I don't own Lauren Kate's Fallen or any of her characters. The only characters I own are Angelique Price and Kaya Hellbound. This fanfiction follows her plot (mixed with my own), therefore I do use some of her dialogue. This fanfiction should only be read by those who have read the book, if you haven't, you will not understand the plot.

This is my first fic, so please be gentle with me!

By the way, this story was originally a bet between me and my friend, so I didn't take it seriously at first; therefore, the beginning chapters are a bit…rough around the edges. It gets better, I promise!

In this fanfiction, there is use of alcohol and marijuana. I am in no way encouraging the use of these drugs. I have never smoked or drank in my life and probably will not. Be good people and follow my example, not Angelique and Kaya's.

-May (Edited 11/16/14)

Prologue: Helston, England. September 1854.

"I'm having the strangest sensation," Lucinda whispered to Daniel. "Tell me I'm mad, but I swear I've been here before."

Daniel looked up, shivering then pressed his lips to hers. The room quaked and white hot aura around them started to grow as the shadows drew closer. The shadows began to swarm above them and Lucinda writhed in Daniel's arms. She looked up, and her eyes widened as she took in the shadows on the ceiling. The partial realization of her past was already too much for her.

Lucinda screamed and erupted into a tower of flames.

Daniel was thrown back against the wall. He buried his face into the carpet and trembled.

The fire climbed the walls and the air, and then it hissed, leaving no trace of Lucinda. Daniel slowly got up and his white wings burst out of his black dress coat. He raised his fists toward the sky and bellowed; as a girl (unknown to him) quietly crept away from the door, leaving death and suffering behind her.