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Day 4

The blazing hot sun beat down on the lodge and sunk into the room. The room smelt of sweat and food. Sam relaxed into the couch and flicked on the TV and, as usual, nothing interesting was on so she flicked it back off.

"Ughhh, there's nothing to do... Swimming seems boring, sleeping makes me lazy and doing nothing is so boring!" Sam threw up her arms with exasperation.

"Gee, at least it's hot. Imagine if we were at... Where's that place called? Atalantis? No... Oh yeah! Antartica!" Bryan said as he shuddered at the thought.

Sam nodded slightly, too lazy to get up.

"Is there anything to do? If we were at home, then I would have at least had Cody or the horses to keep me busy!" Sam complained.

"Oh shut up! Geez... Why don't we all go to our little pool at the back? We haven't checked that out yet?" Jen suggested as she winked at Ryan.

They all nodded in approval.




"So where exactly is this pool?" Adam asked with a raised eyebrow.

"The guide said that it was at the back, behind the kitchen somewhere..." Jen said, squinted at the sunlight.

"Want one?" Sam offered Jen a sunglass.

"Thanks." Jen muttered as she disapeared around the corner.

"Here!" Jen called.

They all ambled quickly to where Jen was.

They all stared with amusement at how small the pool was.

"This is the pool?" Sam hissed with obvious annoyance, eye's wide with exasperation.

"Haha, no. That's for like... 5 year olds! The real pool is over there." Jen pointed at the circular blue thing. Desperately the group all power walked over to where Jen had indicated. (Including Jake, yes I know. OOC much...) "That's better." Sam said, fitting the sunglasses over her face.

"First we gotta fill it with water, big boy." Jen snapped, shooting an icy glare at Nate.


5 Minutes Later


"That's done. Can we get in now?" Nate asked impatiently.

Jen nodded.

Nate was first to jump into the pool. (Around... maybe 1 meter deep I guess?)

"Oh... this is so refreshing..." Sam said as she submerged under the cool, blue water.

"Oh! I know what's perfect to do right now!" Jen said excitedly, clapping her hands.

"What?" Kit asked.

"Let's tell secrets!" Jen shrieked, flashing a look at Sam and Jake.

"I'll go first!" Jen said.

"My secret is... I have never ever had a crush until now." Jen said smirking.

Excitement danced around in her eyes, which were sparkling playfully.

"You next Kit." Jen nodded.

Kit got the hint and started.

"I have feelings for someone in this pool," Kit blurted out.

Sam and Jen looked at each other in a confused way.

"Your not gay right?" Adam teased.

"I'll go next!" Adam shouted.

"I used to like Jen," he said, smiling like an idiot.

Jen frowned and slid on her sunglasses at the same time.

"Go Sam." Jen smiled.

Sam took a deep breath and so did the others.

"I love the Phantom more than Ace. Only a tiny bit." Sam murumred.

Jen held her breath again and went underwater before comming up to surface without her sunglasses and an even bigger frown.

"Jake?" Jen hissed forcing a smile.

"I guess the biggest secret of my life is liking someone who I shouldn't be liking," Jake said dryly.

Jen mouthed a "Yess!" As she did a victory celebration.

"And I wonder who that might be?" Kit asked playfully.

Jake seemed to hesitate. He glanced at Sam and opened his mouth to speak but shook his head.

Sparks flew about in Sam's mind.

It's over for me... He likes someone else... Sam thought to herself miserably.

"C'mon Jacob." Kit smirked.

"I'm outta here." Jake said as he stepped out of the pool and staggered stiffly over to the house.

"Aww, he's out! Should we stop or carry on?" Jen said starting to lose interest.




"Jake!" Sam called.

"What?" Jake hissed as he opened his bedroom door.

"Can I come in?" Sam said, managing a weak smile.


"How come you just left? Is there something that you're not telling me?" Sam whispered leaning closer to Jake.

"Have a seat." Jake muttered.

"Not exactly I guess.." Jake shrugged uncomfortably.

Sam gasped.

"It's Jen!" Sam shrieked.

"Oh... How could I have not known?" Sam said out of fustration.

"It's not." Jake laughed softly.

"Then who? You said it's someone that you shouldn't be liking." Sam whispered slowly, her eye brows meeting in a sad way.

Sam walked out of his room stiffly. Her steps heavy with desperation and disapointment.

"Wait.." Jake whispered gently, grabbing Sam's wrist.

"Do you really want to know who I like?" Jake asked in low voice.

"Yeah." Sam said.

Jake leaned closer. Heart thumping, Sam did too. Sam thought Jake would whisper something in her ear. But Jake had different plans.

He pulled Sam's chin closer to his lips. Screams rang in Sam's ears.

OMG. Sam thought out loud.

Just as she thought Jake would pull back he brushed his lips affectionately against Sam's.

Sam smiled in the inside.

"That's all?" Sam frowned.

"Course not." Jake muttered.

He pulled Sam by the waist into his embrace.

"Sa..." Jen said as she took a step inside the room.

"Nevermind." Jen whispered, grinning uncontrollably.

On her way out she bumped into Kit.

"Hey Jen." Kit said avoiding her eyes.

"Haven't seen you today, where were you?" Jen asked, attempting to start a conversation.

"No where." Kit smiled.

"You know how you said you liked someone in the pool? Who was it?" Jen whispered as she held her breath.

"Why would I tell you?" Kit snorted.

"So mean." Jen murmured as she walked away.

Suddenly Kit grabbed her by the waist and pulled her in.

"Fine I'll tell you when you tell me." Kit smiled.

"You." Jen whispered in his ear.

Kit pushed Jen to the wall.

"Gotcha kitty." Kit laughed.


At Home( Three Ponies Ranch )


"What made you change your mind about not telling Sam that you liked her? You were just like... 'I'm never telling her.' " Kit frowned.

Jake leant back on the gate, cross-armed.

"After she fell off that stallion... everything bad that happened to her seemed like my fault. Before she got... kidnapped, I didn't realize how much I liked her. But after that... it just sort of happened." Jake explained, his eyes fixed on the mountains that lay ahead of him.

"Do you know what happened to her? I'm not supposed to tell you this but... There's a chance that you might become a father." Kit smiled.

"Yeah right." Jake snorted.

"No, seriously." Kit laughed.

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