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Harry walked into the classroom, half-expecting a bomb to blow up, or maybe Percy not being there. What he did not expect was Percy leaning over something on his desk, a Muggle pencil at hand.

The class slowly grew until they were all in their seats, and Percy was laying his head on the desk and groaning. Was Percy sane? Harry did not know. There were also five burlap bag dummies in the middle of the room, two were dressed in robes with a fake wand, two were dressed as monsters. The last one was plain, except a evil face was crudely drawn on, and a wooden sign that said, Angry or annoying person.

A large chalkboard was hung on the wall to the left of the dummies. The side of the chalkboard was numbered, and a piece of chalk was on the railing. Harry hadn't seen one of those in years.

"This is ridiculous." Hermione said, standing up and walking towards Percy. The class stared at Hermione, who looked furious.

"What are you doing?" She demanded. Percy just handed her the worksheet, then the pencil. Hermione glanced at the sheet, then her brow furrowed. She put the eraser of the pencil to her lip, like she does with a quill when she is thinking. She smiled slightly, then she started to write something down.

"What's that?" Ron asked, nudging Harry.

"It's a Muggle pencil. That's what they use instead of quills." Harry answered.

"What's that little pink thing on the end?"

"It's an eraser, it is used to fix mistakes, unlike quills and ink."

"Oh. Cool. And that's paper, the flat sheet Hermione's holding?"


"Ok." Ron's ears turned red, at his ignorance about the Muggle world.

Hermione finished writing, and placed the paper next to Percy's head, and the pencil on top.

She placed her hands on her hips. "That's easy, once you understand it. It's just math."

Percy's head shot up, a did-you-have-to-say-it-like-that look pasted on his face. "It's just math. That's all you say."


"MATH IS MY MORTAL ENEMY!" He exclaimed, startling Hermione. "With ADHD and dyslexia, it's a nightmare, floating off the page, mixing them up, stupid problems. And math should not even have let-Oh look, a cookie!"

Percy grabbed a blue cookie off of a plate nearby and shoved it in his mouth. Hermione wrinkled her nose.

"That's just gross." Hermione stared at Percy, a look of pure revolution on her face, and she walked back to her seat next to Harry.

"Good job." He whispered to her, but she just nudged him and pointed to where Percy was.

Percy swallowed the cookie. "Sorry about that. ADHD attack. Get's me off topic. Anyway, grab you wands." He stood up, and walked towards the chalkboard.

The class grabbed their wands and stood in the middle of the classroom.

"Ok, here's your instructions. Cast a spell at one of the dummies." Percy pointed to the five dummies in the middle of the room.

"Then record the spell of the chalkboard." He pointed to the chalkboard. "Put your first name after the spell. Then I will know how much you know. You will also be judged on accuracy. You can not repeat a spell. If you reviewed your spells, it would of helped for today. "

Whoever studied grinned. Whoever did not study sighed. Harry grinned.

"Just to let you know, though you guys probably already know this, this is not a real stimulation. I just want to see your potential. Now, get in a line."

The class was pushing each other to get a good spot in line, but Harry, Ron and Hermione were pushed near the back, with Draco in front, his chest puffed up. Percy, who stood next to the chalkboard, raised an eyebrow.

He drew his wand, and shouted Confringo! The dummy bursted into flames when the spell hit the dummy. A Ravenclaw a few feet behind him shooted water from her wand, dousing the dummies.

Draco went, and wrote the spell down, then went to the back of the line. The line continued like this, and by the time Harry got to the front of the line, all the dummies were mauled.

He knew nobody had done Waddiwassi yet, so he pointed at the middle dummy's wand, when he saw a group of shadows gathering in the corner of the room. A person quickly ran out of the shadows

Harry quickly shifted his wand to the corner of the room, then a random spell blasted out of his wand at the intruder. The intruder dived, leaving a black spot on the wall.

"Stop!" Percy ran and grabbed the person and dragged whoever-it-was away. The person collapsed into snores once he was placed in a chair. Percy went to inspect the wall. He brushed his hand along the wall. The blackened stone crumbled at his touch.

Percy grinned then stood up. "Ten points from Gryffindor for not aiming at the dummy, Harry. But, dang, you know how to aim. Fifteen points toGryffindor for nearly hitting a moving target. And for being alert. Just don't do that again."

Harry nodded furiously, his face red. Why did he do that? He thought it might of been a dementor or a Death Eater. Why would one of those be in the classroom?

"Now, about DiAngelo?" Percy walked over to the teenager, who looked about fourteen. Percy grabbed a quill, and very carefully, he poked the intruder with the quill. He did not stir. Percy poked him a couple more times, pulled on his ears, then finally slapped him. The guy still snored away. The class erupted into snickers, confused looks, and scoffs, mostly from Draco.

Percy's grin emitted mischeif, just like the aura Fred and George had. He ran his desk and pulled out a fresh bottle of ink, and a bottle, of what looked like glitter. He opened the wax seal of the ink, and dipped his finger into it, and started drawing (smearing) on the intruders face. Once he was finished, he opened the plastic container of glitter and poured it on his head.

"Now, one of the ladies here will wake up Nico. I'll be right back." Percy ran upstairs, leaving the students.

Hermione dragged Harry to where Nico was slumping on the chair, and pointed her wand at him and murmured 'Rennervate'.

Nico sat up with a jerk, then slouched down, his eyelids still heavy. "Hazel, I had a weird dream. I went to go visit Kelp Head, then I was in this castle, and this guy almost hit me with a purple lighting bolt but at least it wasn't...Woah, who the heck are you?!" He jumped up and drew a midnight black sword. Both of them jumped back, though Nico looked slightly funny with the ink and glitter on him. But his glare made him want to run...it was unnatural.

Harry drew his wand, but Hermione walked up to him, and held her hand. "Hermione. Hermione Granger."

Nico stared at her hand, them grasped it. "Nico. Nico Di Angelo. The Ghost King."

Harry glanced at Ron, who look confused. He knew something was between Ron and Hermione, ever since he went moony eyes over Lavender.

Hermione looked him over. "Welcome to Hogwarts!" SHe said it like

And that was when Percy ran out from his office, and dumped a bucket of water on Nico.

"PERCY!" Nico saw where Percy was on the balcony, and started chasing him. Percy jumped over the balcony when Nico came close, and landed on the table.

"Two lessons today! One, know what you are doing when you cast a spell, hence the spell practice. You need to have somewhat of an idea of what to do. Have a very simple outline, though many times in my life I did not know half of what I was doing." He jumped off the desk and drew his sword. Harry watched in amazement hen he and Nico started dueling each other.

"True story. He goes bonkers when he's fighting." Nico dodged Riptide.

"Two, always surprise your enemies. Trick them. Makes it harder for them to know what you are doing." Percy twisted his sword and Nico's fell out of his hand.

"Well played, Perce." Nico shook Percy's hand, and smiled. The diluted ink started dripping down his face.

"Okay, ladies, you may go, no homework, bet you're getting loaded anyway. Gentlemen, please stay for a minute."

Hermione gave Percy and Nico and odd look. Harry knew that she was suspicious of them, yet she respected Percy. SHe left with all the other girls of the room, until only Harry, Ron and the rest of the guys were in the room.

"Okay, now, just to clear everything, girls are the scariest creatures on Earth. Am I right?"

"They're bloody nightmares." Ron exclaimed, while Draco snickered.

Percy gestured to Ron."See? Someone agrees with me. If you need help hiding from an angry girlfriend, or a mob of ladies with love potions, I have created the Fortress of Male Cowardice."

Harry glanced at everyone. The Slytherins were laughing, The Hufflepuffs looked slightly confused, the Ravenclaws were nodding, and Harry saw that most of his fellow Gryffindors looked relieved.

"I will not tell you where the spot is, but if anything happens that relates to you running away form an angry girl, I will help you. See you later."

"That's it?" Draco sneered.


Harry gathered his stuff, and he and Ron walked with Hermione to their next class. Percy may be young and fight with a sword, but Harry figured something, Percy was a good teacher. At least with what Harry thought was tactics.