Chapter 2: The choice

As the shock of realization hit Artix, they were all too late, the castle was sieged, the only thing that would make this worse is if some random event unfolded before their eyes, and yup, karma is a terrible thing. Out of nowhere, a giant's skeleton blocked the drawbridge, holding a sword as big as a statue, his eyes had that same red glow, the one that you would know would be the last thing you'd see before you die. The beast let out a warning cry, but the heroes stood their ground, the creature started slamming it's sword on the ground, but the heroes just stood stronger. Then something snapped inside that crazed giant, it said an actual word, albeit one that was almost nothing, like wind blowing through its bones.

"" "killlllllll" "KILLLLLLLLL!" and it began to run like, like, I haven't a clue, but let me tell you, that thing was crazy. The heroes dodge this charge, but as the giant's sword impaled the barbershop, Artix shattered a piece of his foot, while Titus climbed to its skull, slashing like there was no tomorrow. With the two hacking at this foul monster, they would be done in mere seconds, but it wasn't so easy, this was a giant, the race is known for its strong bones, which are prized for their durability and heaviness. Then a bloodcurdling screech broke the air, so loud the glass broke on every window, and a small vase in battle broke, the heroes could not stop now.

"Kid, shove this in its mouth, better yet, break its jaw!" shouted Artix.

"Yeah, breaking its jaw is easy, ok, I'm going for the jaw!" replied Titus.

As he reached for the skulls jaw with his foot, he knew this wasn't going to cut it, so he jumped and cut the jaw off at the hinges. The look of shock on that skeleton was good enough for both the heroes, so they cut their losses and finished the job together, by cross slashing the creature's skull until it just became a pile of dead bones. When the job was done, they headed into the castle, the horrors they saw were indeed, horrors. The bodies of the knight's lay dead, while skeletons hack at the remains, no honoring the dead with these sick monsters, they must be stopped! The only person that was fending off staves of the undead was Robinya Hood, the female archer, when Artix caught sight of her, that was the end of the smooth undead slayer, then came in his place the awkward lover boy. As you see, artix has had a crush on Robinya for as long as he could remember, and he honored her cause, to give to the poor, even if they were animals! So as he and Titus approached. Before they could even think, Robinya shouted.

"GET DOWN, IDIOTS!" she said as an arrow flew from her bow, striking a Viking skeleton in the eye socket, and it said "AREWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW" as it fell to the cold granite floor. Artix was never smooth with girls, for as long as he could remember, he always was an outcast with them, the approach was way off, and he couldn't talk. So this time, he tried his hardest.

"Robinya, hey, nice to have a good archer on our side, what's the report." Said Artix, while trying to look smooth, brushing his hair as the words flew out of his mouth.

"Uh, um, report is that these creatures came from Sepuclhure's flying castle, these are his elite units. Cruelty is their best trait, handpicked from his army for this job." She managed; I guess the feelings are mutual between Artix and Robinya! So, as Robinya explained, there are five knights who saw the initial attack, and they are still alive, but heavily guarded by the best, the war hammer totting warriors, and they must find out what happened to the castle. Off to the first knight.

"ok, kid, I'll go to the front, you go to the back, and just fight off of surprise, get it?" whispered artix.

"Aye, Artix, I'm a thief, I am stealthy, how do you think me and my brother made it through life?" whispered back Titus, revealing his past to Artix. Titus and Tomass had no family left in all of lore, and the only way Tomass could feed his baby brother was if he stole, it was a sad existence as children, stealing to live, when the thieves guild excepted Tomass when he was sixteen, Titus was still just ten, too innocent and pure to see what was going on in that madhouse, so they bought the two a house. Everything was smooth sailing from there, lots of money and food; it was like they got a divine wish granted. Every night as a child, Titus would pray to the gods of lore, praying, wishing that they would get enough food, that they would live another day, that was what happened. In the form of many dark figures, many people, some were good, others terrible. The thieves guild was all they had, now they are living the life that they wanted, eating three meals a day and going to bed knowing that they would live tomorrow, and the day after, knowing no real harm could come to them. Now back to the present.

King Alteon is in danger, the plot was to attack swordhaven to distract the king and send all his best troops there, while the inexperienced and weak would die here, the three broke into the stairwell to the throne room but before they could go in, this was the final scene that played out.

"Robinya, I don't know how to put this, but, I love you, I always have, and always will, so forgive me for this but-" before Artix could finish Robinya pushed up to him and whispered:

"I always felt that way too." And the two kissed, and it was one that was true, pure, one that would make the two whole, a couple. "" shouted Titus, showing his approval. "uh you guys, king Alteon would not approve of this at the moment, we must save him, ah forget it, I'll go in!" said Titus.

He witnessed a duel, a mighty one between good and evil, one that would make a man want to join in, when Aleton and Sepulchure saw the boy, together, they echoed:

"good or evil, boy, good or evil!"