If Only she could see Deeper… (Part 2)

"Do you have any rainbow cats?" The cashier stared at Cat as if she had three heads. "Rainbow cats?"

Cat nodded. "Yes, rainbow as in a lot of colors."

Cat leaned back and whispered to Robbie, "Wow this girl must be dumb if she doesn't know what a rainbow cat is."

"Yeah," Robbie smiled at her. "Real dumb."

Cat returned the smile before putting her attention back on the cashier. "We don't have rainbow cats but we have cats with two colors."

Cat sighed, but soon perked up. "Okay!"

The cashier stepped away from the front desk before leading Cat and Robbie over to the different types of cats. As Cat looked at all the cats with amazement Robbie watched the wide eyed girl jump around.

He couldn't help but notice how when she smiled she had the most beautiful smile in the world. That smile could get Robbie to do anything, maybe even jump off a bridge. Although she did smile a lot Robbie always noticed the moments in between. The very rare moments that only someone that really looked could find. Those moments made Robbie feel down. If Cat was sad then there had to be something wrong with the world.

"Robbie! Are you listening?" Cat snapped Robbie out of his thoughts.

"Hmm? I mean yes, I am." He replied.

Cat looked at him reluctantly before a wide grin appeared on her face. "I can't decide which cat to pick. The black one or the white one?"

"Umm… I don't know. The black one."

"But what about the white one?" Cat stared at Robbie with sad puppy dog eyes.

Robbie sighed. "Okay, then the white one."

"But I don't want to make the black one feel bad." Cat stated.

Robbie ran a hand through his hair before saying, "Then get both of them."

"Okay!" Cat cheerfully agreed. "But wait… I don't have room for both."

Robbie chuckled a bit as he watched Cat debate with herself. He loved how enthusiastic and caring she always was. She could never make up her mind about something because she was worried the thing she didn't choose would feel bad. Maybe that's also why Robbie was afraid to ask her out. Maybe he was worried she'd feel guilty for saying no and not be able to talk to him ever again. Not only would he lose the chance to be Cat's boyfriend but he'd lose her as a friend. He couldn't let that happen, he just couldn't.

"I've made my decision!" Cat announced. "I pick you!"

Cat pointed at the white cat. "It may not have red fur but it's pretty."

Robbie nodded. "It is. Are we going to go now?"

"No silly, we need to name it first!" Cat exclaimed. "Angie, Rodger, Frank, Harry, Molly, Greg, Dusty, Katie, Jane…" Cat continued listing out random names.

Robbie leaned back against the wall knowing that once Cat started it took awhile for her to stop. Unlike other people Robbie didn't try to shut her up. Her rambling was cute to him and he enjoyed how happy and excited she was. Her mood was infectious and Robbie loved that. There was never a dull moment with Cat. He could always look forward to a fun day.

"I got it! She will be named Captain Rainbowhearts!" Cat smiled brightly. "Oh! I have an idea."

"What?" Robbie asked.

"You should get a cat too!" She declared.

Robbie sighed as he lightly shook his head. "I don't want a cat."

"Come on, there has to be a cat you want somewhere in this store." Cat stated.

Robbie snickered at the irony of her statement. "What's so funny?" Cat asked.

"Nothing…" Robbie replied.

"Please?" Cat stared at him. "Which cat do you want?"

"I want the one right in front of me." Robbie mumbled as he looked down at the ground.

"The Persian?" She questioned.

"No," He responded.

"Than what?"

"I want you!" Robbie shouted.

The goofy smile left Cat's face as the twinkle of playfulness in her eyes disappeared. "What?"

Robbie took a deep breath before repeating his previous statement. "I want you… but you probably don't want me."

As Robbie turned away and began to leave he felt Cat grab his hand and turn him back before she pressed her lips against his. Robbie remained completely frozen in shock throughout the entire kiss. When Cat pulled away Robbie stared at her. Cat blushed as she twirled a piece of hair in her finger and looked away.

"You kissed me."


"Okay, I was just making sure I didn't imagine it." Robbie could feel a smile creeping up his face.

"Why are you smiling?" Cat asked as if she wasn't at all aware of what had just happened. Robbie's smile widened before he pulled Cat into another kiss. Robbie could feel all his feelings for Cat pour out in the kiss. Her lips were exactly how he imagined; soft and delicate and it tasted of cherry lip gloss. What made him even happier was that she was kissing back with the same amount of passion and love as he was. It made him want to fly up to the sky and dance on a rainbow with a leprechaun. He felt like he was in his own personal heaven.

The illusion finally disappeared when someone from across the store yelled, "Hey you two, get a room!"

Robbie pulled away from Cat and grinned. "Let's go pay for Captain Rainbowhearts."

After they paid at the cash register and Cat picked out all the supplies she needed they walked out the pet store hand in hand.

"Thanks for going to the pet store with me Robbie." Cat told him.

Robbie nodded and smile at her. "Anytime Cat."

She returned the smile and the two continued to walk in a comfortable silence until Cat stopped in her tracks and turned to Robbie. Robbie could practically see the engines turning in her head before she smiled her happy Cat smile and said, "We should get a dog."

Robbie laughed as he swung his arm around Cat's shoulders. "Yeah, we should get a dog."

As Cat listed off random names for their possible dog Robbie couldn't help but think about how everything worked out. He was able to tell her how he truly felt and now he wouldn't have to wait forever to say Caterina Valentine was his and only his to keep.

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