Gahhh, I feel horrible for putting everyone off like this. I want to hit myself at the moment. I hate it when authors do this kind of shit,

As an author I want to go back in through my story and read it. But for some reason, I can't seem to choke down BL for various reasons... its probably because I know I'm capable of better work. I started BL on whim during a vacation, but on the way I have actually thought up an amazing, twisting, slightly confusing, and in-your-face plot! And because I'm slightly OCD, it's hard to come to terms with what I've typed up, because I feel like I've sharpened up my skills.

To sum it up, I will rewrite this story- but with slight alterations to match the plot I'm aiming for. I don't know when, so until then, it will be discontinued.

Again, I'm sorry, but don't hate me please, I felt so loved and happy by the great feedback of the story! I wish I coudl give you guys something better - even if you think this is good enough- you guys are amazing.