.

"Hello, Perseus."

"Hello, my Lady."

"I heard about your conflict. From tending the fire in the Big House."

"It's a hard decision."

"I agree. But not as hard as other decisions of yours. But it will help others just as greatly. Now, you should go. The others will wake from Hypno's spell soon."

"Yes, I have a girl to get to."

"I would like to talk to you soon, Percy. Remember this though. Home is where you are remembered. You will always be there, and you can be at home elsewhere, just like the warmth of the hearth."

Percy got up, and he kissed the girl's hand. "Goodbye, Lady Hestia. Thank you for the advice."

He left the girl smiling and poking the rod into the fire. He went down to one of the ends of the rectangle that created the cabin area and went to Cabin 3. He opened the door. A warm, salt-scented breeze came though the door. There were bunks pressed against the walls, and a fountain in the back. There were metal creatures hung on the ceiling and underwater plants grew on the window sill. A couple of the beds had personal items, but all of it was clean, but there was only one other person in the cabin.

A blond girl stood in the corner. There was a old wooden loom and a bookshelf and a desk. She was weaving on the loom, making a rug. It looked like it was made out of golden silk.

"I hope the talk was not about another quest." She said without looking up. She threaed another string on the loom, and she pressed it upwards, to connect to the already completed part of the cloth, then she walked over and kissed him on the lips.

"Sorta. It was a job." Percy answered.



"That's far."

"They want me to teach there."

"Interesting. School?"

"A school called Hogwarts. A school for wizards. Decedents or blessed mortals of Hecate."

"Heard about them. What subject?"

"Defense against the Dark Arts."

"At least you know what you are doing. But how will you learn magic? And who asked you to come and teach?"

"This guy named Albus Dumbledore. He's a decedent of Hecate, though he never went to camp. Chiron apparently saved him from some Party Ponies, and he is the big dog at Hogwarts. He said he will give me private lessons to help me, he says that demigods can do magic just as well as most wizards, but he said I could decline the offer. I am apparently old-enough to teach, and it is only for a year. And I will get paid."

"Big factor, being paid, Seaweed Brain. Really? But why?"

"Wants me to help teach his students more about how to think smart, not to just shout random spells. Especially for the older students. And here's what I think, why are you not getting the job, you're the Wise Girl of camp."

"Even though you are a Seaweed Brain, you will give them a school year to remember. I think you should do it. It will help them greatly, knowing someone like you, even if they don't know you. You are a great person, that's why he wanted you to do it. But you have to Iris-Message me everyday if you leave." She said with a wink.

Percy wrapped his arms aroung her waist and held her to his chest. He placed his head on top of her hair. "I don't want to leave you again, or anyone else, it would hurt them too much," He whispered into her ear. "But I have let you go before, so I will now, because I love you, Annabeth. And I will being enough drachmas to talk to you."

"That's what I thought you would say." She said, and they had a long passionate kiss.

But from that moment he said yes, he knew something. His adventures are not over. Just a less dangerous.

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