Later that night Ellie walked to Katniss' dorm, or what they like to call it, a cabin…or bunker? Ellie thought to herself on how different and weird things were here. Sighing, she knocked loudly and even pushed the buzzer. Katniss wasn't the person to make people wait and Ellie started to knock louder.

"Katniss?" She questioned, trying to open the door. "Katniss!" She yelled. "Are you in there?"

"She left," a little voice came from behind Ellie. "They all left." She turned around a small smile appeared on her face.

"Rue?" Ellie questioned. "Rue, where did they go?" Rue smirked.

"Somewhere," she teased. Ellie raised her brow.

"Rue?" Ellie, without thought, started to slowly grab for her wand. Rue started to twirl, giggling. "You aren't acting so right-"

"Being a little girl was so fun, but guess it's time to work," the thing said as Ellie started to feel dizzy. The whole room spun and before she knew it, her whole world became black.

This time Ellie didn't wake up in a completely white room, but a dark dungeon with an icky stench. A little groan came from a distance. It was young sounding and foreign. She squinted as she started to regain her vision.

"Rue?" Her voice was dry and raspy. Her joints ached as she started to lean up and stand. With a very obvious wobble, Ellie tried to walk over with as much ease as she possibly could. "Rue, is that you?"

"Ellie?" She cried. "Please tell me this isn't another sick joke," she begged. Ellie fell over to the girl and tears started to trickle from Ellie's eyes. "I just want to go home."

As Ellie went to rest her hand on the back of Rue's head, dried blood crumbled from her sore scalp.

"A lady, a mean, scary lady grabbed me-"

"Rue," Ellie pushed away and looked into the girls eyes. "What happened? From the beginning!" Rue gulped.

"I'll try," she said. Sighing, she continued, "I was sitting with Prim because she was upset that her sister had to leave with the others-"

"Others? Cato?"

"A lot, a whole army of people! They were going to the capital. It was originally just suppose to be a handful, but then District 13 had heard the capital planned a full blown attack-"

"So they went to go attack?" Ellie asked, rushing the girls with answers. She shook her head in disgusts. "There was no one there to protect the base?"

"Stupid President Coin wanted to attack full blown. With every soldier! Katniss and Finnick tried to argue with her, but she didn't want to hear a thing-"

"Death Eaters, they attacked when they knew the base was going to be most vulnerable," she whispered to herself. "Wimps. All of them!" Rue nodded.

"They spared my life and Prim's, even though they took me. The mess hall is damaged and most are dead," she told Ellie. "A lady in all black grabbed my hair and that's all I remember," she told Ellie.

"The original plan was?"

"I told you everything I could!"

"Why did they keep you-Cato?"

"Everyone that was physically fit and trained went with Katniss and the army to defeat President Snow and end the rebellion."

"End it?" Ellie thought to herself about everything that she has been through and everything was started to be clear. "The debt…the debt Fudge owed Snow. It was for power…."

"What?" Rue lifted her brow. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, there were sides," Ellie said. "I think Snow was afraid of the Capitol turning on him and getting bored of the games. He wanted to make them interesting and used Fudge and us….But President Coin played it cowardly and submitted to Voldemort. They made a deal, but the Death Eaters made a foul play! It all makes sense!" Ellie balled her fist.

"What do you mean?" Rue asked again.

"Power," Ellie said. "What everything is about! Power. Snow was afraid to lose it while Coin wanted to gain it."

"So Voldemort used her to get his way?"

"He wants to rid the world of filthy blood. Muggles, he thinks you all are filthy," Ellie answered. "He used the weakest country first and he's working his way up."

"This still doesn't make sense to me," Rue responded. "If he wanted to kill us all, couldn't he of just done it?"

"Honestly, I don't know, but when we get out of here, I have to tell Harry," she said, but more to herself.

"If we ever get out of here."

"We will, I promise-"

"Oh really?" A snide chuckle came from the entrance. Rue looked up and screamed bloody murder as Bellatrix Lestrange stood there, smirking. "Didn't you make another promise that you failed?" She laughed. "You know, Eleanor, you shouldn't make promises you can't keep," she said, twirling her wand before pointing to Rue.

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