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The Mane 6 (with the exception of Twilight) was outside for the race between Rainbow Dash and Firefly. The course was a little different from the best young flyers competition. Rainbow Dash didn't mind. A pegasus holding a white flag landed on a cloud next to the starting line. He was a green pegasus with a black mane. The pegasus drops the flag and looks at Rainbow Dash and Firefly. "Are we ready to race?" He said. Firefly looked at the green pegasus. "Stop fooling around Flash. Start the race already." Flash picked up the flag. "Ok then. Ready? Set? Go!" Flash said as he waved the flag. Rainbow Dash and Firefly took off. Firefly was mostly ahead during the race. However, Rainbow Dash pulled a sonic rainboom and won the race.

"Didn't expected you to do a sonic rainboom during the race." Firefly said as she landed on a cloud. "I have practiced to do sonic rainboom on command. I guess the training paid off." Rainbow Dash replied.

Suddenly, Nick and Surprise came over to the ponies. "There is a problem!" Nick exclaimed. "The IDAF came and kidnapped Twilight!" Everypony gasps. "They have brought ships with portal guns on them!" Surprise says. "They are trying to capture all the IDDF members that are outside practicing! We need to head inside now!" As the mane 6 looked up into the sky, various ships with portal guns and cages were coming this way. Some ships had ponies inside the cages.

Everyone who was at the race had started to run back inside the IDDF base. Some of the ponies who were running towards the base were being captured. As the Mane 6, Firefly, and Posy got inside, they turned around and looked behind them. Surprise, Flash, and Nick were still running towards the entrance while 3 ships were shooting purple and red colored portals around them.

Suddenly, a medium-sized 'portal' surrounded Nick. The 'portal' made Nick stop moving all together. "Somepony help me!" He yelled. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie rushed out to help out Nick, but they stopped moving when a flash of white light appeared out of nowhere. When the light was gone, Nick disappeared. "They took Nick!" Rarity exclaimed! "It's too late to find him now." Flash said. "We need to head back inside." All of the ponies headed back inside. A voice was heard throughout the base. "Attention all IDDF Sleeper Cell Agents, this is Luke Skywalker. Please report to the Meeting Room immediately."

*Somewhere in Sector A-8*

"Diamond, the psychic pokemon are done creating the portal." A woman's voice says.

"Very good. I will arrive at the base in 1 month." Says the other voice.

A black glaceon walks in front of a giant screen. The Screen shows the current battle between the IDAF and the IDDF. A dark 'portal' appears out of nowhere in the room.

"What the heck is this?" The glaceon says. He walks up to the 'portal'. "It looks like my trip to the IDDF base will be postponed. FROST! CAC! VOLT! COME HERE!"

A Cacturne, Manectric, and a Frostlass appeared out of the shadows of the room.

"Frost! Go to the Sky High Weather Patrol Factory and make sure it snows at the IDDF base!" Diamond says.

Frost nodded and slowly forms a hallow crystal outside her body.

"Volt! Go intterupt the Mane 6's schedueled training they have tomorrow. It will distract them so frost can get into the factory."

Volt nodded as well and jumped out of the window.

"Cac, Stay here and make sure that Crystal Pony stays locked in her cell."

The cacturne nodded and went back inside the dark hallway.

"Time for that 'Leap of Faith'." Diamond says. He jumps into the dark 'portal' and the 'portal' dissappears.

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