If Only she could see Deeper…

"Will you help me pick out a cat?" The question was completely random and Robbie didn't see it coming, but it was Cat and no one ever knew what she was going to say next.

He raised an eyebrow as he looked up at her. "I don't know… Last time I was near a cat it attacked me."

"Please!" Cat begged.

Robbie sighed as he kept his head down, avoiding her eyes. He knew if he looked into her eyes he would be sucked in and he'd have to say yes.

"Robbie?" Cat asked.

Robbie tilted his head upward so he caught a glimpse of Cat. "Yes?"

"Will you go with me?" And her brown eyes caught his eyes.

Robbie loved the way she looked at him. The way her big bubbly brown eyes stared at him as she twirled her red velvet cupcake hair, an innocent smile dancing across her face, made him melt. Those eyes could see into his soul, but all he wanted was for them to see into his heart. Maybe then everything would be different… Maybe then she'd be his.

But Robbie knew it was impossible to get Cat's attention. He had tried so many times before that he was so close to giving up. He never would though. There was something about Cat that Robbie loved. Her smile, her eyes, her personality, her… everything.

"Come on Robbie! I can't take my brother because he tried to eat one of the goldfish's at the pet store so he was kicked out. Now there's a fish swimming around in his stomach!" Cat giggled a bit. "Please?"

Robbie smiled at Cat because everything she said was just so… her. He never expected anyone else to talk like Cat. She was filled with stories, adventures, and questions and Robbie loved that. He loved that because he knew he was one of the only people that understood what she really meant. He could decode her sentences so easily that he was sure he was fluent in Cat language.

"Cat, I'm not so sure…" Robbie said as he looked down at the home work in his lap.

Cat put her hand over his. "Robbie, please! I'll let you name her!"

Robbie chuckled a bit and looked at Cat's hand that was still touching his. Her touch always made him shiver. His body would grow instantly warm and butterflies would begin to fly all around his stomach. "Cats don't like me."

"That's not true! I like you." She replied.

The innocence in her voice rang in Robbie's ears and he closed his eyes. Her voice was like his favorite song on repeat and he always wanted to hear it. Whenever he heard her voice he would perk up because he knew Cat would always find a way to cheer him up. Why couldn't she see that? Why didn't she know that she was the reason he got up in the morning? That she was the reason he breathed everyday of his life? That she was the reason he came to school at precisely 7:00 and waited for her at the main entrance?

"Have you changed your mind yet?"

"Cat I really can't. Rex and I have plans." Robbie answered.

Cat frowned. "You don't want to hang out with me?"

"No, no! I do it's just-," Robbie began.

"Then let's go get a cat… A pretty one with red fur and brown eyes." Cat interrupted.

Robbie looked down at the ground and mumbled, "There's a pretty Cat with red hair and beautiful brown eyes right in front of me."

"What was that?" Cat asked.

Robbie shook his head. "Nothing."

"So?" Cat bit her lower lip as she waited for Robbie to answer.

The only thing that came to his mind was how cute Cat looked when she bit her lower lip. Oh how he wished he could just press his lips against hers… Maybe he would have the courage to one day. But for now he sat there and smiled back at her before nodding. "Sure Cat, I'd love too."

Cat's face brightened before she took hold of his hand and pulled him out of his chair. "Let's go!"

As they ran out the room Robbie looked down at their joined hands. He smiled to himself as he tried to keep up. Deep down he knew she would see it… and if she didn't he'd still be there waiting because the truth is… he'd wait forever.

AN: So after watching 'The Blonde Squad' I just had to put up a one-shot for them. I am a total cabbie shipper so when I saw that episode I completely melted. I hope you liked and that you review and favorite and maybe even alert. I might turn this into a two-shot if anyone is interested.