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Year- 2067A.D. Area 21350, sector 5, which is also known as the city Rocillec, located in the state of California. This city is known as the simulation games capital of the world. It is also one of the highest ranking cities for abductions and kidnappings. In most all of these cases, law enforcement had found that many are carried out by the same organization. The organization is still unknown, as well as the reason of its intentions, and its been like that for more than thirty years, even with help of advanced technology. The case has been reopened many, many times, but an answer has never been found and all action taken was futile.

My name is sixty-five.

I am a test subject of the virtual simulation lab. I was taken from my family at the age of seven. I was kidnapped, to be exact. I was on my way home from school and had taken a shortcut through an alleyway, so I could get home faster. Most kids took the SkyRail, a passenger train that hovers to and from any destination you choose, but I had believed that it is a waste of money for my family. Instead, I walked. That was my costly mistake, but there's no point in regretting the past when there's nothing to change it.

Since then, I've been living in this secret research and testing facility to undergo any kind of test needed from me – simple, weird, or painful. My age right now is fifteen. I've been in this place for almost eight years now, and have escaped death four times.

During these eight years, I have erased any personal thoughts and emotions. I have made my mind as blank as I could. I had to make myself be this way. If I had my real mind, I'd have lost it by now. I've already seen many of my fellow companions slowly lose their sanity, but they were quickly put down. I could guess they were picked to be used for any tests that required a human's sacrifice to be successful. This, though, does not affect me in any way. As I said before, I've had to get rid of my thoughts and emotions. In this hell, emotions are what you can no longer afford to have.

They say that if we do what we're told then they'll let us be free. This can be any test subject's only hope. It is also a false hope. You can only believe what they say for so long. The hope is only there so that the subjects will not riot. It would be a pain for the facility to gather more. Until the day comes when something happens and a miracle occurs, I will be bound by my fate without any struggle or resistance.