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We hope you enjoy IDDF: Sleeper Cell

It was a bright sunny day in ponyville. Twilight Sparkle and Spike were heading outside to meet with their friends. They would always meet up once a week to decide on where to eat for lunch. This week they were meeting at Fluttershy's cottage. She knocked on the door and waiting for somepony to open it.

Rainbow Dash opened the door and greeted Twilight. "Hi Twilight. Hi Spike. Glad you could make it." She said as she allowed Twilight to go inside.

"Hi girls." Said twilight.

The rest of the elements of harmony greeted her with their usual greetings.

"Have you decided on a place to eat yet?" Spike said as he got off of twilight's back. "I'm getting hungry!" The rest of the girls laughed at this.

The six ponies started to discuss where to go eat lunch for today. Pinkie Pie gave her opinion first. "Let's go to Sugar Cube Corner!" Pinkie Pie said with her happy tone. She then happily bounced off the walls inside the house.

"Pinkie Pie, you always suggest Sugar Cube Corner!" Rainbow Dash said in an irritated tone. "Besides, we went there last week."

Pinkie Pie stopped bouncing off the walls and looked at Rainbow Dash.

"Oh, I probably forgot." Pinkie said. She continued to happily jump up and down while the rest of the girls try to decide on a place to eat.

"I think we should go back to the Barn and eat there." Applejack had a smile when she said this.

"I disagree." Rarity replied. "We should all go somewhere fancy."

Applejack noticed that Spike was sitting quietly and didn't talk at all. Rarity noticed this too. "Spike, do you think we should all go to a fancy place to eat? I heard there were gems there." Rarity told him.

Spike was about to reply when Applejack cut him off. "Spike, we should all go to Sweet Apple Acres and eat there." Applejack said while looking at Rarity with an angry look on her face.

Spike suddenly put his hands over his mouth while his face turned green. Applejack frowned at Spike's reaction. "You don't have to be so rude about it..." Applejack said.

Spike belched out some green fire and a scroll. Twilight picked up the letter with her magic and opened it. "It's a letter..." Twilight exclaimed. The rest of the girls stopped talking and faced twilight. Twilight then began to read the letter out loud.

From: Inter-Dimensional Defense Force
Sector A-2

To: Sleeper Cell Codenamed Mane 6
Sector B-1


Attention, Director Amy and Officer Spock were captured during a routine assassination. It is believed that these are the actions of the IDAF. All Sleeper cell are being recalled. Briefing at Sector A-2 Yavin Base. Twilight, you are acting co-director until Amy and Spock return. We need your knowledge on IDAF raids.

Acting Director Luke Skywalker

Everypony stared at the letter. Twilight was worried about Amy and Spock, while everyone else looked at the letter with confused looks on their faces.

"What in tarnation is the Inter-Dimensional Defense Force?" Applejack said with the confused look still on her face. "..Wait a minute. The letter says something about an 'assassination'...are you hiding something from us Twi?"

Everyone, including Spike, looked at Twilight. She grinned sheepishly. "We need to go to the library right now. I will figure out why we got this strange letter." She lied.

Twilight completely understood who the letter was from and what the letter was asking. When they got inside the library, she was franticly looking for a teleporting spell. "I found it!" Twilight exclaimed.

"Oh...w-what did you find?" Fluttershy said softly.

"The teleporting spell. We can go to the Princess and tell her about this letter." Twilight lied again. "This is too big of a problem to send a letter to the princess."

"Can we hurry up already?" Rainbow Dash said. "I'm already missing my afternoon nap."

Twilight used magic to hold the book in the air. "Ok, everypony gather around, we are going to visit the princess. Spike you stay here and take care of the library." Twilight said.

Everyone got closer to Twilight. Spike back away and left the room. Twilight began to use her horn and a bright white light blinded everyone in the room. Suddenly they all magically disappeared out of the library.

Alright everyone that was Chapter One.